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  • Can I transfer a property without a land certificate? What's the difference between the two?

    If the house cannot get the land certificate, it is estimated that the person who bought it will not dare to buy it. Even if the purchase is lower than the market price, the transfer can not be completed without a land certificate. You can only do a notary.

  • What should I do if I buy a government-developed commercial house with a real estate certificate but no land certificate?

    The transfer of transactions without a land certificate and a real estate certificate is also a guarantee of property rights. This is a legacy of history. Applying for a new title certificate is a real estate registration certificate, and the land and real estate are unified. As for the expiration of the right to use, the current policy has specified that the residential renewal will automatically renew without paying any fees; the commercial office category is not clear, but it will not be recovered for free, and a small renewal fee may be paid.

  • Will there be compensation for house demolition without a property and land certificate? How can I query it?

    Due to historical or regional reasons, some houses (such as houses in some rural areas) do not need to apply for a real estate certificate according to the prevailing policies or customs. For these houses, although there is no title certificate, as long as the landlord legally obtains the land under the house and When the approval procedures have been completed when building a house, its rights and interests in the house are usually protected. If your house has been completed the relevant approval or administrative permit formalities when building a house, then when you relocate, you should not treat it as illegal construction ...

  • Is it necessary to obtain a land certificate for a commercial house? What should I do?

    With a real estate certificate, a land certificate is also required. 1. The land use right certificate is a certificate that an individual owns the property right of the property. 2. If it is state-owned land, a real estate mortgage loan can be performed. 3. The application shall be made with the purchase invoice, purchase contract, personal certificate, etc. 4. Houses without a land certificate cannot be mortgaged. 5. All units and individuals who have obtained the right to use state-owned land in accordance with the law can apply to the competent land department for a land certificate.

  • Can second-hand affordable housing be bought and sold without a land certificate? Is there any risk? Is its property right 70 years old?

    Of course, there is no land certificate when you buy it in one hand. Where did you get the land certificate after you bought it? If you have one hand, you have it. If you don't have one hand, you don't. Property rights without risk is 70 years, and you have a commodity house in your hands.

  • According to the spirit of property law, the land goes with the house, the house goes with the land. If the land certificate and the real estate certificate are mortgaged to two people, it is counted ...

    Regarding the above provisions of the Property Law, when accepting real estate mortgage guarantees, it is necessary to pay attention to the following three points: First, adhere to the principle of collateral mortgage of real estate. Creditors should regard the real estate as having been mortgaged to others as a whole. If they then accept the unsecured ownership of the house or the right to use the construction land, they will be ranked second in terms of compensation. The second is that banks are accepting real estate mortgages ...

  • Land certificate is a loft real estate certificate is a residential house

    Hello, the attic is not included in the area, because the general attic is included. The provident fund loan mainly depends on the area of the production certificate. Hope to help you!

  • Is there a land certificate in the hands of individuals who buy commercial houses? What should I do?

    According to your description, I analyze that you have already used the new certificate, that is, the two certificates are combined. Do you take a closer look at the card to indicate the nature of the land, the land area, etc.? You can ask the Housing Management Bureau and the Land and Resources Bureau if the two certificates are not combined, then the individual should not be able to handle it, and the developer needs to divide the large certificate to the owners.

  • How to reissue the lost land certificate? What materials are needed for reissue?

    Can be reissued after the property certificate is lost. After the real estate certificate is lost, it should be reported to the real estate registration authority first. After the registration authority verifies the relevant situation, the homeowner issues a letter of confirmation to the neighborhood committee, and then brings along the household registration book, ID card and other relevant materials to go through the procedures for reporting the loss of the real estate certificate. The homeowner then holds the statement and relevant supporting materials to publish the loss statement in the designated newspaper. After the statement was published, if no objection was raised, the house ...

  • Is there a land certificate?

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  • Is there a real estate certificate and land certificate for commercial land? Who can tell?

