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  • What are the best stories for a 30-storey high-rise apartment?

    First, the choice of building needs to combine many situations, different floors have their own advantages and disadvantages, and comprehensive analysis needs to be made according to their actual situation. Generally speaking, the 15-30 floors of 33-storey buildings are good choices. 2. Pros and cons of floors 1. Pros and cons of first to third floors: When an accident occurs, such as an earthquake, collapse, fire, etc., the first to third floors are the safest floors. This is especially true for families with children. Comprehensive each ...

  • Do you think 31 floors are the best?

    If economic conditions allow, of course, the higher the better, because the higher the floor is only when you are in the view of others, others can not be you, and when the elevator is crowded, the higher the better, take the elevator, because the middle floor is easy for a long time. Full house. In fact, these problems are not prone to residential buildings, so all floors are the same and cheap. In particular, if you invest, the cheaper the profit, the higher the price, because when you sell a house, you are talking about the market, not the market. But now ...

  • Everyone thinks that 30 high-rise residences are best.

    The main factors that should be considered when choosing the floor for buying a house are: the total number of floors in the residential building, the difficulty of escape, the convenience of living, the age composition and health status of the family population, the ventilation and lighting of the house, and the difference in floor prices.

  • How many floors of a high-rise residence should be selected to get a good floor?

    I. The main factors that should be considered in the selection of the floor to buy a house are: the total number of floors in the residential building, the difficulty of escape, the convenience of life, the age composition and health status of the family population, the ventilation and lighting of the house, and the difference in floor prices. 2. Low-rise residence: refers to the first to third-floor residence. Floor selection advantage: The lower floor is very convenient for families with children and elderly people. When there are accidents, such as earthquakes, collapses, fires and other accidents, the lower floor is the most beneficial ...

  • How many floors are best for buying a high-rise apartment?

    In the face of more and more and more high-rise real estate, which floor has become a big doubt for many buyers. Some people say that the high air is good, the sunshine is good, and the scenery is good; some people say that the low ground gas is faster, safer, and the public is reasonable. Is it good for high floors or low floors? Understand the differences between floors, seize your core needs, and make selections based on room types and prices. Don't excessively pursue absolute good or bad, what suits you is the best ...

  • How many floors are 34 high-rise residences best? 34-storey high-rise residences. How many floors is more comfortable to buy?

    How many floors are 32-storey? When choosing a house, the choice of floor is also meticulous in feng shui science. For example, how many floors of a high-rise residence are dust zones, and what kind of disease is not suitable for living too high. These are the first considerations when choosing your home. High-rise residences are the best. Let's learn how to choose the floor of the house together. 32 high-rise residences are considered normal heights in big cities. How many floors are best in high-rise residences? First from the following ...

  • What are the best 16-story small high-rise residences?

    Beginning with the consideration of price, the higher the cheaper it is; considering that there are elderly and children at home, the lower the better, in fact, don't be too high, don't just go on the first or second floor. Adopted, I wish you a happy purchase! !!

  • 33 high-rise residential buildings are the best? 33-storey residential buildings are the best

    How many floors will it take to live in 2015? Every buyer will have such questions when buying a house. High-rise building floor selection, in addition to high-rise residential feng shui concerns. It is more important to consider it from a practical perspective. For example, which floors of the high-rise residence are ashes? Which floors above the water supply may not keep up? What kind of house meets residential design codes? Here is the latest 2015 high-rise residential floor selection guide for buyers, high-rise ...

  • What do you think of high-rise residential feng shui? A few days ago, I saw that the high-rise residential buildings should be related to the zodiac. Is it a bit scary ...

    In terms of home fengshui, high-rise residential fengshui is a matter of great importance to the fortune of the family and the harmony of family relations. Whether it's the ups and downs of career advancement, the level of luck, and the wealth of the family, they are inextricably linked to the feng shui of high-rise housing! The following are eight notes of high-rise residential fengshui studies: High-rise residential fengshui studies 1. The door is directly opposite the elevator or the stairs, which is a rush.

  • What are the best 17-storey high-rise residences?

    The 16th floor is the best, and the 6-10 floors are the most serious! The top of the 17-story building is hot in summer and cold in winter, and the noise of the elevator room disturbs sleep, and it is easy to leak water after many years. The 16th floor has good ventilation, lighting, and visibility, so choose the 16th floor.

