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  • I have a purchase contract and receipt, but the developer does not give the turnkey, what should I do?

    The contract has the latest delivery date, and if the room is not delivered by the final deadline, you can apply to the local industry and commerce department for enforcement.

  • Fancy a set of hardcover rooms. What should I pay attention to when it comes to hardcover clauses when signing a contract?

    In the sales contract of commercial housing, a supplementary agreement is signed to stipulate specific fine decoration standards and liabilities for breach of contract. In particular, brand standards such as decoration materials should be clearly agreed.

  • Under what circumstances can the purchase contract be cancelled?

    1. The purchase contract is invalid. If the developer's sales behavior violates the compulsory provisions of laws and administrative regulations, if the house is sold without obtaining a pre-sale permit, the purchase contract is invalid and the buyer has no right to check out. 2. The purchase contract was cancelled according to law. For a contract entered into by the buyer due to major misunderstanding or obvious unfairness, or if the developer has fraud, coercion, or risk of getting into danger, etc., the contract entered into by the buyer against the true meaning, the buyer has ...

  • What are the precautions for signing a house purchase contract?

    From ancient times to the present, clothing, food, shelter and transportation have been the four basic needs of people. Now that people are guaranteed food and clothing, they are increasingly concerned about housing. With the rush of buying houses, buyers often lose their minds and deliberately or unconsciously plunge into various traps set by illegal real estate developers. Area shrinking, false advertisements, delayed delivery, delayed application for permits, "zero-risk investment", etc., have often caused buyers to suffer losses, which has led to a large number of goods ...

  • Under what circumstances can a purchase contract be considered invalid?

    1. The main body of the house purchase is defective, and the unit of the unit should be signed by the couple. The co-owner should sign the sale contract; 2. At that time, the seller has not acquired the property rights of the house, and the sale relationship has not yet been established; Confirmed as invalid, the principle of disposal is to return the property and compensate according to the principle of fault.

  • Can people under the age of 18 sign a house purchase contract? Is the contract valid?

    Citizens over the age of eighteen are adults, have full capacity for civil conduct, can conduct civil activities independently, and are persons with full capacity for civil conduct. Citizens over the age of sixteen and under the age of eighteen who rely on their labor income as their main source of living shall be regarded as persons with full capacity for civil conduct. It is suggested that parents can sign for them.

  • What to pay attention to when signing a house purchase contract

    We know that a house purchase contract is an agreement reached between the buyer (buyer) and the real estate development enterprise on the purchase, sale, and purchase of a commercial house on the basis of equality, voluntariness, and consensus. The content must be in accordance with laws and regulations. In fact, many times, because we do not have a lawyer to provide advice, we cannot really understand the importance of a house purchase contract, and we have signed a defective house purchase contract, leaving hidden dangers. Today I conduct a legal analysis on the existence of several types of house purchase contracts in the market ...

  • Hello, may I use one's provident fund to buy a house before marriage, can you sign two names on the house purchase contract?

  • I work in Beijing. I have a Hukou in Yantai. I bought a house on loan in Yantai. I have a house purchase contract.

    It is not recommended to use the housing fund to withdraw the provident fund, which is more troublesome. It is simple to extract by other means, and the ID card is sufficient.

  • Can I open an account with a house purchase contract?

    It is not possible to handle the hukou relocation without the real estate certificate, because the original real estate certificate is required to complete the household registration procedures. The police station must follow the principle of "one certificate and one household" when handling the household registration procedures, that is, a real estate certificate can only correspond to only one household registration.

  • Knowledge points that cannot be ignored in the supplementary agreement of the purchase contract

    The purchase contract is generally in a prescribed format, and is valid only after being reviewed by the Housing Management Bureau, and cannot be modified at will. However, buyers can increase their own agreements by negotiating with developers, this is the supplementary agreement. I. Specific Liability for Breach of Contract 1. Specify the date of obtaining the title certificate. The agreement states that if the real estate certificate is not obtained on the specified date, it shall be regarded as "unable

  • The core of the house buying process: Beware of these pits in the house purchase contract

    The choice of a good house is just a relative issue, the so-called "one price and one share", but if you are careless when signing a contract, economic losses are likely to exist. For most people, real estate transactions can't go through a few times in their lifetime. In order to ensure that they do not fall into the contract trap when signing a contract, it is not too much care. 1. Be alert to vague concepts in practice

  • Matters needing attention after signing the purchase contract

    Buying a house is not a signing of a house purchase contract, you can sit back and relax, nor is it a signing of a house purchase contract, after paying the money to become an owner, it is not necessary to do nothing. The editor told you what you need to pay attention to after signing the contract and paying the money.

  • There are a lot of things to note when signing a contract

    First remind you to make sure that the project's documents are complete before paying the down payment and signing the contract. You can request to check these documents at its sales department. Only the complete documents will reduce the risk of buying a house, and you can also apply for a mortgage loan.

  • Specific contents of the model purchase contract

    The template of the purchase contract, the specific content is as follows, to share with you.

  • Do n’t worry about these methods to help you lose the purchase contract

    For various reasons, some buyers' home purchase contracts are lost. This is not unusual. Since the problem has occurred, it is time to find a solution. The following editors introduce relevant knowledge to everyone.

  • Precautions when signing a house purchase contract

    When signing a house order contract, if you are not careful, you will fall into a housing dispute. So, what are the precautions when signing a home purchase contract? How can we avoid housing disputes? The following editors will explain it for you.

  • See clearly when signing a contract! These several kinds of purchase contracts are invalid!

    1. A house sale contract signed by a person without civil capacity. According to the "General Principles of Civil Law" of China, people with no capacity for civil conduct shall perform civil acts by their legal agents. Therefore, the sale and purchase of houses for people with no capacity for civil conduct shall be signed by their legal agents. The sales contract, otherwise, is an invalid contract. 2,

  • How to conclude a sale and purchase agreement for a house purchase contract

    The demolition resettlement house is also a kind of commercial house. There is usually a large gap between demolition resettlement housing and ordinary commercial housing. In terms of limited trading time, an excessively long trading cycle is more risky than ordinary housing transactions, so we must pay special attention when buying. In particular, how to conclude a house purchase contract for relocation housing.

  • How to change the name of the purchase contract? What circumstances can't be changed?

    We know that there are usually three ways to transfer a property: inheritance, transaction, and gift. Of these, transaction * is common. But in fact, there are some special ways to transfer real estate, such as changing the name of the purchase contract. The name change of the house purchase contract means that the buyer wishes to change the house purchase contract buyer and has achieved the purpose of transfer. The house purchase contract change is usually divided into three types: increase, decrease or