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  • Is it valid to sublet a house without the consent of the lessor?

    1. Not possible without the consent of the homeowner 2. The homeowner if you sue you

  • How to sign a house sublease contract, and the precautions for signing a house sublet contract?

    Have legal effect! !! !! I study law! !! !! Now graduated from the newly rented house! I feel the same and have the right to speak on this point. Here is the information I have arranged for you to see! !! Rental notices and common problems (with rental contract) Renting seems to be a small matter, but it can be troublesome if you don't pay attention. Below are some precautions and frequently encountered problems. Contracts with rented houses: house lease apartment contract, house rental agency contract, house rental ...

  • Can the actual user of the house sublet be a co-defendant?

    Hello, you have the right to take it back. It is best to negotiate with him.

  • How to write a house sublet? Who can teach me?

    Lessor (Party A): _____, male / female, ID number ___________________________ Renter (Party B): _____, male / female, ID number ___________________________ According to the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and regulations Both parties A and B are on the basis of equality, willingness and consensus ...

  • What are the precautions for subletting?

    Then you must see whether the contract signed by the owner and the first landlord does not say that the shop is not allowed to sublet. Or is it that what is being operated is allowed in the contract? What is not allowed in% 7E? Can the overall store structure be changed?% 7E What needs to be noted is the period of time% 7E If you pay half a year? This requires you to talk to your lessor. Generally, 2 bets and 1 rent ...

  • How to write a sublet? How to write a sublet?

    The first house is located, the number of rooms, the area, the quality of the house. The second lease period. Article 3 Rent and the payment period of rent. Article 4 House repairs during the lease. Article 5 Changes of Lessor and Lessee. Article 6 Liability for breach of contract. Article 7 Exemptions. Article 8 Ways of Settling Disputes. Article 9 Other agreed matters. Sign your name and date. Many migrant workers rent and live near their work. At this time, for the benefit of both parties ...

  • I need to sublet my house! How to write this sublet notice?

    You must first get the consent of the owner, otherwise the owner will give you trouble. The notice is as follows: There is a set of housing somewhere in this city, a few rooms, a few halls and a few floors, how is the water and electricity, and the transportation is convenient.

  • What is the model and sample of the house sublease contract and how to write it?

    Hello! Now the contracts issued by the intermediary companies are more formal and the contracts are more comprehensive, so the contract can be filled in.

  • I want to ask how to pay the housing sublet real estate tax

    According to Article 2 of the Interim Regulations on Real Estate Tax: Real estate tax is paid by the property owner. If the property rights belong to the whole people, they shall be paid by the operation and management unit. If the property right is published, it shall be paid by the undertaker. Where the property owner or the nominee is not in the place where the property is located, or the property right is not determined and the dispute over the lease code is not settled, it shall be paid by the real estate agent or user. For units and individuals renting real estate, the property tax shall be paid by the property owner according to the rental income obtained.

  • How to determine the effectiveness of a sublease contract? Legal Consequences of Invalid Housing Sublease Contract

    One of the hot topics at the time of renting is that the number of people working outside China is increasing every year. The most important thing is the leasing industry. With the continuous development of the leasing industry, many new words appear and people continue to see it Sublease occurs, but not all subleases are legal, so how to determine the effectiveness of the subleasing contract? How to define the legal consequences of an invalid sublet contract?

  • Conditions for subletting

    House subleasing refers to the act of the house lessee releasing the leased house.

  • What should be paid attention to in the process of subletting?

    There are a lot of things to pay attention to when writing a subletting agreement. If it is not handled well, it may cause a lot of trouble. If people do not pay attention to some related matters during the process, the writing of the house subletting agreement is likely to bring us a lot of trouble, then how should we write the house subletting agreement correctly in ordinary life?

  • How to determine the legal effect of a house sublet contract?

    In today's market economy, housing subletting has become a very common phenomenon. House subleasing is an act in which the lessee leases out the house to others for use and gains without quitting the lease relationship. The sub-leasing of the house shall require the consent of the lessor in advance. But how effective is the housing contract signed between the tenant and the sub-tenant without consent? Article of the Contract Law

  • Subletting considerations

    1. The lease term stipulated in the lease contract shall not exceed 20 years. If it exceeds 20 years, the excess shall be invalid.

  • Trial experience in housing sublease disputes

    House subleasing refers to the behavior that the lessee of the house lease contract does not withdraw from the original lease relationship and leases the leased house to the sub-tenant * again, and uses it.

  • How to write a sublet contract

    The format of the sublease contract and what to write in writing the sublease contract. The rights and obligations of the parties to the sub-letting contract are: the obligation to supervise the use of the sub-tenant and to notify the sub-tenant of the termination of the house lease contract. In the process of subletting, the subletter must have a good relationship with the lessee and be friendly.

  • Do you want to tell the landlord what to pay attention to when subletting?

    A renter usually signs a long-term rental contract. Generally, when you first rent a house, it will tend to be signed for six months or one year.This can well protect the interests of the tenants during this period and will not allow the landlord to increase their prices at will. Often when signing a long-term contract, there are often some external factors that cause there is no way to continue the lease, and subletting is required. Then the tenant needs to sublet the house. Should the house sublet be told to the landlord?

  • Model Housing Sublet Contract in Shanghai

    During the sub-leasing period, Party B shall promptly notify Party A when the house and its auxiliary facilities are damaged or malfunctioned; Party A shall carry out maintenance within ______ days after receiving the notification from Party B in accordance with the lease contract. If it is not repaired within the time limit, Party B may perform the repair on its behalf, and Party A shall bear the cost.

  • Can the house be sublet? How to deal with housing sublease disputes

    House leasing is a problem that many people will encounter. Although in the first lease, we were leasing with great excitement, we always encountered various topics about leasing when making leases, especially I chose a place but needed to move again due to various reasons of work or life. Can I sublet the house? When subletting. How to deal with housing sublease disputes?

  • What you need to pay attention to when subletting your home to others

    Subletting of houses is a very common phenomenon. There are many reasons why subletting of houses can occur. Among them, the location of the rented house may be adjusted due to the change of the location of the work area. Well, the situation that our tenants often encounter, are there any matters that need our attention. * Let's talk about what needs to be paid attention to when subletting a house to others?