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  • House prices in the next few years? Will China's house prices rise or fall in the next few years? why?

    Why are Chinese house prices so high? 1. From a policy perspective, when house prices are really down, it is when the policies start to relax. In the past 10 years, any regulation and control policies have been effective, so as long as the property market is still regulating and credit regulation is continuing, house prices have not really fallen sharply. Judging from the current situation, from last year to the present, there are more and more government regulation and control policies, the purpose of which is to make the market develop smoothly and healthily. 2. Real estate prices are down, dozens of upstream and downstream ...

  • How China's house prices will change in the future and what are the possible consequences

    Recently, real estate sales in some cities in China have rebounded and house prices in some cities have rebounded slightly. The phenomenon of queuing up for house purchases and buying groups by thousands of people reported by the media has reappeared. Ren Zhiqiang and Dong Fan, representatives of well-known Chinese real estate developers, have begun bombarding China again. Property market and home buyers. Buying a house is a big deal, and you can't just look at the current public opinion situation. China's housing prices are currently in the high operating stage of the bubble period, and the cost of buying a house is bound to be high. Buying a house now ready ...

  • How will house prices trend in the next 3 years?

    After 3 years it is definitely higher than it is now.

  • What will China's house prices look like in the future?

    I personally think that China's house prices will definitely rise slightly in the next two years. Although house prices are now high, there is no shortage of buyers. As long as you buy with people, the market will not collapse

  • Future housing prices in China?

    To put it simply, those who did not buy a house hope that house prices will fall, and those who bought a house will hope to rise. If the state does not control speculators, real estate prices will definitely rise, and they will eventually erupt like the US subprime crisis. From the perspective of supply and demand, housing prices will definitely fall! At present, the range of housing prices that people can afford will not lead to the subprime mortgage crisis. The future trend of specific housing prices will definitely fall relative to the current prices. Everyone is talking about a just needed, if China really ...

  • House prices in 65 cities rebounded significantly in March

    The National Bureau of Statistics released data on April 16 that the sales prices of residential buildings in 70 large and medium-sized cities were close to the overall upward trend. Except for Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shaoguan, and Ganzhou, which fell, and Changsha remained flat, the prices of new homes in 65 cities all rose; Prices rose month-on-month, 10 cities more than last month.

  • How much is a square meter of Zhongkai Xinyue Plaza's Happy Bay real estate?

    Xinyue Plaza's Happy Bay real estate is planned in 7 phases. The third phase is currently under development. The third phase of Xinyue Square is called Happy Bay. The third phase covers a total area of 3.5 billion square meters. The main product is to build an all-around urban complex. Mainly.

  • National property market | The property market is now "Little Spring": Will housing prices continue to rise?

    The property market is now "Little Spring": Will housing prices continue to rise?

  • Does Gu'an Longhua City house price rise? Is there any availability for the second phase?

    The architectural concept of Longhua City is arranged in the north-south direction according to the northern living habits. All residents are guaranteed sufficient south-facing lighting and full consideration of sunlight and ventilation. The façade is made of earthy yellow real stone paint, and the top is in the form of a pitched roof, emphasizing the overall feeling and highlighting the overall noble temperament.