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  • About Shanghai Real Estate Tax. Can I pay personal housing real estate tax next year? Will there be an overdue fee?

    Any tax that is overdue should be paid at the tax window of the real estate trading center in the district or county where the house is located, and other collection points will no longer be accepted. The tax authorities will charge a late fee of five ten thousandths per day for the deferred tax payment from January 1, 2012 in accordance with regulations.

  • Looks like Shanghai and Chongqing are both pilot units of real estate tax. I would like to ask which people in Shanghai need to pay real estate tax? Levy of property tax ...

    I really want to help you, landlord! 1. If the property right belongs to the state, the operation and management unit shall pay taxes. 2. Where property rights belong to collectives and individuals, collective units and individuals pay taxes. 3. If the real estate property right is issued, the amortizer shall pay the tax. 4. If the property owner or code holder is not in the place where the property is located, the real estate agent or user shall pay taxes. 5. If the property right of the real estate is not determined and the dispute over the lease code is not resolved, the real estate agent or user shall also pay taxes. 6 ....

  • In addition to paying the property tax at the transaction window, are there any other channels for reporting and paying personal housing property tax?

    The first is the tax service office. Taxpayers can go to the special tax declaration window of the tax service office of the tax bureau of the district where the house is located, and pay the tax on the spot through the POS machine with the bank card with the UnionPay logo. The second is the bank. Taxpayers can also pay tax with bank cards or cash at the nearest Shanghai Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, and China Post Savings Bank (self-operated) at business outlets handling personal business in this city. The third one is the PayPass website. Taxpayers can also log in to the PayPass website and press ...

  • I already have three houses under my name. I would like to ask how the property tax in Qingdao is calculated now?

    The only property purchased for the first time in five years is less than 90% of the flat deed tax 1% The only property purchased for the first time in five years is more than 90 flats <144% of the flat deduction tax is 1.5% The first property is purchased for the first time in five years and the only property is 144 deed tax 3% for the first time in five years Buying a house is not the only property < 90 deed tax 1% each tax 2% > 90 flat deduction tax 1.5% each tax 2% > 144 deed ...

  • Zhang Hongwei's interpretation of the five new property tax extensions of the new country, "purchase restrictions" may not be cancelled

    On February 20, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council hosted an executive meeting of the State Council, and again proposed to expand the scope of the pilot reform of individual housing and real estate tax reforms. From the perspective of policies or systems, the nationwide housing information interconnection, the expansion of the scope of the real estate tax pilot scope, and the entry of more stocks into the market It is possible that such policies or systems will be fully rolled out this year, so as to control the flow of funds and price trends in the real estate market from a long-term perspective.

  • Local rules lack new ideas "New country five" property tax is expected to be optimistic

    Recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places have successively issued local version of the "New Country Five Articles" detailed rules. Guotai Junan, a first-class economist, Lin Caiyi believes that the new country's five interventions have limited utility and lack of new ideas in local rules; in contrast, she is more optimistic about the expectations of future property tax policies.

  • Does paying property tax involve renting out houses to kindergartens?

    Many companies will set up kindergartens in their own places for employees to use, or kindergartens rent the chassis of enterprises, and some companies do not know whether they need to pay real estate tax. So, is this situation within the scope of paying real estate tax?

  • Collection and enforcement of property taxes in developed countries

    The US property tax is a traditional tax for local governments. Local governments determine tax rates according to their actual conditions and collect them in accordance with the law. Taxes are mainly used for education and public service expenditure in the areas where the people are located. The U.S. property tax rate is set by state and local councils based on local financial needs, so the tax rate varies from place to place, and may change slightly over time.

  • Real estate registration boosts property tax expected next year

    How many suites are there in a person's name? How many suites are there in the country and how many are vacant? These questions may need to be answered in the unified registration system for real estate that will be implemented before the end of June next year.

