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  • During the turning point in the property market, what preparations must be made to buy a house?

    First, closely study policy trends and beware of falling into the "empty." The general policy direction must be studied for buyers. When deciding to buy a house, it is necessary to consider the corresponding measures. Some buyers have this experience. At the beginning of the year, they were optimistic about a house, and the down payment had been paid in accordance with the pre-regulation policy of 20%. As a result, the down payment ratio was tightened, and the loan was tightened. Second, stay away from the center of investment storm. The more the area is fried, the more the bubble ...

  • Is the turning point in the property market really here? House prices are starting to fall?

    * According to recent data, the average selling price of new homes in Shenzhen in July was 56,720 yuan / square meter, a drop of 8.2% month-on-month, a relatively high drop since 2012.

  • Where is the turning point in the property market? How difficult will it be to buy a house next year, you know?

    Where is the turning point in the property market? How difficult will it be to buy a house next year, you know?

  • The inflection point of the property market is about to come, and inventory prices will bring 10 benefits.

    A long time ago, there were many comments that 2014 will become the turning point of the property market. Although there is no real turning point in the property market, there are signs of turning points in the property market, especially in second and third tier cities. Recently, officials also pointed out that the property market will usher in a phased inflection point this year and next.

  • Zhang Jingwei: Suspended mortgage and "Little Spring" are not the turning point in the property market

    Recent survey data show that 17 out of 32 cities have experienced a mortgage halt. Many sources said that the main reason was that the small and medium-sized banks lent too much money in the first half of the year and overdrawn their credit lines, which led to "shyness in the pockets" and even "no funds available" in the second half. The phenomenon of loan suspending and slowing down spread to second- and third-tier cities, and the products of loan cessation also extended to the first homes.

  • The down payment and monthly payment are both elders' pay.

    The hot spots in the property market have finally returned to the first and second tiers. In the past month or so, the first and second tier cities have made headlines in turn, and a new measure will come out every few days.

  • Daily talk: "2012" PK "2008" Property turning point will not appear

    The direction of the Chinese property market is always changing rapidly. It is like a high duel between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Less than a second later, no one can predict the changes that will occur during the period and can not imagine the outcome of the game.

  • Near the end of the year, the turning point of the property market appears to be loose or not?

    Against the background of stable economic policies, China's real estate industry also maintained a certain level of stability in November. However, from the perspective of volume and price, the national property market as a whole has entered a downward channel. Whether it is sales area, sales amount, or real estate investment, the trend of increase to decline seems inevitable, and housing is returning to rational living demand.

  • The turning point of Fuzhou property market in the second half of the year or to? Do you want to buy a house?

    In the first half of the year, the Fuzhou property market continued to heat up. Both sales and prices are rising rapidly. So where does the Fuzhou property market go next? Should buyers buy a house?

  • The inflection point of the Yantai property market in 2018, has the inflection point of rising or falling housing prices appeared?

    Just after the New Year, the house is basically a topic that is involved in every party. Since ten years ago, China's housing prices have started a runaway model, prices have been rising all the way, and sales have also risen sharply as prices have risen. By last year, in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, many new real estate buyers had caught their eyes before the opening, and the situation of "second light" was not considered news at the opening. This is starting to happen.

  • What the arrival of the inflection point in the property market means for the real estate industry

    After the core proposal of "inhibiting asset bubbles", some domestic cities have introduced credit tightening policies. In July, housing loans accounted for more than 100% of new loans. What do these mean for real estate? How will the macro economy affect the trend of real estate in the next step?

  • The first shot of the turning point in the property market!

    The policy of the property market in 2018 is like a storm. For the real estate speculators in the real estate market, from the time when they bought it, they have made money to the gradual tightening of the market. Because once you don't choose well, you will encounter many problems. Under this year's various housing control policies, these five types of housing must not be bought. Most of the real estate in many cities have been sold out, but it is dark at night, which shows that these houses are actually in the hands of speculators;

  • Is the turning point in the property market? On April 19th, Shenzhen made four rounds to make a higher benefit of 80,000

    Is the turning point in the property market really here? Since the beginning of this year, the news of the property market's price cuts has continued, and there has even been a crash. The Shenzhen property market has a strong anti-fall and anti-fall strength, and there has been no significant decline. The average sales price in the city is still hovering around 20,000. Although the traditional property market is not as hot as last year, it is not cold. On April 19th, there will be four rounds around Shenzhen, of which Shenzhen Pearl River and Four Seasons Joy City are real estate around Shenzhen.

  • The 10-day six-city policy test "unbundling". Is the turning point in the property market coming?

    Near the end of the year, 6 cities are loosening their regulations. What about the outlook?