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  • How long will it take to get a small property ownership certificate in the village?

    As long as the procedures are complete, you can get a real estate certificate within 1 hour.

  • Land and Resources Bureau, when do you start to apply for small property ownership real estate certificate and land use certificate

    No, the small property house is a house without a real estate certificate

  • Is the price-limit room a small property right? Why didn't you get a real estate certificate right away?

    How can a price-limit house be a small property house? No, but it is required that it takes 5 years to buy and sell.

  • When checking in, the developer uniformly requires the deed tax agent to collect the property right certificate, and informs that if the individual does not pay the deed tax, the entire community will be affected ...

    The deed tax is a fee payable by the buyer when handling the property right of the house, and the fee can be paid when handling the property right. If the developer starts to deal with the property right of the owner at the time of check-in, it can be collected by the developer. According to relevant regulations, the owner can also apply for the property right certificate by itself, and the developer has no right to force the agency.

  • How to see if the real estate certificate is a large property right? How can you tell from the real estate certificate whether it is a large title or a small title?

    For most people, the most important property of the house is a bit sloppy! Can it be a relief for a small partner who already owns a house or a 70-year-old property right? not necessarily! Recently, some house owners in Yanjiao, Hebei have encountered troubles, and their 70-year property rights houses have turned into "small-ownership properties" in one night, and they cannot even buy and sell. So how to distinguish small property houses when buying a house, and what issues need special attention? What is a small property house? ...

  • A newly purchased house, the title of the child is written on the title certificate. The child is only 2 years old. Will the property certificate only include him ...

    He can write his name, but he must submit proof of his guardianship relationship and proof of identity of the guardian. As a minor is a person who has no or limited capacity for civil conduct, it must comply with relevant laws and regulations when disposing of the real estate.

  • What is the difference between large property rights and small property rights?

    Very simple, the main difference lies in the nature of land use: Land for large property rights is legally owned land for state-owned housing; land for small property rights is collective agricultural land, and commercial houses cannot be built. Under the limitation of the nature of the land, it can be seen that the large property house is a legal commercial house, which can be sold for sale on the market, and its property rights are protected by law. , Collectively outside ...

  • When the property is inspected, the developer refuses to apply for a property right certificate with the flue duct changed. What should I do? The property said during the inspection ...

  • Can I get a real estate certificate for a small property house? How to correct it?

    The land use right for public housing is land allocation. Small property rights are collective land. The two are completely different. Don't expect to turn into big property rights. According to China's national conditions, the conversion of collective land into national land means new urban planning, which directly involves new engineering construction. Demolition will inevitably occur when there is engineering construction. Otherwise. The direct transfer of small property rights to large property rights has caused many legal provisions to conflict or even become invalid.

  • Is the property right a small property house?

    Large property houses are the relative words of “small property houses”, that is, buyers have both “House Ownership Certificate” and “Land Use Right Certificate”. Second-hand housing transactions can be legally carried out, and the houses bought can be built on legal construction land. Large property houses have four complete capabilities: possession, use, income and disposal. Small property houses refer to houses constructed on rural collective land, without paying fees such as land transfer fees. The property rights certificate is not issued by the State Housing Management Department, but by the township ...

  • Can a minor apply for a loan? Our house has a real estate certificate on the facade, but it is the name of the parents who are standing.

    You can write the name of the minor on the property certificate, but no one will give you a loan.

  • Does a small property house have a real estate certificate? Who knows this?

    Premises Permit: A certificate through which a purchaser obtains the legal ownership of a house through a transaction and can exercise the right to possess, use, gain and dispose of the house purchased according to law. The existence of a "House Ownership Certificate" indicates that there is a legal certificate for the state to protect house ownership in accordance with the law. Homeowners can then manage and use their homes with credentials. Small property rights are not protected by law, so those with property ownership are not small property rights houses. Property Certificate Package ...

  • I want to buy a relocation house in Caomiaozi in my friend's hands, but because the real estate certificate processing time may be long, it will be a short while ...

  • I looked at a house, a new house, and had not yet handed in the house. But, a little doubtful ...

    You need to check the sales permission and other information of this building, whether it is legal and whether it is on file. If not, be careful. You can also go to intermediary companies for consultation, they are more familiar with these situations. In addition, some homeowners want a one-time payment to reduce the hassle, which has nothing to do with whether it is a small property house. In addition, you can inquire about the neighborhood, the residents nearby know the situation.

  • All property licenses of houses under construction in Beijing for sale

    [Abstract] Projects under construction will be ordered to suspend construction and sales, seal construction sites, demolish sales offices, seal construction machinery, and dismiss construction teams. The projects on sale will be ordered to stop selling, demolish the sales office, and seal off the unsold houses that have been built. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources released news yesterday that Beijing has begun to clean up and rectify "small property rights houses" since mid-June.

  • Suzhou Small Property House Real Estate Certificate Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers on Suzhou Real Estate Property Certificate. For individuals, "small property houses" are in a fuzzy state with and without property rights; for governments, "small property houses" involve issues such as urban planning, housing construction management, housing price regulation, and revitalizing land stock; and For China whose property rights system is still in the transition stage, "small property rights houses" directly refer to China's basic property rights system. The wide range of "small property houses" has the effect of moving the whole body.

  • What is the difference between a large property house and a small property house? Do they all have a real estate certificate?

    Is there a difference between large property houses and small property houses? Is there a real estate certificate? What are the types of small property houses? Large property houses are allowed to be listed and traded, and written certificates issued by the real estate registration authority to prove ownership of the houses can be obtained, while small property houses have no real property rights and can only be transferred within the village collective.

  • What are the different types of large and small property rights in Beijing real estate certificates?

    What types of Beijing Real Estate Certificates? What are the classifications of real estate certificates? I heard that there are small and large property rights, what is the difference between the two?

  • The Taiyuan Housing Management Department is not allowed to apply for a real estate certificate for a small property house

    On March 4, the "Provisions on the Investigation and Prosecution of Illegal Construction in Taiyuan City" were promulgated and implemented from that day. The "Regulations" specify that the housing management department shall not apply for real estate certificates for small property houses on collective land, and shall not apply for pre-sale permits for commercial housing for various types of affordable housing.

  • Opposition to the opponents of the validity of the small property right certificate transfer contract

    In recent years, while the transfer of small property houses has eased the housing pressure of some low- and middle-income groups, it has also caused a lot of contradictions and disputes. The laws and regulations on the transfer of real estate on collective land have gradually shown their lagging. How to better regulate the transactions of small property houses, and how the court's judgments can achieve the unity of social and legal effects, these issues all pose severe challenges to legislators and justices. Determination of the validity of a small property right transfer contract: