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  • What responsibility should be borne by a neighbor due to a homestead dispute and a neighbor fight?

    Land purchase

  • What is the location compensation price for the acquisition of collective land? A flat?

  • I would like to ask if I have a homestead house. If I buy or sell, I will transfer it to the villagers, and then the village ...

    According to national land management regulations, rural house sites cannot be sold to residents in outer villages, and such houses cannot be transferred. Article 153 of China's "Property Law" clearly stipulates that the acquisition, exercise and transfer of the right to the use of house sites must comply with laws such as the Land Management Law and relevant state regulations. Article 62 of the "Land Management Law" stipulates: "A rural villager can only have one homestead. After a rural villager sells or rents a house, and then applies for a homestead, no ...

  • What is the process of applying for a homestead certificate? What is the process of applying for a homestead certificate?

    The process required by the housing site approval department: I. I submit an application-the village community seal-the Land Management Office-the area responsible person arranges personnel to work with the village construction site selection and location-Land Management Office-County Land and Housing Management Bureau- — Land and Resources Management Office—House-building households. 2. For the approval of farm houses, the principle of "one household, one house" should be strictly implemented, and the eligibility and land use criteria for applying for land should be strictly examined. Outside the new village settlements, in principle, only house sites and unused land can be used to build houses. ..

  • The future city is the house site of Qiucun. Can the property right be run?

    I heard that the property rights have 70 years, but I have not seen a pre-sale permit, please be careful when buying a house

  • What materials are needed for the reconstruction of old houses in rural homesteads at the Land Bureau?

    Re-examination and approval procedures, under normal circumstances, the village cadre reported to the Land and Resources Bureau, the Land and Resources Bureau began to re-examine and approve

  • How do urban residents exercise the right to use the inherited homestead?

    The legal heir can inherit the right to use the rural house site. Although the house site cannot be inherited alone, the heirs who inherit the rural house can inherit the house and "jointly" use the house site. Article 49 of the "Several Provisions on Determining Land Ownership and Use Rights" stipulates that the inheritance of house sites obtained from houses can determine the right to use collective land for construction. This regulation establishes the principle of "land goes with the house" and clarifies that inherited houses can continue to use the house site. "Law on Property Rights" Article ...

  • How are the transfer procedures for homestead transferred?

    Hello! House sites are used by rural farmers or individuals as housing sites to occupy and use collectively owned land. The ownership of house sites belongs to rural collective economic organizations. According to Article 152 of the Real Property Law, the owner of the right to the use of house sites has the right to own and use collectively-owned land in accordance with the law. The house site has certain legal effect and is protected by law. No unit or individual may infringe at will. Homestead is transferable. Homestead transfer as a rural ...

  • Can I transfer a homestead to a couple? The woman is not a local account.

    Whether a house site can be transferred and whether it is legal has nothing to do with whether the husband and wife's household registration is unified. Rural house sites follow a principle: a farmer can only own one house site. Applicants who apply for a homestead after selling or renting a house will not be approved. Links to Articles: Article 62 of the Land Management Law 1. A rural villager can only own one house site, and the area of the house site must not exceed the standards set by provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. 2, rural villagers build houses, should ...

  • What is a rural homestead property right certificate? What is the difference between a rural homestead certificate and a real estate certificate?

    First of all, a rural homestead certificate, referred to as a homestead certificate for short, refers to the certificate of the right of a rural villager to legally own a house and land, which can be transferred between members within the collective, but not to members of non-collective organizations. Secondly, homestead certificates are different from real estate certificates. The real estate certificate is the proof of ownership of the house. The real estate certificate on state-owned land can obtain practical benefits through mortgage, sale or transfer, and because the house site is collective land, the houses on it cannot be separated from the land ...

  • What does rural homestead replacement mean?

    During house demolition, there are two types of compensation methods: house replacement or monetary compensation. House replacement is generally based on a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3. There is no uniform standard. Monetary compensation includes relocation costs, resettlement costs, production and business losses, and housing Compensation after evaluation. Specific standards are formulated and announced by the government in accordance with local conditions, but they must not be lower than current levels.

  • Homestead disputes

    Article 62 of the "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" A rural villager can only own one house site. The area of the house site must not exceed the standards set by the province, autonomous region, and municipality. Rural villagers should build houses in accordance with the general plans for township (town) land use, and try to use the original house sites and vacant land in the village. Rural villagers' residential land is subject to review by the township (town) people's government and approved by the county-level people's government; which involves the occupation of agricultural land ...

  • Is rural homestead planning a small property right?

    Yes, this is a more popular name. Usually, the property houses without a state-owned certificate are called small property houses.

  • Who knows how to buy and sell rural homesteads?

    Homesteads can neither be bought, sold nor inherited. The house site can only be transferred within the village collective. According to Article 8 of the Land Management Law: Land in urban areas belongs to the state. Land in rural and suburban areas is owned collectively by farmers, except for those owned by the state as stipulated by law; house sites, self-reserved land, and self-reserved mountains are collectively owned by farmers. According to Article 152 of the "Real Right Law", the owner of the right to the use of house sites enjoys the possession and ...

  • I want to buy a homestead in Niangjia Village, and then transfer it to my name. What conditions are required?

    1. There are strict restrictions on the transfer of rural house sites. If the transfer conditions are not met, the sale of house sites is invalid. "One household, one house", villagers can no longer obtain it after transferring the house site. 2. Homesteads can be transferred between members of rural organizations, but not to members of non-rural organizations. The members of the rural organization have a rural household registration, which meets the application conditions of the house site. The house site belongs to the rural collective construction land. The collective enjoys ownership and is distributed to farmers ....

  • Can urban hukou residents inherit the homestead?

    impossible. The homestead is the property of the collective economic organization, and the circulation can only be within the collective economic organization. You are an urban hukou and do not belong to the collective economic organization, so you have no right to inherit it.

  • What is the process of applying for a rural homestead real estate certificate?

    After obtaining the property right of the house in China, the house really belongs to you only after you have obtained the real estate certificate. According to the "Registration Measures for Houses", the registration of rural houses and the processing of real estate certificates shall follow the following procedures. According to the "Registration Measures for Houses", when applying for initial registration of house ownership due to lawful construction of houses, the following materials shall be submitted: (1) application for registration; (2) identification of the applicant; (3) proof of the right to use the homestead or Collectively owned ...

  • How to apply for a rural house homestead certificate? After seeing you

    When the ownership of the current house is obtained, the house can truly belong to you only after the real estate certificate of the current house is obtained. This is also true in the countryside. When the villagers get a piece of land in their own village and build it on this land If you have a new house, you should take the initiative to apply for a real estate certificate in the local area. Only in this way can you protect your effective interests.

  • Can a rural homestead apply for a housing right certificate?

    The house on the house site is a house built on the house site by farmers based on their membership in the rural collective economic organization. Article 83 of the "Measures for the Registration of Houses" makes clear the provisions for the initial registration of ownership of houses legally constructed on collective land:

  • What is the ghost of the national pilot rural homestead mortgage?

    On December 21, 2015, at the 18th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress reviewed relevant draft decisions yesterday and proposed to authorize the State Council to pilot rural homestead mortgages in Beijing and Tianjin. What is a mortgage? What is a rural homestead mortgage? How does it work?