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  • How to calculate the stamp tax of house lease?

    The law on stamp tax rates for house leases stipulates that the "industrial stamp contract" and the detailed rules for the implementation of industrial lease contracts include leases of real estate, vessels, aircraft, motor vehicles, machinery, appliances, and equipment. It is one thousandth, and the tax is calculated based on the lease amount. According to the rules of the State Administration of Taxation on the issuance of the "Stamp Tax Publicity Outline": if the tax payable at the share tax rate is not enough, the stamp tax is exempt ...

  • What is the owner? Is the homeowner the owner?

    The owner is the owner of the property. Owners can be natural persons, legal persons and other organizations, can be national citizens or organizations, or foreign citizens or organizations. Property and architectural owners are essentially the same. All refer to property (property) owners. The renter is not the owner.

  • How many individual industrial and commercial households can apply for a house lease contract?

    There seems to be no limit. But do n’t sign up with you for too long.

  • Waiting for the lease contract again! !!

    This matter is too complicated. First of all, based on my experience in several lawsuits, since you have no contract, you are of course slaughtered, and it feels to me that you basically have no hope. But you still go to the lawyer to see, because what you said here is not comprehensive enough, and you do n’t have a few professional knowledge, so do n’t delay the important thing or go to a regular law firm to say hello, it should be 30 to 50 consulting fees, but I personally Advise you, you still do n’t do what you can and you just fall, now ...

  • Huangshi, Hubei, what kind of house lease contract is this?

    You can go to the Housing Authority

  • Children, I am going to elementary school soon. How do I get a house lease contract in Shenzhen?

    If you haven't applied for a house lease contract, the homeowner (I'm from Bao'an, the homeowner's signature is also acceptable) will take the house property right certificate and ID card to the local house leasing office for lease contract (the school requires more than six months). You also need information such as residence permit, family planning certificate, household registration book, etc. You should ask the primary school you are enrolled in, and detailed information will be issued. See clearly, you must be qualified to apply.

  • What is a simple template for a house lease contract

    We need to sign a decoration contract before our house is renovated, so everyone should know that before the lease, you also need to sign a house lease contract. So how to write a simple house lease house, next I will introduce the house to everyone What a simple template for a lease contract looks like.

  • What are the provisions of the Housing Lease Law

    The Measures for the Management of Urban House Leasing, in order to strengthen the management of urban house leasing, maintain the order of the real estate market, and protect the lawful rights and interests of the parties to the house lease, these measures have been formulated in accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Urban Real Estate Management" and will be implemented on June 1, 1995 .

  • House lease contract signing cheats

    Some landlords showed great patience and enthusiasm during the inspection, and promised that the furniture and appliances should be matched and guaranteed to be used. After the signing of the house lease contract, the landlord often insists that the signed contract shall prevail, and he does not recognize the failure to fulfill the previous oral commitments. At this time, the tenant can only suffer a dumb loss. Therefore, when you sign a contract, you must do everything related

  • Tangshan Housing Rental Management Regulations

    Renting is a better choice for many people who are not able to buy a property. The current rental housing market is expanding. If it is not controlled, there will be chaos. Do all netizens rent a house in Tangshan? What are Tangshan's housing lease management regulations?

  • Housing rental fee will cancel Shenyang's current rate of 1%

    *, The two ministries and commissions issued a document that, from November 1, 2015, 37 administrative and administrative charges, including housing rental fees, were cancelled and suspended uniformly throughout the country. It is reported that the current housing rental fee in Shenyang is executed at a rate of 1% of the monthly rent.

  • Beijing housing leasing festival is now abnormal peak sales volume rose by about 30%

    [Abstract] The continued popularity of second-hand housing transactions has brought the peak of the rental market to before the Spring Festival. During a recent visit, the reporter found that before the Spring Festival, which is the low season of leasing, there were abnormal peaks, including Yaao, Fangzhuang, and Hepingli.

  • Guide to Registration of House Rental Contracts in Shahekou District, Dalian

    [Declaration materials] · Application for registration of house lease registration · House lease contract · House ownership certificate or other legal proof of the house · Legal identity of the parties · For renting a common house, submit a written certificate of consent of the other co-owners for renting · Renting a mortgaged house Submit written proof of mortgagee's consent to lease

  • The housing rental market is coming! Can renting a house instead of buying a house in the future?

    With the skyrocketing house prices, buying a house is a very annoying thing for many people, and it can even be said to be a big * important problem in life. Today, real estate has become a symbol of a person's wealth, society has developed so fast, and people's hearts have become extremely impetuous. Women looking for objects no longer fancy men's talent, but first look at whether you have real estate. . .

  • I teach you how to sign a formal house lease contract

    The house lease contract is legally valid. Therefore, the irregularity of the house lease contract is directly related to our future life! Now, I will teach you how to sign a perfect and regular house rental contract!

  • How should the rental tax rate of houses be affected after the increase in tax reform?

    The emergence of the VAT reform has relieved many industries, especially the modern service industry, which is of great significance for advancing economic structural adjustment and improving the country's comprehensive strength. So what will happen to the housing rental tax rate after the VAT reform? Whether the rental rate of housing has an impact and how the tax rate should be calculated.

  • Xingtai City Housing Lease Registration Filing Regulations

    For those who meet the following requirements, the competent department of housing leasing shall handle the registration of housing leasing within three working days and issue a certificate of registration of housing leasing to the parties to the lease.

  • Whether the contract for the lease registration is invalid

    A contract refers to an agreement between the parties that the lessee rents the house and pays the rent to the lessor to clarify the mutual rights and obligations. The lease registration of the house refers to the person who signs, changes, or terminates the house lease contract to the government of the house where The real estate management department goes through the registration and filing procedures.

  • Who will bear the responsibility for repairing the house during the lease

    If the damage is caused by improper use by the lessee, although the lessor is also responsible for repairs, the lessee will bear the cost. In addition, it is also possible to agree on the manner in which the lessee notifies the lessor of the repair and the time of the lessor's repair. If the lessor fails to repair within the agreed period, the lessee may repair it by itself, but the lessor shall bear the cost.

  • Is a house lease contract valid without being filed?

    Article 54 of the "Real Estate Management Law" provides that "for house leasing, the lessor and the lessee shall sign a written lease contract and register with the real estate management department for the record."