  • 33-storey high-rise residence is best in several floors

    Above 16 floors is the best. Air pollution may be better. In many cases, the choice depends on local conditions and your actual situation.

  • How many stories are high-rise residential? I fancy a 28-storey high-level, how many layers is better?

    Generally the middle layer is good

  • How to choose good floors for 26 floors of high-rise residential buildings?

    In the eyes of many people, of course, the higher the elevator building, the better, and its daylighting is better; in this hustle and bustle of urban low-story houses, it will be affected by urban noise and the environment, and its space, daylighting is poor and polluting Under normal circumstances, there are old people and children in the home, and the lower floors are the best, because it can facilitate the elderly to go up and down; there is another reason is that the air in the high-rise buildings is relatively thin and easy to produce. Symptoms of headache and dizziness. So ...

  • How many stories are super high-rise residential? Who knows?

    The best factors to consider on the floors of the elevator room are: air humidity, air pollution index, whether the building faces the street, whether the building has a loft or sun room, a few households, the space between the buildings, whether there are open parking spaces in the area, the elderly, Children, religions and customs, feng shui, and more. In light of the above factors, I briefly summarized the best or worst floors of the elevator room.

  • Who knows how many floors of 25 high-rise residences are best?

    The higher the floor, the higher the price. Generally, the price of the top floor (24 floors) is the highest. In the south, wealthy people like to buy a house on the top floor. The middle and upper floors are more ideal. If they are all residential, the price of the first to seventh floors is the same and it should be relatively cheap.

  • 11 small high-rise residences are best on several floors

    Generally, the middle floor is yin and yang balanced and suitable for living. As for which layer is good, this varies from person to person. The importance of comfort is considered from the aspects of ventilation and quietness. If you are afraid of heights, you can only live in units on the lower floors.

  • How many stories are high-rise residential? What do I need to pay attention to when buying a house?

    My house is about the same as the house you want to buy. There are 4 floors on the 5th floor. There is no first floor on the first floor.

  • I quarreled with my wife for one floor. I like the higher 20th floor. My wife likes the lower one. ...

    Above 16 floors is best

  • How many floors are the best for high-rise residences?

    1. If there is a one-story house, you can buy the first floor, and you can find someone to add a basement. When developing the company, you have added 2 basements. Works well. 2. If the age is not high, it is better, but not on the top floor. The quality and maintenance of the elevator are good now, and the high-rise has only walked the stairs once after four years. 3rd, 15th to 29th floors are fine. Because the upper floors are very guarantee for the quality of life we live in, it is good for our life. Lift means service ...

  • What are the best 27-storey high-rise residences?

    1. There is a saying in the industry that it is best not to buy a house with 8-12 floors, because this height is just the most concentrated range of floating debris in the air; but although everyone says so, there is actually no scientific report verification 2. If in the south, of course, try not to buy the bottom layer, because it is humid, it does n’t matter in the north. Leaking walls ...

  • Kangqiao Meilu Bay-Riverside Kangqiao Meilu Bay Zhengzhou's last high-rise apartment with a height of 6.3 meters

    By comparison, we find that Binhe has developed faster and is likely to become the core area in the next 30 years.

  • 6-storey building is best for several floors-what kind of house is good for Feng Shui

    A 6-story building is best to live on several levels-what kind of house is considered good feng shui. The purchase of a house is a big thing in many people's lives. Before this matter is handled, usually many people will pay attention to its various things And policies, but for now, the price is not the most important aspect, the most important thing is the policy, followed by some feng shui decisions, feng shui and the floor are also particularly closely linked.

  • N Reasons to Choose Your Best Home from the Best

    Friendship home, to the best, to the favorite. Everyone has their own set of standards for understanding and yearning for home. However, they have made the same decision-choosing to settle in Yousheng Homestead. Let us hear the story of their homeowner Holy Homestead today.

  • New City Wuyue Huafu Residential first opened 9 # 10 # high-rise residential, average price 12500 yuan / ㎡

    The 9 # and 10 # high-rise residences in Wuyuehuafu Residential Building in the new city are designed for two families with one staircase. The housing area is 95 square meters, 107 square meters and 118 square meters. The house freezes 50,000 appointments.