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  • What should be paid attention to when signing the supplementary agreement for the sales contract of commercial housing?

    1. Specify the time for the building ownership certificate. The agreement states that failure to obtain a real estate license on the specified date shall be deemed to be “a unilateral breach of contract by the developer who cannot obtain a real estate license”. For this "unilateral breach of the developer", the owner has the right to choose to check out. The developer must refund all money paid by the owner within 15 working days. 2. Agree on specific house quality standards. The buyer can hire a qualified institution to conduct a house inspection if ...

  • How do I sign a sales contract for a commercial house when buying or selling a commercial house?

    1. For some matters specifically agreed between the purchaser and the developer, such as the special requirements for the green space rate and plot ratio of the residential area, the expressions in the contract are not accurate. Blind buyers. We must carefully study the terms of the contract. Developers who do not understand the meaning and concepts require further explanations and write them into the contract. They must not be vague and ready. 2. The agreement on the facilities and equipment of the house construction is unclear, such as ...

  • What commercial opinions do lawyers have in Beijing over commercial housing contract disputes?

    Great Wall Company v. Ocean Building Mansion Commodity House Sales Contract Dispute Plaintiff: Great Wall International Communication Co., Ltd., Domicile: Haidian District, Beijing. Legal representative: Huang Yuguang, chairman of the company. Defendant: Beijing Ocean Building Co., Ltd., domicile: Xicheng District, Beijing. Legal representative: Li Ming, chairman of the company. The plaintiff Great Wall International Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Great Wall Company)

  • What are the commercial house sales contract disputes and how the court decides

    ----- Responsibility for overdue license application Plaintiff: Ye Mou Attorney: Dai Mou, Lawyer of a law firm Defendant: Real estate company Attorney: Li Anhua, Chen Wenqing, Lawyer of Far East Law Firm I. Basic case plaintiff Ye A certain real estate company (hereinafter referred to as the real estate company) defendant signed a "commercial housing sales contract" (hereinafter referred to as the contract), the agreed delivery time is October 31, 2003, together ...

  • What departments supervise the purchase contract? What departments are overseen by commercial housing sales contracts?

    To deal with the quality of commercial housing, we must distinguish between different situations according to its nature and severity, put forward reasonable claims according to law, and properly resolve them through legal procedures. According to the Supreme People's Court's Interpretation of Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Disputes over Commercial House Sales Contracts (hereinafter referred to as the "Interpretation"), the quality of commercial houses can generally be divided into the following three situations: Buyers have the right to refuse to accept, terminate the contract and ...

  • Do I need a real estate sales contract for a real estate certificate?

    After the completion of the real estate certificate, the real estate sales contract will be completed by the seller, the buyer and the seller, and the real estate management department.

  • After signing the "Commercial Housing Sales Contract", why do we need to sign a supplementary agreement? I really do n’t understand!

    The supplementary agreement is that when the buyer and the seller use the "Commodity House Sales Contract" model to sign a contract, they modify or add to the terms and conditions of the two parties to clarify the terms or agreements of the rights and obligations of the two parties. The content of the agreement shall prevail. The supplementary agreement generally includes the following: 1. Dealing with errors in the pooled area. At present, the real estate sales in Beijing are mainly priced in the building, but some developments are not excluded ...

  • After paying the down payment, and signing a contract for the sale of commercial housing (model text), the first loan has not been completed, and I want to check out: 1 how to ...

    Can't% 7E% 7E% 7E% 7E% 7E% 7E% 7E% 7E% 7E unless you down payment (of course, you can negotiate to come back, but the seller will not agree)

  • Is it necessary to sign a supplementary agreement when signing a contract for the sale of commercial housing? Is it necessary?

    In fact, this does not necessarily require the signing of a supplementary agreement, it will only be signed when needed.

  • Urgently! Who has a model contract for a formal commercial housing sale online? Waiting for answers online, thanks!

