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  • What are the fees for real estate appraisal?

    How does the house evaluation cost? What is the charging standard? Real estate valuation uses progressive rating of progressive charging, that is, the cost rate grades are divided according to the total real estate price, and the grades of each grade are calculated. lump sum. Less than 1 million yuan [including 100] five thousandths; more than 10.1 million yuan to 10 million yuan two-five-thousandths; more than 100 million yuan to 20 million yuan one-fifth of one-fifth; 2001 million yuan to ...

  • Are real estate appraisal fees prorated? ...

    1. Your case is more complicated. It is recommended that you hire a lawyer or interview with a lawyer in order to come up with a good solution. The legal requirements and actual operations are very different. Please pay attention. In view of your actual situation in this case, it may be better if you can contact me by phone or in person. <BR> 2, no matter what the circumstances, we must operate according to the actual situation of the case itself. <BR> 3, personally think or hire ...

  • Xiaobai asks, who knows the types of real estate evaluation?

    Real estate evaluation is mainly based on different evaluation purposes to evaluate the current market value of a certain valuation object under a certain valuation purpose. When evaluating a certain valuation object, it is mainly carried out from the following aspects: The client fully communicates, carefully understands its true and specific valuation needs, and the intended users and uses of the valuation report, and determines the purpose of the valuation. Second, the real estate appraisal agency designates a registered house that is qualified for the project valuation work ...

  • What is real estate valuation and what are the principles of real estate valuation?

    This should be the highest conduct principle for real estate valuation. At the same time, the technical principles to be followed in specific valuation operations are mainly the principle of law, the principle of highest best use, the principle of time of valuation, and the principle of substitution. The evaluation of real estate mortgage value should also follow the principle of caution. The general procedures for real estate valuation are: (1) obtaining valuation business; (2) accepting valuation commissions; (3) drawing up a valuation operation plan; (4) collecting information required for valuation; 5) Site investigation and evaluation ...

  • Real estate appraisal process and appraisal cost? Is there any great god to answer for advice? Thank you!

    The valuation procedure generally includes: 1. Accepting the commission for valuation; 2. Defining the basic matters for valuation; 3. Drawing up a valuation operation plan; 4. Collecting the information needed for valuation; 5. On-site survey and valuation of the object; Determine the valuation results; 8. Write a valuation report; 9. File the valuation data.

  • What is the cost of the real estate appraisal report?

    Generally speaking, cities have different standards. According to the national standard, it is 5000, but it ca n’t be received so much, and it should be within 1000.

  • What is the real estate evaluation method? Does anyone know?

    I. Business scope of real estate appraisal agencies: (1) State transfer, lease, or early recovery of state-owned land use rights; (2) shares, joint ventures, joint ventures with collectively-owned land use rights; (3) real estate transfer, mortgage, insurance, design (4) Real estate appraisal related to the construction of new and restructured joint-stock enterprises and limited liability companies; (5) Real estate appraisal related to corporate asset accounting and bankruptcy liquidation; (6) compensation for house demolition; (7) real estate ...

  • How to set the standard for real estate appraisal?

    On July 17, 1995, the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Construction issued the “Notice on the Charge of Real Estate Intermediary Services by the Ministry of Construction of the State Development Planning Commission” in the document Ji Ji [1995] No. 97. This notice stipulates that the real estate-based real estate price evaluation fee standard is divided into seven grades according to the amount of assets. For details, see the attached table: Real estate price assessment fee calculation table. Total real estate price (10,000 yuan) progressive billing Rate ‰ 1100 or less (including 1 ...

  • What do real estate appraisers do in 2018?

    The 2018 real estate appraiser exam time is: October 13-14. Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Human Resources and Social Security Departments (Bureaus), the relevant provincial human resources and social security bureaus, the ministries and commissions of the State Council, the personnel departments of various direct agencies, and relevant associations and societies: The planning and management of technical personnel qualification examinations have been studied with relevant departments and related examination management agencies.

  • What are the requirements for a real estate appraiser in Shenzhen?

    Finding a friend who works in the real estate industry will not do the trick.

  • What are the real estate evaluation methods?

    1.Cost method (1) Cost product algorithm, that is, accounting for various costs and expenses of acquiring land or realized land development, excluding the value of abnormal factors, and taking a certain amount of capital interest and reasonable after accumulating normal costs and expenses The method of deriving the value of land use rights from the investment profits. This method is often used for the assessment of land acquired through normal procedures. (2) Replacement cost method, which is to rebuild existing houses according to normal market standards ...

  • Graduate of Real Estate Appraisal! How to engage in real estate evaluation in the future?

    The cost is very troublesome to calculate, the calculation data is not very big, but the calculation rules and so on are very troublesome, just do it well. The main contents of real estate management and valuation study are: real estate planning, real estate agent overview, construction drawing , Real estate valuation, engineering economics, real estate investment analysis, etc., personally feel that the cost is better than this specialty

  • What is real estate appraisal?

    Hello, before you get the title of real estate appraiser, you can be called a real estate appraiser. Its responsibilities are: according to the request made by the client, clarify the purpose of the valuation, the physical entity status and rights and interests of the target of valuation, and the timing of the valuation, and reach an agreement with the client; analyze the valuation project and formulate a valuation operation plan; Go to the on-site survey of the valuation object, collect the information needed for the valuation, and verify, analyze, and organize; check the characteristics, consider factors such as ...

  • What is the outlook for real estate appraisers in 2018?

    The current appraiser, mentioning annual salary of 200,000 or 400,000. I have a bit of a vacancy before I get the certificate. I still eat my group purchase pizza honestly, hurry up to review it, and strive to become a certificate in the coming year. Cheese.

  • What is the use of real estate evaluation

    With the rapid development and maturity of China's real estate industry, the real estate industry has become a new growth point for the national economy, but at the same time real estate is also the industry that is prone to bubble economies and triggers financial risks. Therefore, as a link between the financial risks of banks and the real estate market A sound real estate mortgage loan evaluation system is extremely important.

  • Blockchain | 2017 China Real Estate Evaluation Industry Development Report

    2017 China Real Estate Evaluation Industry Development Report!

  • What are the real estate evaluation principles and charging standards?

    Real estate appraisal is the appraisal of the price of real estate and must not violate the principle of valuation. Real estate evaluation is required for real estate transactions, development, mortgages, etc. There are many factors affecting real estate evaluation. Many people don't know what the real estate appraisal is. As a non-professional, it is better to know if necessary.

  • What are the risks of real estate appraisal?

    In order to make the transaction of real estate purchase smoother and more secure, many people choose real estate evaluation before the transaction. So under what circumstances is real estate evaluation necessary? What are the risks of real estate evaluation?

  • Precautions for buying and selling homes: what's going on in real estate appraisal

    Real estate transactions, leasing, mortgages, guarantees, commercial housing development and sales are all inseparable from the valuation of real estate. So what exactly is real estate evaluation? * I will analyze it with you.

  • Introduction to real estate appraisal and its standards

    Depreciation of a building refers to the loss of the building due to the passage of time. Building losses can be divided into tangible and intangible losses. Building depreciation is divided into material depreciation, functional depreciation and economic depreciation.