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  • If I buy a house with a land certificate, can I get a real estate certificate after the land certificate is transferred?

    The land is owned by the state. People on the land certificate only have the right to use the land and not the right to transfer it. Therefore, the land certificate cannot be transferred to your name, and it is even more impossible to obtain a real estate certificate.

  • For the house I bought before, the real estate certificate has already been transferred, but now I want to transfer the land certificate. What should I do? . .

    If the seller is required to present, bring the marriage certificate of identity card account, and both of the seller and the husband. Take it to the Land and Resources Bureau to handle it. Some areas are housing management offices, which are different in different places.

  • What information is needed to transfer the land certificate

    Materials and fees required for the transfer of the land certificate: The applicant must bring the original and photocopy of the above materials of the current homeowner's ID card, real estate certificate, and deed tax invoice. If you are the original owner of the second-hand house, you must have the original land certificate and carry the original land certificate If the original homeowner does not apply for a land certificate, he must go to the archives room of the real estate transaction center to retrieve a copy of the original homeowner's house reform price review form, and collect the land transfer fee at 1% of the tax amount on the deed tax invoice. General procedures for applying for a land certificate ...

  • What are the procedures for transferring state-owned land certificates?

    Instructions for applying for registration of state-owned land and applying for "state-owned land certificate" I. Basic procedures for state-owned land registration: Land registration can be divided into initial land registration and change of land registration. The basic procedure for registration is: application (or application for change of land registration)-cadastral survey-ownership review-registration-issuance of land certificate. 2. Scope of application: The Land and Resources Bureau is responsible for handling the registration, certification and issuance of state-owned land used by units and residents within the following scope. Application ...

  • How to transfer the land certificate? What procedures are required?

    You can go to the Land Bureau. 1. The transfer of the house together with the transfer of land use rights requires the submission of a house sale agreement, a house photo, and the original land use certificate. 2. The inheritance of the house together with the land use right, and the donation requires the submission of a house photo, the original land use certificate, a notarized certificate, or the autographed agreement and street certificate of the user of the right of use. 3. Land registration for newly-built houses shall be submitted to the land and planning department for approval for building. 4. If the land certificate is lost or damaged, the land right holder shall file a record with the original issuing authority in a timely manner ...

  • What is the transfer procedure of the house land certificate?

    In case one, the land is collective land, that is, rural houses, and the land is the type of house site certificate or green land certificate. If this is the case, it cannot be transferred. Case two, the problem left over from history is that before the developer had a large land certificate, the large land certificate was not divided, resulting in each household having no separate land but a real estate certificate. There are also developers who have not paid the full fee and have not applied for a land certificate, but each house has a real estate certificate. In this case, the property certificate is available ...

  • Ask, how much is the cost of transferring the land certificate?

    Land use certificate transfer fee 1. Deed tax: Because your house area is more than 90 square meters, you cannot enjoy the preferential policy of the national deed tax. You can only pay 1.5% of the current ordinary residences and 3% of the purchase price of non-ordinary residences. Business tax (seller): The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice on December 30, 2008, and the new implementation standard for second-hand housing business tax is from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009. The New Deal needs to ...

  • Is the collective land certificate transferred to someone other than the village?

    Collective land can be transferred, but the premise is that the buyer must be a villager of the village, otherwise it will not be changed. If the collective land is not subject to change, the real estate department will not change it for you. (Change of state-owned land: change real estate certificate first, then land certificate. Collective land: first land certificate, then real estate certificate). Expansion information: 1. For the sale of a house holding a real estate license, the transaction parties shall sign a written contract and declare the sales price, and apply to the core real estate transaction office ...

  • How much does it cost to transfer a private land certificate?

    There are two different cases for the transfer fee of the land certificate. 1. If the source of the land on the original land certificate is transferred, you only need to pay the handling fee. 2. If the land source is allocated (the housing reform after the unit welfare is divided, all public housing is converted into private housing), the land transfer fee of 3% of the local land price must be paid when the land certificate is transferred. This is a sum of money. Great expenditure. Land transfer fee paid: 1.5% of deed tax, 5 ‰ stamp duty, if you buy from an intermediary ...

  • The house I bought was a welfare subdivision of the unit. The seller's two certificates are complete, but the land certificate is for the allocation of land. I want to ask ...

