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  • I heard that the golden year of the Chinese property market has passed. Will property prices rise again in 2013?

    China's property prices and land prices can no longer rise, and further increases really have major problems. This is no longer a consensus among people in the industry, and it is also a social psychology: developers cannot afford it because the cost is too high, residents cannot afford it, and the market is thus deadlocked. Either it will cause a complete collapse of the price system, or it will cause a soaring price to cause a socio-economic crisis. ——The famous financial commentator and entrepreneur Zhu Daming believes that the society artificially divides the two strata, one is a house ...

  • Why hasn't the Chinese property market crashed yet?

    Why does China's property market not collapse under such "strong pressure and fierce attack"? Has the CPI not improved fundamentally? Social benefits have not increased, but the tax burden has increased?

  • The trend of China's property market over the next three decades is to reduce volume and increase prices

    According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in June, house prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities continued to narrow, and the number of cities rising month-on-month continued to decrease, and the increase continued to narrow. The increase in first-tier cities increased, and the increase in second- and third-tier cities continued to narrow, and among the second-tier popular cities, Hefei, Xiamen and Nanjing continued to lead.

  • What is the terrible truth of the Chinese property market

    Since 2014, the voice of the declining property market has been incessant, and the local government's policy and rumors of relaxation of purchase restrictions have also been rumbling, but there are still many people who believe that housing prices are still strong. What is the truth in each context?

  • China's property market welcomes the core of easing policy

    On August 31, the property market in China welcomed the easing policy again. The Ministry of Housing, Finance and the Central Bank issued a notice stating that the down payment ratio of the two housing provident fund that owns one home and has settled a purchase loan fell to 20%, since September 2015. Effective from 1st. This move is intended to stimulate demand for home buyers to enter the market and reduce development

  • China's property market 20 shady exposures to avoid buying a house as an economic cannon fodder

    China's property market is like a mystery film. No one can predict the outcome. Will house prices rise or fall? It is difficult for us to predict. When buying a house, we have to know the 20 false lies in the Chinese property market. Should I enter the market in 2014? There are rumors that you can prepare cannon fodder when you buy it! Do you believe it?

  • In addition to the aging population, what are the big negatives in China's property market?

    With the rapid rise of house prices in recent years, people's pressure to buy a house is also increasing, so many buyers are looking forward to the coming of the property market. Once the property market is bad, then house prices will fall and buyers will usher in a favorable period.

  • What is the prophecy of the bursting of China's property market bubble

    "China's property market will not be miserable by Soros as in Thailand then." Real estate bubble burst case analysis series III. Since the beginning of this year, China's property market has seen a cooling trend. The debate about China's property bubble and its collapse has escalated again.

  • 20 days 17 cities overweight regulation of China's property market now "three cases *"

    In the 20 days since March this year, the tide of overweight regulation in the Chinese property market has spread to 17 cities. For example, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have once again achieved “strict historical” policies. Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang and other stars have introduced new policies, and some cities have tightened their policy “reins” in just a few days. March in Yangchun, "Three Cases *" in China's property market storm

  • Others' property market is still hot? Top 100 Chinese property market * list in the first 10 months! 7 billion!

    The contracting status of most projects exceeded historical records. Even under the historical * strict signing restrictions, the published contract data is still refreshing history:

  • Interview with Meng Xiaosu: China's property market has at least 20 years of good prospects

    Interview with Meng Xiaosu: China's property market has at least 20 years of good prospects

  • 2015 end room news inventory: Hi China property market Hello!

    2015 was nearing its end. In this year, many exciting events occurred in the Chinese property market. From policy to the market, the word "house" has intensified. Since we can't escape, we can rationally sort out and see how these major events that have shaken the real estate market will affect The trend of the property market.

  • The end of 2012, the end of the property market, the Chinese property market in 2013

    [Abstract] In 2012, China's real estate market came to an end in the heated discussions of "end of year", "revengeful rebound", and "imperial emperor frequency". Analysts in the industry believe that due to the acceleration of urbanization, the continuous increase in residents' income, the rigidity of housing and the potential for improving demand are still large, and other factors, the Chinese property market in 2013 may show a volatile upward trend in volume and price growth. . At the same time, in view of the continued

  • Luo Qi commented on the CBS China property market bubble theory: This is a clear mistake

    Introduction: The unique dialogue between finance and economics at the China Development Forum, Stephen Roach, a professor at Yale University, said: The "60 points" column of the US CBS television station is full of obvious errors in reporting on the Chinese property market. There are no large-scale ghost cities and empty cities in China. The construction of the city must take into account future needs. Shanghai Pudong was also a ghost town in the 1990s.

  • What are the inflection points in the Chinese property market?

    Recent demographic studies show that the post-90s population has decreased by 23% compared to the post-80s population, and the post-90s population has decreased by 16% compared to the post-90s population. The main population of home buyers between the ages of 25 and 49 will peak this year and will decline rapidly from 2018. China's property market in the next few years or it will be difficult to escape the fate of the "big turning point"?

  • Talk about the policy of divorce against China's property market

    In order to buy an extra house or pay less taxes, a method such as divorce is low cost and difficult to operate. Although this is not the best policy, it is a countermeasure in the face of the property market regulation and control policies that restrict purchases and loans.

  • China's property market shady exposure, attention to buying a house should not be economic cannon fodder

    The changes in China's property market can be described as ups and downs, and many people who are concerned about the changes in the property market have always been unable to understand the laws of change in the Chinese property market, which makes the question of whether to enter the market and buy a house more complicated. Recently, some people have exposed some shady things in the Chinese property market. Let ’s take a look with everyone!

  • The state-owned enterprise in China's property market began in 2015, and the three major trends of "ups, ups and fights" are now changing

    Of the 44 residential land sold in Beijing in 2015, in addition to 10 parcels of land acquired independently by private enterprises such as Sunshine City and Vanke, the other 34 parcels of land are all or most of the participants are state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises. What impact will this trend have?

  • Overall short-term adjustment in China's property market

    From September this year to the first half of next year, short-term adjustments will occur in China's property market as a whole, and cities with deep adjustment will become more concentrated. In the time dimension, the increase in real estate sales prices and sales volume may show a downward trend, and the increase in real estate * may fluctuate sharply. Adjustments may be slightly late, but not absent.

  • China Shipping Real Estate Guides China's Property Market to Create Many Brands

    China Shipping Property, a leading brand in China's real estate industry, has been focusing on quality and building classics for 34 years. China Shipping Real Estate adheres to the development concept of "process boutique building boutique", takes consumer demand as the starting point, professionalism as the basis, innovation-oriented, independent research and development of five generations of residential boutique products, and continues to improve consumer living experience, sales continue to rise.