    Every place is different. However, according to the current "Contract of Sale" in the national document, the contract is referred to as the contract. The contract is the online signing of the commercial housing contract on the Housing Authority's online registration contract to generate a record number, and then print out the contract. The contract has the record number. At this time, the system of the Housing Management Bureau has generated your basic purchase information through the online contract of the Housing Management Bureau, (such as: the name of the purchaser and co-owner and ID card number, room number; purchase price; purchase method: ...

  • What is the main content of the Guangzhou commercial housing sales contract? What should be paid attention to?

    Municipal Land Resources and Housing Administration; number: _________. Article 3 Basic Conditions of the Subject Matter of the Contract The commercial house purchased by Party B is the _________ [building] [ladder] [block] _________ [unit] [floor] _________ of the project specified in Article 1 of the contract (hereinafter referred to as the Commodity house), mapping address: _________ District _________ Road ________...

  • How to hear disputes over housing contract in Shenzhen

    Notice on Printing and Distributing the Guiding Opinions of the Guangdong Higher People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Trial of Disputes over Commercial House Sales Contracts Provincial People's Courts at All Levels of the Province 》 Issued to you, please organize judges engaged in civil trials to study carefully and understand. Be careful not to quote directly in the referee documents. Problems in hearing such cases ...

  • Is the property in Tangshan Rentaili a big property right? How can an agent say that a commercial house sales contract can be signed?

  • I want to ask how should I cancel the contract for the sale of commercial housing

    1. The Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Disputes over Commercial House Sale and Purchase Contracts. The main reason for the termination of the commercial house sale and purchase contract is specified in the entity. 2. According to the provisions of Article 96 of the Contract Law, if the parties claim to terminate the contract, they shall notify the other party by way of notification, and the contract for the sale of commercial housing shall be terminated when the notice reaches the other party. If the other party disagrees, you can ask ...

  • How to check after the commercial housing sales contract is filed? What are the functions?

    You can go to the Housing Management Bureau through the contract registration number and certificate number, and inquire about the relevant information in the contract filing inquiry provided by the Housing Management Bureau. Or log on the website of the local housing management bureau to check the contract record number information to see if it exists and if the listing information matches.

  • What details should be paid attention to in the commercial housing sales contract

    There are many details to pay attention to when signing a house purchase contract, because which ones are signed? Due to the similarities and differences in the sale and purchase contracts of commercial housing, what is important is the content of the supplementary agreement. Let ’s take a look at the supplementary agreement to sign a cheat! The supplementary agreement is also a more important part of the contract for the sale of commercial housing, which has the same legal effect as the contract for the sale of commercial housing. Supplementary agreements are usually drafted unilaterally by the developer, which has advantages for the developer. Therefore, buyers should ...

  • Matters needing attention when signing the sales contract of commercial housing

    Case: In April 2009, Tianjin Real Estate suddenly awakened from the situation that has been falling in the second half of 2008, and housing prices rebounded rapidly. Mr. Han has been waiting in the property market for a long time. As the wedding day is approaching, the pressure on housing prices is rapidly increasing. Mr. Han decided to subscribe for a set in a sales building in Xiqing District. Pre-selection, viewing and signing of the Housing Society

  • Detailed text of Xi'an commercial house sales contract supplementary agreement and legal norms

    [Abstract] According to the provisions of Article 20 of the "Regulations on Property Management", "the sale and purchase contract signed by the construction unit and the property assignee shall include the content agreed in the previous property service contract", the main contents of the previous property service contract are now supplemented as follows.

  • What is the Guangzhou Commercial Housing Sales Contract (Recent Version)?

    Commodity house sales contract is a very important part in the process of buying a house, so what is the standard format of Guangzhou house sales contract? What's included?

  • What are the main contents of the judicial interpretation of the sales contract for commercial housing? Attention to signing a house sales contract

    However, the house purchase contract is related to the real ownership of the house. Therefore, you should pay attention to some places before signing the contract, especially the legal interpretation of the house sale contract. Do you know the main contents of the judicial interpretation of the house sale contract? What should I pay attention to when signing a house sale contract? If you don't understand these issues, you can take a closer look at the following.