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  • How long is the property right duration of the 2018 Jianghai Plaza Project? [Encyclopedia of Jianghai Square Project]

    40-year Jianghai Plaza Project Address: Jianghai Plaza Sales Center, No. 48 Donghai Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City (side of Central Plaza) Phone: 400-6587-417

  • What does 70-year real estate right mean?

    1. The real estate certificate will indicate the age (including the last land use life). 2. It expires if the house is still there. Just pay the land tax. Because the useful life of the land is up. But the house belongs to you. 3. If the house is to be demolished. The government will reassign you. The useful life is also recalculated. The state stipulates that land for urban construction land is state-owned, and individuals and enterprises can use it for a fee and trade the right to use it. Soil for residential land ...

  • Can I buy a house with a 50-year property right? What is the difference between a 50-year and 70-year property right?

    First, the nature of the land is different. 1. According to the current regulations, if the nature of the land is residential land, the right to use is 70 years, the nature of the land is comprehensive land, and the right to use is 50 years. In addition, there are other types of functions such as business and education. 2. In China's housing system, land and houses on the land have different ownership. The difference between land use rights and home ownership ...

  • Isn't there a few years left in the property rights period?

    Huaxue Xinyuan is a residence with a 70-year property right. It is expected to be handed over at the end of 2017. It is just that there is no pre-sale certificate and it has not started to sell. Consult the sales office for details. Tel: 400-750-8888 ext. 41186

  • How long is the standard factory property right period? How to pay taxes?

    1. The duration of the land use right of the residence is 70 years, counting from the time of obtaining the land use right of the place. 2. The period of use of the land use right of the housing reform shall be based on the first house to pay the land transfer fee after the houses on the plot have participated in the housing reform. 3. The service life of affordable housing is 50 years. When the real estate company starts buying land, the purchase contract will indicate that, for example, the land use period is from 1997 to 2067 ...

  • How to renew the property right after it expires?

    The land use is based on the transfer of use period. It is not a matter of property rights. The property rights of the house belong to the Housing Authority and the land use belongs to the Land Bureau. There is no renewal free of charge. At the end of the use period, the land transfer fee must be paid again, but the existing property owner has priority.

  • How long is the property right duration of the 2018 Jianghai Plaza Project? [Encyclopedia of Real Estate for Jianghai Square]

    40-year Jianghai Plaza Project Address: Jianghai Plaza Sales Center, No. 48 Donghai Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City (side of Central Plaza) Phone: 400-6587-417

  • What is the difference between 50 and 70 years of property rights?

    1. The planning and design standards for industrial construction land and comprehensive land for 50 years and for commercial building land for 40 years are higher than those of ordinary residences for 70 years. There are many places, and the pool area has also increased with the improvement of standards. The 70-year property ownership requirements are relatively small and the pool area is also small. Second, the settlement problem Many buyers buy a house in a city in order to achieve the purpose of settlement ...

  • How long is the property ownership period of Yuantan International Community House?

    Yuantan International Community is a commercial property with a life of 40 years

  • How long is the property rights period of the Hexing Plaza project? [Hexing Plaza Project Encyclopedia]

    Apartment property age 40 years Hexing Plaza Project Address: No. 195, 197, 199, Baishi Avenue, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City (opposite to Huiyue City) Hexing Plaza Sales Center Phone: 400-6587-417

  • Fuhe Coastal City's property rights use life is only 50 years, CIMC's property use life is 70 years, how the property rights life varies ...

    The property right of a house refers to the period of ownership of the property right of the building. It can be divided into civil residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings according to the nature of the land used in the building type. In general, the duration of property rights of residential land is 70 years; the duration of property rights of comprehensive land is 50 years;

  • How long is the age of property rights in Hong Kong?

    Land south of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Boundary Street. In 1841, the Hong Kong government leased land for the first time, and the lease period was not clearly defined. After 1844, the lease period was determined to be 75 years, and it was not renewable. In 1848, due to the tenants complaining that the lease period was too short, the British Hong Kong government extended the lease period from 75 to 999 years without paying any premium. In the following 50 years, except for most of the inner plots of the Kowloon Peninsula and the waterfront plots, Hong Kong Island and the south of Kowloon Boundary Street were leased ...

  • How many years are property rights in an apartment? What is the difference between an apartment and a house? Are the property rights the same?

    First, let's look at how property rights are divided. We have permanent ownership of the house, but the house is built on land and the useful life of the land is limited. Therefore, what we usually mean by 40-year property rights and 70-year property rights refers to the land use life of the house. A house with a property right of 70 years, that is, a residence, can be registered, and a house with a property right of 40 or 50 years, although many can also meet the requirements of residence, but the land ...

  • Consultation on the duration of property rights in shops

    I do n’t understand this, but you can go to the good shop online to consult the relevant experts in this area. .

  • How many years is the misunderstanding about the number of years of property rights

    How many years do property rights generally hold? What does the term of property rights mean? What are the misunderstandings? We often say that the property rights are 70 years, 40 years, and so on. But do we know what these times mean? What are our misunderstandings in common sense?

  • What should we do after the 70-year property right expires

    Seeing this title, maybe the first topic is what is the duration of house property rights. The property rights of houses are divided into residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. The scope of property rights is different for each different type. For example, the 70 years that people hear more often refer to residential buildings. So for a commercial building, the duration of the property right is 40 years. So what should we do when the 70-year property right expires?

  • What is economically affordable housing?

    In order to implement the housing security policy for low-income families, the government has made a public commitment to affordable social housing. The housing problem of low-income people has been solved; since China ’s housing system alone, it has reduced a lot of the government ’s financial burden and also activated the commodity market; but at the same time, it has also caused a series of problems in the commodity housing market in China. More and more people buy a house and become Tianshan's pie.

  • * How to calculate the duration of dual-use property rights for 50 years and 70 years is unclear

    Originally, the commercial property and residential property have different years of property rights, one for 50 years and one for 70 years. Why is there a * dual-use house, so how is the property right period calculated?

  • Do you know the age of second-hand property rights?

    Second-hand housing plays an increasingly important role in our lives, and many buyers are still ignorant of the issue of second-hand property rights. The current law in China stipulates the duration of the right to use construction land. This issue is particularly important for private purchases of houses. Many owners ca n’t help asking questions when buying a house: When the use period has expired, the house still belongs to

  • What is the property ownership period of commercial housing?

    The property right of a house refers to the rights enjoyed by the owner of the house in accordance with national laws, that is, the sum of the rights and interests of the house, that is, the right of the house owner to possess, use, and dispose of the house property. Ordinary residential property rights are only 70 years, after which the government can recover them without compensation.