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  • What documents need to be accepted when checking in? What are the precautions?

    Check the house's "Residential Quality Guarantee", "Residential Manual" and "Completion and Acceptance Record Form" of the house before check-in and check-in: & lt; Surface area measurement table & gt; Mainly pay attention to the following points: First, check the quality of the house in detail, including whether there are cracks in the walls, doors, windows, balconies and other parts; Second, check whether there are omissions, quality, etc. of the facilities, equipment, etc. specified in the sales contract ...

  • The Binjiang City Star model house has not been retained until the house is demolished and renovated. The owner can compare when the existing house is delivered ...

  • What are the main quality problems that will occur when a house is inspected at the end of the year?

    The quality problems that easily occur in a house are as follows: First, the building sinks or tilts. Of course, this kind of situation is rare, the main manifestation is that the subsidence is still more than the settlement period; the uneven settlement caused the slope; due to the imperfect structure and insufficient strength, the building has some or all of the hidden danger of collapse. Second, cracks. The causes of cracks are mostly insufficient material strength, uneven structure and wall stress, insufficient tensile and compressive strength, poor quality of building materials or cut corners, ...

  • What problems can be solved on the spot when inspecting the house?

    When inspecting a house, if the owner is dissatisfied with some places, finds some defects or has a major problem about the quality of the house, the owner should first seek a developer to solve the problem. If a related problem is encountered during the use of the house, the owner will usually go to the property company or coordinate with the developer through the property company. Buyers should require the other party to give a reasonable rectification period and try to communicate with the other party in the form of letters. This has three purposes ...

  • Do developers need to give notice in advance? Can I pay without paying in advance?

    1. The developer informs you to pay the house in advance. If you do not want to accept it in advance, you can refuse. Does not constitute a breach of contract. 2. Because the developer has the fact that the house can be paid in advance, you can notify the developer to hand in the house at any time before the house delivery date stipulated in the contract. 3. The property fee starts from the actual acceptance of the house.

  • I would like to ask if there is any news about property tax collection in 2018?

    The Minister of Finance Xiao recently stated that in accordance with the principle of "legislative advancement, full authorization, and step-by-step advancement," real estate tax legislation and implementation will be promoted. Real estate tax is levied on industrial and commercial real estate and individual housing in accordance with the assessed value, the tax and fee burden on construction and transaction links is appropriately reduced, and a comprehensive modern real estate tax system is gradually established. JP Morgan Chase China's chief economist Zhu Haibin said at the Beijing media meeting that the long-term mechanism of the real estate market, the introduction of legislation does not mean ...

  • The developer does not have a house quality book and a floor area measurement table. What should we do if we have to accept the house?

    When the developer delivers the commercial house to use, the developer should present the "commercial house completion inspection and registration record certificate" to the buyer, and those who deliver the house must also provide the "Housing Quality Assurance Certificate", "Residential Use Manual" and the report of the measured area of the house; if the relevant Data, buyers can refuse to pick up the house and complain to the construction administrative department (Municipal Construction Committee).

  • Ask everyone what to pay attention to when inspecting a house? I will close my house soon

    The main points of the inspection at the time of handing over the room are as follows: check the preliminary information-take the key-the house inspection (internal, external)-pay the money and sign the documents. The preliminary information: check the three books, one certificate, one table and five essential things. "Residential Quality Assurance Certificate" (can be taken away), "Residential User's Manual" (can be taken away), "Construction Quality Certificate", "One Certificate" means "Comprehensive Acceptance Certificate for Real Estate Development and Construction Project Completion" Form "means the" Completion Acceptance Record Form ...

  • Warranty period, real estate certificate, property fee ...

    The process of buying a house is already very tangled. Is it better to close the house? The answer is no. If you don't take the house seriously, it will be painful to move in in the future. * The house purchase guide will come to answer all your questions during the house closing process.

  • CPPCC members: Real estate tax can control housing price rise

    Most of the regulatory targets formulated in 2013 were not fully fulfilled, and all sectors of the society are generally concerned about whether more stringent housing price control measures will be introduced in 2014 in major cities. In this regard, Liu Zheng, a member of the CPPCC and deputy dean of the School of Taxation of the Core University of Finance and Economics, suggested that Beijing apply for a real estate tax pilot this year, which can pave the way for reform of the local fiscal and taxation system and also control the excessive rise in housing prices to a certain extent.

  • House inspection, housing purchase, housing collection, these legal common sense you need to understand

    According to the "Interpretation of Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Disputes over Commercial House Sales Contracts", a "turnkey" is considered as a house delivered for use. Therefore, after receiving the residential keys, the house inspection found problems, and the developer only assumed the responsibility for the repair and repair of the house without the pressure of overdue delivery. Legal issues to be paid attention to in the inspection and delivery of commercial housing 1.

  • Precautions for Accepting Houses After Buying a House

    The house must have a certificate of house quality compliance issued by a quality inspection station. According to relevant regulations, before the house is delivered for use, it must pass the district-level house quality inspection station to pass the inspection before it can be allowed to live. After checking this qualification certificate, the occupants themselves must also conduct a quality inspection of the house, and find out that the problem should be solved in time.

  • Please remember what you don't need to pay when you check out!

    The vast majority of the fees that owners need to pay when collecting a house are collected by the property management company, and these costs are divided into direct charges, restrictive charges, and agency charges by the property management company. When paying property management fees, buyers should understand in detail the standards for various services provided by the property management company. The cycle of charging property management fees is usually within half a year or less. Payment of maintenance funds, currently Guiyang

  • How much should I pay for deed tax?

    Many netizens don't know who to pay the fees when paying the house, and how much deed tax to pay to whom. * Xiao Bian will tell you how much it is and how to give it.

  • What should I do if I find that there is an error in the area? Know these routines

    Many owners will find that their purchase area does not match the delivery area at the time of housing collection, and many developers say that the owner calculates the cost based on the actual area. When the housing is found, the owner usually takes more if they find there is a problem Give back less to appease the owner. But what is the truth?

  • Guiyang levies property tax: it has a certain restraining effect on house prices

    According to reports, after the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, the regulation featuring the restrictions on loans and purchases will transition to a long-term mechanism for real estate regulation. The comprehensive levy of real estate taxes is an extremely important part, not only will the number of cities levied be expanded The scope of collection will also be expanded, such as simultaneous collection of incremental and stock. If real estate tax is levied nationwide, Guiyang will also be one of the objects to be levied.

  • Choose a better closing time. The third and fourth days are better.

    When I buy a house, I look forward to picking it up, and happily get the keys to the family to check in. When will I pick it up? What are the precautions?

  • What documents to see in normal house closing

    Although the developer is accompanied by the developer when handing over the house, there are also many things to pay attention to when handing over the house, including the documents that need to be checked and the agreements that need to be signed.

  • Winter house closing notices do not look at 99% of people regret

    When the house was handed over at the end of the year, I paid a large price for the house I bought back. How can I check whether it is exactly the same as I promised when I bought it? What matters should an ordinary home buyer without professional experience pay attention to when collecting a house? The weather in winter is cold and the air is dry. Is there any special attention when closing? In order to allow more buyers to have basic home inspection knowledge at the time of check-out, they can get themselves smoothly