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  • What is recognition? Do you have to identify before buying a house?

    The specific operation of identifying funds generally includes the following steps. 1. First, consumers go to the developer to fill in their personal information. After paying a large amount of "sincere money", they will receive a variety of names called VIP cards, VIP passports, VIP consumer cards or credit cards. "Certificate". 2. After getting these "certificates", consumers will be eligible for "recognition". But often the number of consumers who are "recognized" will far exceed the actual push of real estate ...

  • What is recognition? What should be paid attention to when buying a house?

    What does it mean to buy a house? It refers to the behavior of the developer to make the house buyer pay the fund and other expenses through some discounts before the formal sale. "Recognition of chips" not only allows developers to take advantage of real estate sales, but also hides a lot of risks and is a lot tricky. First of all, buyers who want to "recognize funds" must pay "recognition funds" ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. Developers will promise that "recognition of funds" can be returned unconditionally. However, even if there are "recognitions" who request a refund because they are not satisfied, ...

  • What is recognition?

    For example, the developer has 100 houses. At first, he didn't know how much the price was appropriate, so he decided to raise money and pay 10,000 to 20,000. If there are 50 people, the house price may be set at 4,000 yuan. If there are 200 people, the house price may be set at 5,000 yuan. According to the calculation of a house of 100 square meters, the appraiser seems to have made a profit of 10,000 yuan. It is 100 yuan / square meter cheaper per square meter, but it actually loses 900 yuan / square meter. To put it plainly ...

  • What is the form of buying a house?

    There are two ways to identify funds, the first is capital verification, determine your stock, bank deposits, funds, how much money, and the ability to buy a house. The second is to pay good faith to get your priority purchase of the house.

  • Is it necessary to identify?

    Before the opening of the new house, it is necessary to pay for the fundraising, but you must carefully consider whether to buy or not.

  • [910Discount Exchange] Inventory to be launched soon

    Recent developments: Building 5 # of Arc de Triomphe (Real Estate Unit Forum) is currently in the stage of recognition and enjoys a discount of 20,000 to 30,000. It will be opened on September 15th, with exquisite units of 87 square meters, 95 square meters, and 129 square meters.

  • When buying a house, you need to be careful about the difference between a home purchase deposit and a deposit

    The deposit is a certain amount of guarantee * that is paid before the contract is concluded or before it is performed. If the buyer fails to perform the contract and has no right to request a deposit refund, the developer who fails to perform the contract shall double the deposit.

  • Country House Phoenix City Phase 2 Bungalows Begins on 13th

    Country Garden Phoenix will launch a second phase of 50-137 high-rise bungalows in the near future, with more than a thousand units, starting on May 13th, and paying 30,000 yuan in good faith. From now on, old owners can go to the core sales site to pick up a Platinum Card. Use the card to subscribe for the second phase of new products or introduce friends and family to subscribe for the second phase of new products to enjoy higher discounts.

  • 7000 new offers identified as 5% off, 10 flats in Xiping, 2012 shopping malls in Dongguan property market

    The Xiping District is one of the hottest districts in Dongguan in recent years. It has well-equipped facilities, high-end apartment buildings, rail transit construction, and comprehensive urban facilities. It is the hottest real estate district in Dongguan's CBD *, so it is also sought after by developers. The Xiping area is also a concentrated place for higher cost real estate in Dongguan, with an average price of 7,000 yuan / flat. Most of the real estates have discounts and are worth selling.

  • Fengtai Tokai Castle May Day special offer to enjoy extra 7% off

    During May Day, the 78-98 square meter lake view three-bedroom launched by Donghai Castle has special promotions! The first payment only needs to start from 70,000 yuan, and you can enjoy an additional 7% discount when you raise 5,000 yuan! There will be many interactive activities at the site for visitors to experience!

  • Teamed up with Shimao to embark on the Yangtze River for the first time in the Yangtze River.

    Buying a house by brand is becoming an important development trend for urban young people. Shimao Group entered the real estate market in mainland China for 22 years. Based on the concept of “creating a living taste” and innovative and forward-looking real estate development thinking, Shimao Group closely combined high-end urban life with natural landscape resources that cannot be copied. Inner Ring Riverside Market Opens "Everyone's House Exchange Era"!

