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  • Why do you buy a house for 40 years, some have 50 years of ownership, and some have 70 years of ownership

    Yes, the general commercial nature is 40 years, and the residential is 70 years.

  • Commercial and residential apartment, but can it be bought with 50 years of ownership?

    I am a real estate agent, and I told them that the only difference is that one can register for office and earn money. A formal company can do any business. The second is a pure commercial residence. It cannot be registered. !! !! There is also a large property rights can be traded at a suitable price for commercial and residential dual-use housing will not work, low prices do not buy.

  • Can a 50-year property right loan? How about a 50-year property right?

    A house with a 50-year property right can be bought. A house with a 50-year property right means that the land use right of the house is 50 years. The 40-year and 50-year "commercial" property ownership is indeed cheaper, and most cities do not limit purchases, but there are risks to buying such a house. The following matters need to be confirmed: whether the gas, electricity, water and property fees are paid in accordance with commercial housing, they should not belong to residential houses. It is recommended that you buy after you can apply for a real estate certificate.

  • 50 years of short property rights, residential commercial housing are 70 years

  • Can I buy a house with 50 years of ownership?

  • What about 50-year property rights for new houses? Why do some houses have 50-year properties?

    Why is there 40 years of property rights? Have 50 years of ownership? 70 years of ownership? Buyers easily confuse the issues of property rights and land use rights. The property right of the house is composed of two parts: the ownership of the house and the right to the use of the land. The term of the ownership of the house is permanent. 50 or 70 years of land use right transfer for residential land ...

  • Can property rights settle in 50 years? Residential properties

    When buying a house, you usually know the age of the property. Many new homebuyers will have questions about why some houses have 70-year property rights, why some have 40-year property rights, and even some houses have 50-year property rights. Brother Wei will give you a detailed answer on the difference in the duration of property rights today. House property rights Generally speaking, house property rights consist of two parts: house ownership and land use rights. According to our Constitution, the ownership of land belongs to the state and the collective ...

  • Can not buy a house with 50 years of ownership? Is a house with 50 years of ownership a small property right?

    The age of the house is based on the nature of the land use. There is no age limit on the house. After the land has expired, the relevant departments will check whether the buildings on the land can continue to be used. If the buildings can continue to be used, the users of the buildings need to pay the land transfer fee to continue to use them. If they cannot be used, they will be compensated. The owner of the building then recycles the land.

  • Only 50 years left property housing know how to buy?

    The main differences between the 50-year property rights and 70 years of commercial housing are as follows: 1. The useful life of civil residential land is 70 years, and the use of industrial construction land and comprehensive land is 50 years. 2. The planning and design standards for industrial building land and comprehensive land for 50 years and for commercial building land for 40 years are higher than those of ordinary houses for 70 years. If the area of the hall is relatively large, the entrances and exits of stairs and halls must be in accordance with regulations. There are many places, and the pool area has also increased with the improvement of the standard ...

  • Can a 50-year property right be continued?

    If the land property rights expire in 40, 50 or 70 years, is the house not the owner? If you have to pay a fee, how much do you have to pay each year? Many buyers have such doubts when buying a house. Can the 50-year property right house be bought? From the perspective of land property rights, what should we do when the land property rights expire? The so-called house property rights years refer to the years of ownership of building property rights, including: civil residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial use building. There are ...

  • What is the 50-year property right of a house? What does it mean to buy a 50-year property right?

    When the developer builds a house, the land use period granted by the state is 50 years. Of course, only 50 years of property rights belong to the house built on this land. But rest assured, now the house does not have to wait for 50 years, the country will move.

  • Can a 50-year equity be loaned?

    1. The scheme mentioned by LZ can be implemented. You buy it in full before you make a mortgage. In addition, what is the nature of the 50-year property ownership project, which will affect your loan amount. 2. The maximum loan amount is 70% of the appraised value of your property. 3. This behavior of yours is a real estate speculation. You can't generally make a loan by yourself.

  • The property right of the house I want to buy is 50 years old. Is the 50 year old property right a commercial house? The realtor insists that he ...

  • Don't faint the difference between a small property house and a 40 or 50 year house

    Many people don't know about small property houses. They mistakenly think that small property houses are those houses with 40 or 50 years of property rights, that is, less than 70 years of property rights. Actually, this is a misunderstanding. There is a fundamental difference between a small property house and a 40 or 50 year property house.

  • What does 50 years of property rights mean? Can you buy a property for 50 years?

    Many buyers will encounter the issue of the right to the real estate in the process of buying a house. The most common is the 50-year property right. So what does 50 years of property rights mean? Since the 50-year property rights house is generally a dual-use house, which is 20 years shorter than the 70-year property rights of ordinary residential properties, buyers ca n’t help asking questions. Can 50-year property rights houses be bought?

  • In the end: What is the difference between a 50-year ownership home and an ordinary home?

    50 years * building refers to the use of this building is commercial and residential dual-use, * building is generally a ground floor for shopping malls, shops, business, and the rest are residential buildings.

  • What is the 50-year property right

    The 50-year property right refers to Chen Zhong, the director of the Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, when communicating online with netizens. The residential design service life is generally 50 years. This is a situation that the industry has always known, and the 50-year property right expires. What should I do? Let me tell you.

  • What are the precautions for buying a 50-year-old apartment

    For young people, housing is not only to meet basic living needs, but also to interpret the attitude of life and reflect the dreams in their hearts. In the context of reform and opening up, "going down the sea" has become a label for people in the last century, and with this wave, the large population movement has given the younger generation the right to choose where they want to live and where they want to live, Feel the hope of starting from a new starting point.

  • What does a 50-year property right mean?

    The serviced apartment has 50 years of property rights, while the residence has 70 years of property rights. Now the state has also responded to the property rights. Now the property rights have come out, like Fengxian has already implemented. Even if the national policy has not come out, in fact, you don't need to worry. The property rights can be renewed after 50 years, as long as you pay a land transfer fee, the amount will not exceed 5 digits.

  • 10% off on Lihe International core 50-year property serviced apartment

    Lihe International's core projects cover 50-year property-type serviced apartments and property-type hotels. The main units are 64-69㎡ one-bedrooms and 120-138㎡ two-bedrooms. It is expected to be delivered by the end of 2014. The average price is 27,000 yuan / square meter, with a hardcover of 6000 yuan / square meter. The furniture and appliances are complete and can be packed in. You can get a discount of 40,000 yuan if you pay 20,000 yuan. You can entrust hotel management with an annual * 5%.