  • Many departments are intensively investigating the draft of property tax legislation within the year

    The real estate tax legislative work that has attracted much attention from all walks of life is being promoted in a low-key and orderly manner. The reporter learned from various sources that the real estate tax legislative work is led by the National People ’s Congress Budget Work Committee. A person familiar with the matter told reporters that the National People's Congress, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation and other functional departments of the State Council are conducting intensive investigations and are preparing to draft a draft real estate tax legislation within this year.

  • A list of recent 2015 property tax regulations and rules

    In recent years, the local property tax reform has become increasingly clear. The first draft of the legislation and the first draft of the real estate tax legislation have basically taken shape, and are currently seeking internal comments and continuous improvement. It is reported that the real estate tax subject tax may be combined by real estate tax and urban land use tax, and the specific tax rate may be determined by the local government in the core rate range.

  • Real estate registration networking clears obstacles for property tax introduction

    Real estate registration networking clears obstacles for property tax introduction

  • 2015 property tax legislation is approaching Hengxian

    2015 property tax legislation is approaching, Hengxian good housing hastened to buy. In early August, the first draft of the real estate tax was officially included in China's legislative plan. What is the impact of property tax on house prices? Hengxian Xiaobian to help you understand.

  • Tax knowledge: six ways to reasonably avoid real estate taxes

    It is reported that the property tax will be levied this year, and it was not moving at all in May. * It was even stated in the interview that "the property tax is just a talk". Regardless of whether or not to levy, it is always good to know more about property tax! It is reported that property taxes will be levied in first- and second-tier cities this year. There was no movement at all in May. * In the interview, he said that "property tax is just talking."

  • The "property tax" that sparked the discussion is more like the "luxury tax" in Taipei

    From the mention of real estate tax to the pilot real estate tax in Chongqing and Shanghai, and the expansion of real estate tax, the voice of real estate tax has not stopped. Recently, Jia Kang, director of the Institute of Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance, said in a forum: "The general direction of real estate tax has been determined, and it is just around the corner. The main collection object should be high-income people who own luxury homes or multiple suites." The topic of property tax has once again become the cusp of public opinion. So, if the real estate tax is levied in full, what impact will it have on citizens?

  • Beijing real estate transaction tax disputes frequently take stock of various Beijing real estate tax fees

    When buying a house, most of the buyers focus on the price of the house, the traffic situation and the completeness of the supporting facilities, but they often ignore the taxes and fees that arise after buying a house. The payment of taxes and fees occupies a considerable proportion when buying real estate. Before you buy a house, you should have a good understanding of Beijing real estate taxes and fees, which will not only help you to rationally plan your property and budget for your house, but also avoid frictions between developers and developers due to taxes and fees.

  • Real estate tax law officially included in the legislative plan to reveal the six benefits of real estate tax on the property market

    #Real estate tax law is officially included in China's legislative planning #. The real estate tax, which has been “fade” from the public perspective for a while, has a new trend. The recently adjusted legislative plan of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress was announced to the public this week. 34 legislative tasks, including the Real Estate Tax Law, have entered into it, which means that it has attracted much attention.

  • Huang Qifan: Real estate tax will be legislated in the future

    At the Davos Forum yesterday, Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan said that the property tax will be enacted by the state in the future and it will definitely become China's basic tax system. He believes that with the start of the property tax, the transaction tax on real estate-related links will be reduced.

  • More than just property tax! Estate tax will be levied in 2016! A must see for everyone!

    It is reported that the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council is studying the drafting of the "heritage tax", which will be formally levied at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, that is, in 2016. Today, a house is worth millions, and the estate tax is closely related to each of our families.

  • The possibility of expanding the real estate tax pilot this year greatly increases the property market continues to pick up

    8 At the 2013 China Real Estate New Year Summit, Jia Kang, director of the Financial Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance, stated that real estate regulation and control has been going on for more than two years, and it is particularly critical where the real estate regulation and control will go in 2013.