  • Fenglin Tianxia 10 # Building recognizes the super bright space between China Super Building

    [Abstract] Fenglin Tianxia 10 # Building is expected to open next month, and is now starting to identify chips. It is reported that 10 # Building has launched a total of 120 houses, two elevators and four households, a total of 30 floors, with an area of 88 ~ 130 square meters. 25% off.

  • 11.23 Jintai · Nanyan Bay Global Grand Opening Ceremony *

    On November 23, Jintai Nanyan Bay's global recognition of funds was grandly launched. More than 500 customers from Beijing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shijiazhuang, Dongying, Harbin and other places were not far away. They landed on the island to see it. The style of Jintai · Nanyan Bay. On the day of appraisal, the real-life model room hired by Jintai Nanyan Bay with a famous designer has also been presented, making the extreme holiday between the green and the blue into a real experience at your fingertips. In addition, during the recognition of villas and bungalows, Jintai Nanyan Bay also launched a * housing discount policy, a higher discount of up to 200,000 yuan. Customers who buy a single-story villa with shallow sea view can enjoy a discount of 400,000 yuan for the total house price after paying a deposit of 200,000; customers who purchase a half-mount ocean view house only need to pay a 50,000 yuan subscription fee, which can be redeemed 1

  • Xintian • Yujingwan Phase II [Yufu • Core Building] VIP Grand Recognition

    [Summary] Xintian • Yujingwan Phase II [Yufu • Core Building] The public recognition of the fundraiser was launched on July 14th, VIP fundraiser enjoyed 2000 to 20,000 discounts, and Zhoujin 500 Real Estate Fund activity was launched during the same period. After that, customers can sign in to the marketing core once with the VIP card, and each sign-in can enjoy 500 yuan discount on the opening day of the second batch.

  • State-owned enterprise brand Cinda Real Estate

    Cinda Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a listed company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600657). As a rare real estate development business operation platform within the China Cinda Asset Management Corporation Group, Cinda Real Estate has become a national large-scale real estate development enterprise group , Shanghai Cinda, Ningbo Cinda, Anhui Cinda, Jiaxing Cinda, Qingdao Cinda, Xinjiang Cinda, Taizhou Cinda, Jilin Cinda, Shanghai Liren, Hefei Runxin, Hainan Academician Village, etc. across the country It is a real estate development enterprise and project company. The company has 43 development projects, covering an area of more than 3 million square meters and a construction area of more than 5 million square meters. The company's total assets are 11 billion yuan. Today, Cinda's presence in Wuhu has brought a strong Chinese style to Jiangcheng citizens.

  • When buying a house, you need to be careful about the difference between a home purchase deposit and a deposit

    The deposit and the deposit are obviously different in terms of content and legal consequences. When signing a house purchase contract, the buyer should fully understand this and act carefully according to his actual situation. The deposit is a certain amount of guarantee * that is paid before the contract is concluded or before it is performed. If the buyer fails to perform the contract and has no right to request a deposit refund, the developer who fails to perform the contract shall double the deposit.

  • Blue Mountain Bay Phase II Rongyu 8.25 Recognizes Funding Just Needed Units 7100

    The trend of Licang's hot market is gradually clear, and the previously confusing price and apartment information will surface this week. Lanshan Bay Phase II Rongyu confirmed the fund on Saturday, August 25th. It will launch 1 #, 9 #, 10 #, and 11 # small high-rises, with a total of 360 households. 74 to 118. The main push flats are 88 flats and 89 flats. Times City's high-level product briefing session was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Haier this Saturday, and it was confirmed at the sales office at 14:00 in the afternoon.

  • Classic wide TOWN no second-hand housing for sale

    Recently, there are some so-called "classic wide TOWN second-hand housing sales" news in the second-hand housing project column of major real estate websites, including information such as prices and room types, which has caused some confusion to the understanding of home buyers. All online second-hand housing information is not officially released. Please refer to the official release.

  • Qianyao Donggang confirms the opening of the 2 + 1 high bonus house type before the opening triple benefit

    It is reported that Qianyao Donggang recognized the fund on July 28. On Saturday and Sunday, the fund-raising rate was as high as 60%, and the scene was extremely hot. According to the project staff, the 2 + 1 apartment space and many supporting facilities around Gao are a bright spot to attract customers.