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  • Has house price fallen? Duplex counts area as single or double

    Reference average price: lowest price 6888 yuan / ㎡

  • Will house prices fall next year? What will happen to house prices next year?

    Liu Zhongliang: China's housing prices will collapse twice. There will be a big drop next year. Due to the severe housing bubble in China, this bubble will inevitably burst. House prices will have a big drop, starting around 2013. Because of the "post-80s" and urban housing support and The rapid development of China's economy, China's housing prices will not fall to the bottom in recent years, and may rebound slightly after the sharp fall; wait until around 2025 or earlier, due to the substantial reduction in the number of young people buying houses, at this time China's economic growth rate has ...

  • Comment: Old owners are dissatisfied with the falling housing prices and the frequent pre-sale system of commercial housing

    China Broadcasting Network, Beijing, May 9 News According to * "Yangguang Financial Review" reported that the decline in house prices caused dissatisfaction among old owners, developers refused to make up the difference in housing prices, Hangzhou * 3 housing incidents have occurred recently. From sitting quietly to giving a wreath, the house-struck family's move to force the palace is nothing short of strange.

  • What are the list of falling house prices

    In May, only four cities saw house prices fall. Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China on the 18th shows that in May, 60 cities in China's 70 large and medium-sized cities and 49 cities in which the prices of second-hand housing rose compared to the previous month.

  • The tragedy of buying these houses made Changsha house prices fall, they cried first

    Of course, the housing products are below the space and above, but the connotation and function determine the difference in the value-preserving genes, and based on policy regulation and market non-standard and irrational, so a large number of real estate purchased under the environment of rising housing prices. There will be depreciation at different rates and intensities due to the general decline in house prices. The following four major types of houses * are vulnerable to depreciation in the context of housing prices or their expected general decline.

  • Is there a Shuangyashan in a city that predicted that house prices would drop three times?

    The trend of house prices in 2015 has shown a downward trend. The bullsword is predicting that house prices will fall three times, and there are 20 cities in which house prices will be up in 2015. Is Shuangyashan among these 20 cities? What will happen to house prices in Shuangyashan in 2015? Shuangyashan netizens first take a look at the daggers arranged by Shuangyashan Xiaobian

  • Vacancy tax is expected to come, and the house price drop you expect is about to become a reality?

    The most expensive place in Chinese houses is already vacant tax. Will other areas follow suit?

  • What a tragedy to buy these houses! House prices fall and they cry first

    Of course, housing products are below space and above, but the connotation and function determine the difference in their value-preserving genes. Based on policy regulation and market irregularity and irrationality, a large number of real estates have been purchased under the environment of rising housing prices. , Because of the general decline in housing prices will occur at different speeds and degrees of devaluation. The following four major types of houses * are vulnerable to depreciation in the context of housing prices or their expected general decline.

  • Housing price declines in Beijing suburbs stop

    Beijing's suburban property market, which has been in a state of falling house prices before, has recently turned around, and the housing price trend has begun to change.

  • China's house prices fall * Fast city ranking *

    China Index Research Institute ’s July 100-city housing price data show that in July 2015, the average price of new residential buildings in 100 cities across the country was 10,685 yuan / square meter, an increase of 0.54% month-on-month, and has continued to rise for 3 months. Falling range, but the decline is narrower than last month 1.32

  • Spring is not far away. House prices fell in the first half of 2012.

    Although the current real estate market is extremely stagnant, many home buyers still believe that 2012 house prices have not really fallen, because the current price reduction is just the beginning, because there are two indicators of price reduction or the price reduction that can be felt by the majority of home buyers. , One is scale, one is magnitude

  • The 20 cities in Shexian County where Bulls predicts house prices will fall?

    * Recently, there has been a lot of voices about the slowing down of house prices or the decline of house prices. There is no doubt that house prices are one of the concerns of Chinese people. * The estimation of the real estate market is nothing more than two views: optimistic, such as *, Thinks that house prices will rise; pessimistic

  • Impact of RMB depreciation on house prices

    If the RMB depreciates, it should be the real estate market. The intention of the People's Bank of China to stabilize the RMB market transaction price by raising the middle price is obvious. However, the RMB spot exchange rate has recently depreciated sharply. High depreciation is close to 600 points. RMB against the US dollar early Tuesday

  • Zhengzhou house prices fell? Housing Authority data give you the answer! !

    It is said that according to the data of Zhengzhou Housing Management Bureau, housing prices fell in September. Can the downward trend in housing prices continue in October?

  • House prices * are bound to fall 3 times. 20 city houses must not be bought

    Experts say that falling house prices is an inevitable phenomenon, sooner or later. People in the industry believe that the probability of house prices going down in the future is much greater than the probability of going up. Today house prices are nearing the top, but the space for going down is huge, because house prices are already at historical highs, including One, two, three and four cities

  • Square dance caused house prices to fall 120,000 prices

    Aunt dancing square dance caused house prices to fall, and the price reduction of 120,000 could not be sold! Nowadays, aunt dancing square dance has become a trend. They exist in small squares in any city. Even aunt dancing square dance has led to a rapid decline in house prices.

  • Experts say that buying a house is patriotic, and authoritative reports: The wealth of residents has been emptied by real estate, what are the consequences of falling house prices?

    Everything in the world is dialectical, so it is also very interesting, especially in the humanities and social sciences. It seems that it is difficult to find the exact answer. Whoever says it makes sense.

  • Bull Sword predicts house prices will fall, 20 cities have Zhaodong

    Will the Chinese real estate bubble really burst? Niu Daoxi predicts that: China's housing prices will * 3 times, and the real estate bubble that has been said may burst. Mainly due to crazy land grabbing. This is exactly what has caused the so-called real estate bubble. Until now, this form of foam has even burst. Based on new information,

  • House prices fall? Don't think about it, work hard to make money if you want to buy a house

    In recent years, because the housing price is too high, the government has issued a lot of control policies, so it has also given a lot of hope to many people. Whenever a regulatory policy is introduced, people are most concerned about whether house prices will fall. In the opinion of the editor, do not expect house prices to fall. All you have to do is work hard to make money.