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  • Can you buy a provident fund when you buy a house offsite? Who knows?

    The housing provident fund can only apply for a provident fund loan in the paying city! However, it is possible to withdraw the provident fund in a different place, such as one-time purchase of a house withdrawing the balance of the provident fund account or withdrawing the provident fund once a year to repay the loan. Specific extraction materials: purchase of commercial housing, affordable housing: ① one of the following originals, copies: house ownership certificate, Commodity house purchase and sale contract, house purchase loan contract, special invoice for sale of real estate; ② Original ID and photocopy. Buy Used ...

  • What is the CPF off-site purchase process?

    I. Process of withdrawing housing provident fund from off-site purchase (1) Filling out of housing provident fund from off-site purchase Fill in the internal contact letter and issue the personnel of the company, and it can be processed by the person in charge; (Residential); (3) Information provided by the purchase of housing provident funds for off-site purchases: 1. The contract for the purchase and purchase of the off-site purchase of the house (original); 2. The receipt of the down payment for the purchase of the off-site purchase; .

  • What is off-site purchase

    Every place is different, it depends on the policies of the local government

  • Can I buy a provident fund when buying a house offsite? What procedures do I need to go through?

    Employees who buy a house in a foreign country are satisfied with the withdrawal of the housing provident fund, but they are not part of the withdrawal of the housing provident fund and cannot be fully drawn.

  • Can I buy a housing provident fund when buying a house offsite?

    Withdrawal of the provident fund for purchase of a house from another place must be completed within one year of the issuing of the title certificate. The withdrawal amount is the balance of the individual's housing provident fund account as of the month of the date of issuance of the real estate certificate, and must not be greater than the total purchase price. The housing provident fund paid afterwards can only apply for withdrawal when it meets the withdrawal conditions again. If you need to go through the process of purchasing your own dwelling from a different place, the materials required for the extraction are as follows: 1. Original and photocopy of the identification documents: I provide ...

  • Can I buy a house offsite? What procedures are needed to buy a house offsite?

    Materials needed to buy a house offsite: tax or social security (inquiry) certificate for more than one year (including one year), unmarried certificate / marriage certificate, proof of ownership (no house certificate issued by those without a house). The procedures and documents required for applying for commercial loans, portfolio loans, and provident fund loans are different. For details, please consult the loan bank or provident fund management core and the sales department staff.

  • What are the procedures for buying a house overseas? What should be paid attention to when buying a house overseas?

    There are no special procedures for buying a house off-site, but if you need a mortgage loan, you must pay the local social security for more than 1 year, otherwise the bank will not allow you to make a loan. If you make a one-time payment now, this problem does not exist. Just follow the normal procedures of the Housing Management Bureau to complete the house purchase formalities! 1. The real estate department will uniformly print the special approval form for the use of the stock house to buy a house and settle down, and the real estate transaction agency will handle the transfer formalities When buying a house, the parties should be reminded to use this form uniformly; property rights registration ...

  • How to open a certificate of off-site purchase? Where to go?

    Bring your ID card, the marriage certificate can be issued directly to the real estate bureau to obtain the first suite certificate. The duration of the first suite certificate is only 60 days.

  • What are the procedures for withdrawing Shenzhen provident fund from home purchases?

    Shenzhen household registration employees who are employed in other places and have contributed to provident fund, and purchase the first set of self-occupied housing in this city, can hold the deposit certificate (including the payment details) issued by the provident fund core of the place of employment, and apply to Shenzhen for provident fund loan policy The Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau's provident fund core applies for provident fund loans.

  • Conditions and Loans for Buying Houses in Other Places

    Non-resident residents who have not provided a local tax payment certificate or social insurance payment certificate for more than one year must apply for a housing loan in the mortgage purchase procedure of a remote home purchase office. (And above) the implementation of differentiated housing credit policies, that is, down payment and loan interest rates may increase.

  • Multi-location housing provident fund policy tightened

    Multi-location housing provident fund policy tightened

  • Multi-location housing provident fund policy tightened

    In order to prevent the use of housing provident fund for speculation in housing speculation, recently, provinces such as Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi and some prefecture-level cities have successively adjusted the provident fund withdrawal policy, tightening operations such as off-site purchases and divorced purchases of housing provident funds, but many places have also emphasized , Support the withdrawal of provident funds for the purchase of the first home or two improved homes.

  • Off-site purchase conditions big inventory Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, what are the requirements for buying a house?

    How to buy a house with a non-resident account? Different regions may have different requirements. Xiaobian listed here the requirements for foreign hukou for buying a house in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

  • There are these precautions when buying a house offsite, so pay attention

    Many people are now working outside the country, and are gradually away from their hometowns, choosing to buy a house in a place of employment. So what do you need to pay attention to when buying a house offsite?

  • Are there any commercial loans that can be used for off-site purchases?

    When buying a house, we all know that we can use the provident fund that our company pays for us and use the provident fund loan. Many people will ask, can commercial loans be used in addition to provident fund loans? What do we need to know about bank loans? The following editors will answer the relevant knowledge for you.

  • What you need to pay attention to when buying a house off-site

    Buying a house offsite requires transferring a large amount of funds to the city where the house was purchased. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safety of funds in the circulation process. It is generally not recommended to carry cash, but through bank transfers, you can choose a variety of methods such as wire transfers, transfers, checks, remote deposits and withdrawals.

  • How to calculate off-site purchase

    Is the off-site purchase of the second suite counted? The relevant person in charge of the bank informed that at present, there are two situations to consider. First, if the local real estate under the borrower's name was purchased using a loan, then buying a house outside the country will be a second home. Because the current data of borrowers buying a house is obtained by the bank by querying the central bank's credit reporting system, and the central bank's data has been networked across the country.

  • 2012 Dalian Summer Fair Buyers from Different Places to Start Homeownership Week (Photo)

    The 2012 Dalian Summer Housing Fair will be held in Dalian World Expo Plaza from July 12th to 16th. The exhibition is hosted by the Organizing Committee of Dalian Housing Exchange Conference and hosted by Dalian North International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition will focus on the theme of “Promote the development of the whole region and be suitable for living in Dalian”, comprehensively display the results of the city's globalization construction, and promote the livable Dalian. The exhibition area is expected to be 21,000 square meters.

  • What is the procedure for buying a house off-site?

    With the development of society, many people now choose to buy a house off-site. What is a different place to buy a house? What are the precautions for buying a house off-site? What procedures are needed to buy a house off-site? These questions will be answered one by one by you. What is off-site purchase? Off-site purchase refers to the place where the buyer's residence is located and the place where the house to be purchased is not in the same province ...