    The "state-owned land use right certificate" contains the land apportioned area and nature of the house you purchased, and the number of years. Residential land refers to land used for residential buildings. Non-residential land includes "commercial land" and "industrial land". The state-owned land use certificate is public, the real estate certificate is private, and the 50- and 70-year state-owned land use rights are for the land use period of the land, and the commercial property is owned by the owner, but the owner only owns it. This ...

  • What is the cost of applying for a land certificate in 2018?

    1. If the land for the purchased house is of a transfer nature, a 40% transfer fee based on the appraisal price shall be paid, and the appraisal fee, surveying and mapping fee, and registration fee shall be charged according to different land areas. The transaction service fee is 600 yuan, the certificate fee is 20 yuan, and the stamp tax ticket is 5 yuan. Business tax is 5.4%, deed tax is 3%, and value-added tax is 1%. 2. If the land for the house you purchased is for sale, the fees are the same as above except that the part of the transfer fee is not paid. according to"...

  • I want to ask if the land certificate is lost. Can the house be transferred?

    You need to make up the lost land certificate first, and then apply for the house title certificate as follows: 1. Take the identity certificate to the archives office of the soil management department to retrieve the files. 2. Bring the identity certificate and photocopy of the archived materials to the local newspaper to send a statement of loss, and keep the materials posted on the statement. 3. After three months, bring the materials and identity certificate with the declaration of loss to the soil management department to complete the application approval form and apply for a reissue. 4. After the land management department accepts it, it will be publicly announced and a new land certificate will be issued. after that...

  • Can the land certificate be renamed to buy such a house?

    There should be no problem. But if you are not in a hurry, and to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is recommended to wait.

  • What is the area of the land certificate? Any netizens don't know, answer Xia, thank you!

    The area used is the area within your house that is normally used by your home (the area that you can actually use). The apportioned area is the average area occupied by the community's public facilities to the rear of each household. It is the area shared by the owners and is not an individual.

  • Do I need a land certificate to indicate the land use period? What is the process like?

    How to deal with the land use right after the expiration of property rights: 1. The land user submits an application for renewal to the land administration department, and it shall be approved unless it is recovered in accordance with the public interest. If the renewal is approved, the land use contract shall be re-signed and the land use fee shall be paid. In this way, your property ownership can be continued. Of course, except for forced removal of dangerous buildings. 2. If the land user does not apply for renewal, the land use right and the above-ground real estate are not owned by the state ...

  • Can I get a replacement land certificate? How to reissue a lost land certificate?

    There will always be some careless homeowners who lost their house or land certificate files or lost their land certificates, and then hurriedly asked about how to reissue the lost land certificates. I only want to say five Words, these are nothing.

  • Is there a land certificate for rural contracted land? How to apply for land certificate of contracted land

    There are two types of land use certificates in rural China. One is the certificate of the right to contract the management of rural collective land; the other is the certificate of the right to use collective land. Therefore, if the application for rural land use certificate belongs to the housing land certificate, there must be a building on the ground, otherwise it cannot be processed. Is there a land certificate for rural contracted land? How to apply for land contract in rural areas?

  • Understand that there is no shortage of land purchase certificates

    When buying a house, most buyers are concerned about when they can get a real estate certificate, but many people do n’t know about the land certificate. According to the relevant provisions of China's "Urban Real Estate Management Law", commercial houses purchased by individuals should have state-owned land use right certificates and house ownership certificates. Theoretically, the buyer has a real estate certificate but does not have a "small land certificate", which is an incomplete property right.

  • Can I buy or sell a house with a real estate certificate and no land certificate?

    I believe that many buyers have encountered a situation in the process of buying a house with a real estate certificate and no land certificate. So, can a house with a real estate certificate and no land certificate be sold? Let ’s follow the editor to understand the relevant content. Buyers are likely to encounter various problems when buying a house, but in any case, remember to verify the other party ’s true identity and all documents