    The land certificate to which the house belongs is of a transfer nature, and land transfer fees need to be paid when transferring the house.

  • How to transfer the land certificate? What are the requirements for transferring a land certificate?

    1. Land application form. 2. The original and photocopy of the newly issued real estate certificate. 3. Original original land certificate. 4. Copies of the IDs of the buyer and seller, both front and back. 5. Copy of deed tax invoice. The specific operation process is as follows: 1. When buying a second-hand house, first complete the transfer of the house ownership certificate, and then the two parties bring the original and photocopy of the ID card, real estate certificate, original land certificate, contract, and deed tax invoice of the house transfer to the soil management department to apply for testing. ...

  • How much does it cost to buy a second-hand house land certificate?

    The state stipulates that the transfer fee for second-hand housing land certificate is as follows: 1. Surveying and mapping fee 0.37 yuan / square, according to the area; 60 yuan / point, according to the surveying and mapping points; 2. Evaluation fee 0.3% -0.5%, the assessment amount is allowed to float; 3. Deed tax with the above materials to the tax department to apply for (deduction) deed tax; if already paid when processing real estate, at this time, deduction or exemption; deed tax is paid at 3% -5% of the assessed amount; ...

  • How much is the real estate land certificate transfer fee?

    I. The buyer and seller of the house bring their ID card, household registration book, marriage certificate, real estate certificate, land certificate, house sale contract to the house property registration department where the house is located to complete the house property transfer formalities. Transfer fees; (1) Deed tax; 1% for first-time home purchases below 90 square meters; 90-140 square meters at 1.5% of housing price; 140% square meters and above at 3% of housing price (2) Business tax ...

  • Does anyone know what procedures are required to transfer a land certificate?

    As the owner of state-owned land, the state does not directly use the land, but uses it by specific units and individuals. Therefore, the right to use state-owned land is of great significance. The state-owned land use right transfer (ie transfer) process is as follows: 1. Unit land transfer 1. The transaction parties submit the transfer and the transfer application. The transaction parties apply for the transfer formalities. At the same time, the transfer agreement, land use certificate, and parcel boundary map , Building property certificate, legal person qualification certificate, power of attorney, ...

  • Is the transfer of land certificate required to go with two people?

    The purpose of fairness is that either of the buyers and sellers will go to the notary to entrust a trustworthy person to handle the case because of an emergency. If both parties are present, justice is not required. Notary fees are expensive, there are thousands of them! Is it sufficient for the buyer and seller to go to the soil management department? But our local management department told me that the seller and I should go to a notary office to get a notary certificate before we can handle the transfer. Is there any such requirement? If you have already acquired a property ...

  • I bought a second-hand house. Do I have to pay for surveying and mapping when I transfer the land certificate?

    It depends on the nature of the land. Is it transfer? Is it for sale?

  • The number of transfers of second-hand housing land certificates in Tangshan is five times the same period last year

    According to the Bohai Rim * (Cao Ruiyun Hongfeng Zhenhua) news, affected by the new real estate regulation and control policy, the number of second-hand housing transactions across the country has surged, and the city's second-hand housing transactions have also increased significantly. Since March, the administrative examination and approval window of the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau has accepted more than 100 transfers of land certificates per day, which is more than five times the same period last year.

  • Remember to apply for land certificate transfer in second-hand housing transactions

    When dealing with second-hand housing transactions, many buyers are focusing on the issue of real estate license transfer and application, but they have a limited understanding of land titles. Below, I will introduce you to the content of the land certificate.

  • What are the procedures for transferring land certificates?

    The allocated land use right refers to the state-owned land use right obtained free of charge by the land user through various methods. It is a specific product of the planned economy. Most of it is in the hands of users such as enterprises and institutions, and is closely integrated with housing property rights to form real estate, which frees the management and control of the land and resources department. It hides transactions in disguise and causes state-owned land. Serious loss of assets.

  • Information and process of second-hand house land certificate transfer

    After buying a house, you have to apply for a house ownership certificate. In accordance with the existing policy to change the land ownership and use right according to law, if the land use right is transferred due to the transfer of attachments such as buildings and structures on the ground, an application for land change registration must be submitted to the land administration department of the people's government at or above the county level , The original land registration authority shall carry out the registration of change of land ownership and use right according to law ", and it is also necessary to apply for a land transfer certificate.