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  • What is the process of buying a house with a personal loan?

    (1) When a borrower applies for a personal home loan, the purchased house must be a current house or a multi-story main structure with a ceiling of more than two-thirds of the total investment in the off-plan house. The borrower is required to fill out a personal purchase loan form and provide the following information: 1. The borrower's identity document (resident identity card, household registration book or other valid residence permit); 2. Marital status certificate (married, a marriage certificate or a marriage registration authority Certificate of Marital Relationship, Unmarried Certificate of Unmarried ...

  • What are the provident fund loan procedures for Suzhou loan housing purchase process?

    What is the process of buying a house in Suzhou? Nowadays, buying a house has become the most awaited and headache for young people. Although one is very happy, the pressure of down payment and loan repayment can make people breathless. If you buy a house in Suzhou and use a provident fund loan to buy a house, it is relatively easy. There are some conditions and procedures for Suzhou Provident Fund loan to purchase a house. If you meet these conditions and apply in accordance with the correct process, you can use the provident fund to purchase a house. Suzhou Provident Fund Loan ...

  • What are the conditions for Dalian Provident Fund loan to buy a house?

    Today, when buying a house loan, the first choice is a provident fund loan to buy a house. The provident fund loan has a relatively low interest rate for buying a house. If the loan is 30 years, the provident fund loan can save a lot of interest money compared to commercial loans. Therefore, people are more willing to use provident fund loans, then what are the procedures for provident fund loans to buy a house, and what are the conditions for applying for a loan? I. Procedure 1. Acceptance: The borrower must fill in the "loan application form", borrow ...

  • Excuse me, what is the process of buying a house with a combination loan?

    For a combination loan, you need to go to the provident fund management center to apply for the provident fund loan part, and then take the "combination loan contact form" to a commercial bank to apply for a commercial loan. Generally, after one week of provident fund loan, the commercial loan can be released.

  • What are the conditions for the Jiangmen Housing Provident Fund loan to buy a house?

    When buying a house in Jiangmen and applying for a housing provident fund, what conditions need to be met? What the process is like? Xiaobian has sorted it out for everyone, come to supplement the knowledge. 1. Examination and Approval Conditions (1) Hold a valid People's Republic of China resident ID card or Chinese People's Liberation Army soldier ID and have full capacity for civil conduct; (2) Housing fund has been continuously deposited for 6 months on a monthly basis, and it is still normal at the time of application Deposit housing provident fund; ...

  • Can a commercial loan withdraw a provident fund? What is the process of buying a house with a commercial loan?

    Provident Fund Repayment Loan: After the establishment of a personal housing loan, the borrower used the funds of this city's provident fund account to repay the loan of this city. Conditions for applying for repayment of loans (1) Purchase of self-owned housing with ownership in this city (2) The principal lender and spouse have no other provident fund loan debts and repayment loans (3) Banks that handle loan operations have repayment loans : The application object can be the main lender, the main lender's spouse, the main lender's immediate blood relative ...

  • How to calculate the mortgage rate and the process of buying a house

    Mortgage purchase is still the method of purchase for most home buyers. There are two main methods of house mortgage, one is the equal principal and interest repayment method; the second is the equal principal repayment method. And how to calculate the housing price mortgage? What is the process of buying a house? This article will introduce you in detail.

  • Chongqing Buying a House to Save Money

    Buying a house in Chongqing now, as far as loans are concerned, provident fund loans are definitely much cheaper than commercial loans. But how is the provident fund loan process for buying a house? This must go to the core of Chongqing provident fund management. Go to the provident fund management core: 1. Provident fund loan process: (1) Initial review: The housing fund management core conducts a preliminary review of the materials submitted by the applicant, including the applicant's qualifications, loan quota, and loan term. After the initial review is qualified, the core issue "Notice of Mortgage Review and Evaluation".

