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  • I want to know if the deposit can be refunded

    As long as it is not a contract, the agreement is okay, and the deposit can be refunded, but the timing of the refund of the deposit is uncertain, because someone must see your house again, and then he pays the deposit to pay you back, and the developer collects the money It will not spit out again, that is, the east wall and the west wall. If there is no pre-sale permit, it will definitely be returned.

  • Can I sign a contract with someone for a refund of the deposit?

    If the contract subscription book is not experienced and people who have no experience in irrevocably buying a house, sometimes they ignore the details on the subscription book and blindly sign and pay the deposit, thus encountering some unnecessary house purchase disputes. Lawyer Liu believes that analysis should be based on the specific circumstances of the case. Compared to the pre-sale contract for commercial housing, the subscription agreement is an appointment contract that is entered into before the conclusion of this contract. The purpose of entering into an appointment contract is to make an agreement before the conclusion of this agreement ...

  • Will the decoration deposit be refunded?

    Deposit refers to the parties to the contract in order to ensure the performance of the contract, in accordance with legal provisions or agreement between the parties, when the contract is concluded or after the conclusion of the contract, before the performance of the contract, a certain percentage of the contract's subject to advance payment to the other party or Other alternatives. Article 15 of the Interpretation of the Security Law of the People's Court stipulates that: if the parties agree to pay the deposit as the guarantee for the conclusion of the main contract, the party that pays the deposit refuses to enter into the main contract and has no right to request the return of the deposit; ...

  • Can I get a house deposit refund? What should be paid attention to when paying a deposit?

    When the purchaser selects the desired house, the developer generally first signs a "subscription book" with the purchaser, agreeing on the house number, total price, unit price, payment method, etc. of the purchased house and agreeing to the subscription Sign a formal home purchase contract with the developer within a few days after signing. When signing the subscription, the buyer also has to pay a sum of money, some are called "deposit", some are called "subscription money", some are called "sincere gold" and so on. What is the nature of this money? This money...

  • I paid the deposit for buying a house. I don't want to buy a house now. Can the deposit be refunded?

    The deposit is non-refundable. You signed an agreement with them and there is no refund to say.

  • Can I refund the deposit I paid for the house?

    For first-time buyers, what is the concept of sincerity and deposit in buying a house? Can it be refunded and under what circumstances? Are more blind. Here Xiaolong collected and sorted out some information about this for everyone's reference. The sincerity gold is that after the buyer sees the second-hand house and sees the suite, he needs to go home to consider, but he is afraid that the house will be bought by others. At this time, the owner or the intermediary staff will propose that you pay a part of the sincerity money to show ...

  • Can I deposit a second-hand house? Under what conditions can a home purchase deposit be refunded?

    First of all, before you can pay for the provident fund loan, the seller should inform you in a timely manner that this belongs to the customer's right (the right to know), but the developer did not give you a definitive answer. The ambiguous answer was Wrong, this is due to the instinct of sales, and the transaction is the first. Secondly, the deposit and the deposit are two different concepts. The deposit is a good faith deposit, which is not suitable for refund. The purpose of selling this money in general is to retain the prospective prospect ...

  • Can the home purchase deposit be refunded?

    What is a deposit? A deposit is a guarantee method in which a certain amount of money is paid before the contract is concluded or before it is performed. If the buyer changes his mind and decides not to buy after the deposit is paid, the developer has the right not to refund the deposit due to the buyer's breach of contract; if the developer sells the house to another person, the deposit should be doubled to the buyer. In addition, if the purchaser signs a contract with the developer within the time limit specified in the subscription, but because of the specific terms of the purchase contract or the supplementary agreement, both parties exist ...

  • Who knows that if a rural household with a rural household registration buys a small property in the village, the deposit can be refunded?

    It is not recommended to buy small property houses. Risks of buying small property houses 1. Lack of "five permits" If you do not have "five permits", you cannot apply for a real estate permit. No property rights and no legal protection. 2. Compensation for difficult removals As long as relevant approval procedures have been completed according to law, it is a legal building. However, it does not rule out those illegal buildings outside the scope of government regulations. If they conflict with national planning, they are likely to be demolished, and the owner will not receive compensation for resettlement. 3.Quality ...

  • Can second-hand housing deposits be refunded? How to deal with second-hand housing deposit disputes?

    Deposit is a standardized legal concept. In the process of buying and selling second-hand housing, the buyer pays the deposit as a form of guarantee agreed voluntarily in order to guarantee the performance of the contract between the buyer and the seller. In the transaction of commercial housing, after the buyer performs the contract, the deposit shall be offset against the price or recovered; if the buyer does not perform the contract, he is not entitled to return the deposit, and if the seller fails to perform the contract, the deposit shall be doubled. First, the deposit is not the more the better Some sellers believe that the more the deposit, the better, especially if there is not yet ...

