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  • No matter what department you are looking for

    The waterproof project warranty for 5 years should be included in your property service agreement. If the warranty period has been exceeded, you must find the community owner committee (formal) or the real estate management bureau to start the public maintenance fund.

  • How does a leaking roof developer claim? Does anyone know?

    Article 40, paragraph 2 of the "Regulations on the Quality Management of Construction Projects" of the State Council stipulates: "The waterproofing of roofing works, toilets with waterproofing requirements, rooms and exterior wall surfaces shall be 5 years". This is a quality requirement for the builder to build the house, and it is also the reason for the leaking victim to require the builder to repair or compensate according to the quality assurance commitments in the House Sale Contract and the Commodity House Quality Guarantee Letter provided by the builder. The legal basis of the judgment. Check out possible ...

  • What to do if the roof of a new house leaks?

    You can find a developer and ask them to repair it, and the commercial house will be guaranteed for five years.

  • Our district has been in residence for three years, and the heating above the sixth floor is not hot. I would like to ask if this situation can use the Housing Maintenance Fund ...

    According to Chapter II, Article 9 of the "Implementation Rules for the Use of Special Maintenance Funds for Residential Buildings in Dongying City", Article 9: Water, electricity, gas, heat, communications, cable TV and other professional operating units are responsible for the relevant pipelines in the property management area in accordance with relevant regulations. And facilities and equipment maintenance, and bear related costs. If the balance of this special maintenance fund is less than 30% of the initial deposit, the owner shall renew it in time. After the renewal, the special maintenance funds shall be no less than the special maintenance funds at that time ...

  • The roof leaks, who is to blame?

    If it is caused by you, the responsibility is shared between you and the owner.

  • What to do if the roof leaks

    Yes, it depends on the filling material, and the best material

  • What to do if the roof of the self-built house leaks

    If it used to be a flat roof, make a simple roof with colored steel tiles or asbestos tiles. If it's a big deal, ask a professional waterproof company to get it. It is estimated that it will be no problem for more than ten years.

  • Who is responsible for leaks in the sewer pipes and roofs?

    This is different. For example, the floor of the bathroom often has an impervious layer. If the impervious layer is laid and reconstructed later, you should be liable for compensation. If you have not carried out any renovations, the leakage will be compensated by the housing manufacturer and the property will be supervised. If the warranty period of the house exceeds the manufacturer's warranty period, the property should be maintained by the property, because in general, a part of the warranty will be paid in the morning. Property.

  • Does anyone talk about whether the leaky property on the roof should be managed?

    The building waterproof warranty period is 5 years and 5 years. If the owner does not carry out the second construction, the property will be repaired. The construction cost will be charged beyond the warranty period.

  • How to use the roof leak repair fund

    The roof of the top floor is a common part of the house. Once the roof leaks, the owner can apply for maintenance funds. According to the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Management of Special Maintenance Funds for Housing" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), the special maintenance funds for housing refer to funds specifically used for repairs, updates, and renovations of residential common parts and facilities after the warranty period expires. House common parts generally include: the foundation of the house, load-bearing walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, roofs and outdoor walls ...

  • What to do if the roof of a commercial house leaks

    For commercial buildings, the warranty period of the roof waterproof layer is 5 years. Therefore, if the top floor of the purchased real estate leaks during the waterproof warranty period, it is the responsibility of the developer. The developer is obliged to repair it free of charge. You must contact the developer as soon as possible. Require them to repair immediately to prevent developers from delaying beyond the warranty period and causing themselves to bear the cost of repairs. If there is water leakage on the roof of the building during the warranty period, and the developer fails to fulfill its obligations, then complain to the Consumers Association, the housing construction department and the quality supervision department ...

  • My home is experiencing water leakage from the roof

    You can sue the owner of the fifth floor directly because all reasons are caused by the fifth floor

  • What waterproof material should be used for leaking asbestos tile roof

    Use the polyethylene with relatively weak sunlight reflection .. The product can be ... not expensive and also makes ...

  • What are the repair methods for leaking roofs?

    Solution to water leakage 1. Repair the seam. Most of the leaks on the top floor are cracks. You need to fill the seam with Yijia's repair cream and wait for the next step to dry. (If the gap is less than 1MM, no leakage repair paste is needed.) 2. Apply the water-resistant waterproof paint or the wall infiltration transparent waterproof material twice. It is comprehensive. If the gap is lightly coated, the gap should be more than 20 cm. This ensures adhesion. Waterproof coatings are infiltrated and bonded, and have good elasticity, so the service life is long. Note: 12 hours ...

  • What to do if the roof of the high-rise is leaking? What to do?

    Whether the roof will leak water has little to do with the height of the building. Under normal circumstances, the roof of all buildings should not leak water. There is no 100% guarantee rate in the world, and the residents on the top floor must bear the risk of water leakage from the roof. If the building quality meets the requirements of national acceptance standards, the waterproof code stipulates that the reasonable service life of Grade II waterproof roofs (high-rise building waterproof requirements grades) is fifteen years. It will not leak after fifteen years. ...

  • Should I pay the property fee if the roof leaks?

    You cannot refuse to pay property fees. If the house leaks water, you can apply for property repair funds for repair. If it is still in the warranty period, there will be construction unit repairs. Failure to pay property fees for the waterproof repair period of 5 years is not the solution. If the property does not act, you can fire the property through the owners' committee or directly sue to the court, provided that you pay the property fee on time. General property companies are only responsible for the maintenance of shared facilities in common areas. If you are at home, you usually have to repair it yourself. But to ...

  • How to repair roof leaks? Small tricks have a big effect

    After the house leaks, it will cause some trouble to life. If you want to not affect the normal life, you must find a solution as soon as possible. Then how to repair the leaked roof This article will make a detailed introduction to this issue.

  • How to repair the leaking old roof

    In the mildew rain season, house leaks have brought great inconvenience to the lives of ordinary people, and often cause misunderstandings and disputes between neighbors on and off the floor. So, * we will introduce to you the knowledge of how to repair the old roof leak and the precautions for the old roof leak repair. Here we take a look.

  • What to do if the roof leaks? Teach you it!

    Don't be afraid of rainy days, but also of house leaks! Leakage of the house brings great trouble to our lives and greatly affects daily life, such as causing furniture to be damp or even corroded, mold on the wall, etc., so it is urgent to deal with roof leaks.

  • What should I do if the roof leaks?

    What to do if the roof leaks? I believe that many homebuyers who buy top floors have encountered this situation. If the waterproof layer on the top floor is not done well, it is really miserable, especially when the rain in the house enters the moldy rain season, it brings a lot of life to the buyers. It is inconvenient and often causes misunderstandings and disputes between neighbors on the upper and lower floors. So how to deal with the roof leak?

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