  • What is the process of buying a house in Shaoxing loan

    Buying a home on a loan has always been a hot topic for home buyers, as it is in Shaoxing. Buyers are keen to get a loan to buy a house, because it can ease their financial pressure. But while some people want to apply for a home loan from a bank, they are struggling to know where to go. The following editors will take a look at what issues should be paid attention to when buying a house with a loan.

  • Mortgage loan purchase process and precautions explained in detail Are you ready to buy a house

    Today, the high property market has pulled the distance between ordinary people and new homes, and many wage earners are even more miserable about soaring rents. The country's mortgage loan to buy a house can be regarded as saving many aspiring young people, even if they spend tomorrow's money * to buy a house dream, they can be described as willing. Mortgage loan when buying a house

  • Analysis of the provident fund loan purchase process in 2016 (Figure)

    Now most people will choose a loan to buy a house. The use of loans to buy a house brings convenience to a large number of people. There are commercial loans, provident fund loans and commercial provident fund loans. What exactly is the process?

  • What is the commercial loan purchase process in Tianjin

    Buying a home and buying a home is a crucial event for almost every family. Therefore, every link related to buying a home will affect the sensitive nerves of countless buyers. How to go to Tianjin to buy a house? What is the commercial loan buying process in Tianjin? The borrower must provide a guarantee when applying for a personal home loan. At present, there are mainly three types of personal housing loans: entrusted loans, self-operated loans, and portfolio loans.

  • Must-see when buying a house: the process of buying a house with a different mortgage

    Now more and more people choose to work outside the home, or even buy a house or get married. So how do friends from other places handle mortgage purchases in a different place? What is the process of buying a house in a different place?

  • 2015 Haimen's recent personal loan purchase process mastered 6 principles of loans * cost-effective

    Make a comprehensive assessment of the family's existing economic strength to determine the amount and proportion of the first payment for the purchase of a house. The content of economic strength includes the two major parts of deposits and realizable assets. The latter covers securities, replacement of existing housing, etc.

  • Taizhou loan home buying process, let you buy a better house

    The relevant procedures for buying a house in Taizhou and signing a house purchase contract are generally performed within one week of paying the deposit, so buyers have sufficient time to prepare relevant information. Which loan method you choose, and how many years you want to borrow, you must make a comprehensive assessment based on your actual situation. Generally, if the monthly supply does not exceed 50% of the income, the loan can be successfully processed. Xiaobian takes you to understand the process of buying a house in Taizhou loan, so that you do not feel dizzy when buying a house, have a clear idea.

  • Six Steps to the Bortara Provident Fund Loan Buying Process

    Using a provident fund loan to buy a house has brought convenience to a large number of people, making it not so difficult to buy a house. Then how to use the housing provident fund, what is the process of buying a house with a provident fund loan? Look at the process of buying a house using provident funds!

  • Commercial loan purchase process

    The quality of new homes is a headache, and owners' rights protection incidents are common. This has made second-hand existing homes, which have an exclusive advantage in geographical location and supporting settings, more and more popular with buyers. However, the transaction process of second-hand housing is more complicated than that of new houses. Many places pay little attention to the possibility of endless troubles. In particular, many new home purchases often involve mortgage loans. If you need to apply for a commercial loan through a bank, what materials should you prepare for a second-hand house signing? What is the process of second-hand house signing?

  • Detailed Shijiazhuang loan purchase process! Farewell to run a broken leg

    Loan buying a house has become an important form of buying a house now. What are the procedures for buying a house in Shijiazhuang? We have sorted out the mortgage purchase loan process and the provident fund loan purchase process. These two loan methods are similar and slightly different. Let ’s take a look at what the loan process is.

  • A must buy property! Precautions for buying a house on mortgage and the process of buying a house on loan

    When buyers choose a mortgage to buy a house, they need to provide the following information to the bank (loan bank) that provides the mortgage: 1. Legally valid identification. 2. Proof of fixed economic income. 3. The original contract for the sale of commercial housing witnessed by the real estate management department. 4. Documents required by the loan bank. Bank-to-buy