  • The second-hand house is not bought, can the deposit paid for the house be refunded?

    A deposit is a guarantee method in which a certain amount of money or substitute is paid as a guarantee before the contract is concluded or before it is performed. The party that pays the deposit is called the deposit payer, and the party that accepts the deposit is called the deposit acceptor. Chapter VI of the "Securities Law" Deposit Article 89 The parties may agree that one party shall pay a deposit to the other party as a security for the debt. After the debtor performs its debt, the deposit shall be offset against the price or recovered. If the party paying the deposit fails to perform the agreed debts, none ...

  • I wanted to buy a second-hand house a few days ago, paid a deposit to the agent, and signed the receipt, but I can't live without the house ...

    First, due to the purchaser's own reasons, the deposit cannot be refunded 1. Signing the subscription book to regret, the deposit cannot be refunded. There is a deposit clause in the house purchase subscription book. After the buyer pays the money, he regrets it, contrary to the fundamental purpose of the subscription agreement, the deposit cannot be refunded. 2. The personal deposit cannot be refunded, and the deposit for the purchase of the house is not refundable. Because the personal credit is the buyer ’s own reason, the contract for the sale of the commercial house has not been signed, and the buyer has no right to request the developer to return the deposit paid by him ...

  • Can I refund my deposit after buying a second-hand house? Under what circumstances can the deposit be refunded?

    There are three cases of whether the intermediary fee can be refunded: 1. The intermediary promotes the two parties to sign a sales contract, but the final transaction fails due to non-intermediate reasons, the intermediary has the right not to refund or refund a small amount of the intermediary fee; 2. The intermediary has not promoted the transaction and has no right Intermediary fees are charged, but appropriate labor fees can be charged; 3. The intermediary urges the buyer and seller to sign a sales contract, but the transaction cannot be completed due to the intermediary reasons, and the intermediary fee must be refunded in full.

  • I went to a house the other day. I paid a deposit of 20,000 after reading it, now I regret it, there is no pre-sale certificate for the real estate ...

    It is illegal to sell a house without a pre-sale certificate, and you can request a refund of the deposit

  • I don't want to buy a house. Can the deposit be refunded?

    According to the relevant provisions of the General Principles of the Civil Law, the Contract Law, and the Guarantee Law, the "home purchase deposit" is a form of guarantee adopted in order to conclude a contract or perform a contract. According to the above-mentioned laws and regulations, whether you don't want to buy a house and the deposit can be refunded depends on the specific situation.

  • Can I refund the deposit that I have lost after I purchase a house?

    Under the tightening of purchase restrictions, some home buyers are facing the "dilemma" of losing the qualification to buy a house, and then there is even more "scratching" that they do not know that they have lost the qualification to buy a house and have paid a deposit. Can I return it? Let the law express editor take everyone to understand it! 1Problems in buying and selling due to purchase restrictions In the daily house purchase process, this phenomenon is compared

  • What should I pay attention to when I sign a deposit agreement? Can the deposit be refunded?

    In the process of housing transactions, home buyers to pay a deposit is one of the first things to do. And when buyers do not want to continue to buy a house, returning the purchase deposit is also one of the problems that buyers will think of first. So, from the legal requirements, after paying the deposit, do you not want to buy a house? What to pay attention to when signing the deposit agreement? Let's follow the editor to understand

  • Is it possible to refund the deposit when buying a house? What are the agreed conditions for refunding?

    Whether or not a home purchase deposit can be refunded is a tangled problem for many buyers. The house does not want to buy it, but is afraid that the tens of thousands of deposits will not be refunded in the hands of the developer. It is really distressing! So can the home purchase deposit be refunded? Whether it can be refunded mainly depends on the agreement of the purchase contract. If the purchaser breaches the contract, the purchase deposit is generally not refundable.

  • Can the deposit be refunded when buying a house?

    At present, developers usually receive deposits from purchasers through subscription, ordering, booking, etc. before signing formal commercial house sales contracts with buyers. If the buyer does not come to sign a contract with the developer or the parties do not agree on the terms of the contract, most developers' deposits are non-refundable. This deposit or deposit agreement is extremely detrimental to the buyer and makes the buyer sign the contract

  • Can deposits be refunded when buying a house in Tangshan?

    Can the deposit be refunded? Regarding this issue, we must first look at whether it is "deposit" or "deposit". Although there is a word difference, the meaning is very different. The following article will introduce to you whether the deposit can be refunded, and how to avoid the deposit trap.