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  • Where is "No Proof"

    Do you want a loan to prove that you are the first home and enjoy a 15% interest rate drop, so I asked you to open a "no property certificate" anyway, I have never heard of any "no property certificate", but if It really has to be opened, and it should be opened in the home management bureau of your hometown.Only the housing management bureau can prove whether you have a house in your hometown.

  • What materials are needed to open a property-free certificate? What information is required to open a property-free certificate? Do I have to bring the original?

    Under what circumstances do you need a roomless certificate? Your child or parent must follow your grandparents / grandparents. The head of the house and the real estate are both elderly, and you are going to enroll in the school's enrollment service. You need to provide a roomless certificate. "Refer to the admissions brochure of Sanjialu Road Primary School in Wuchang District in 2018 for three generations and all have the same household registration. The guardian has no house in Wuhan. Except for the current residence certificate and both the parents and the guardian) in Wuhan Real Estate Bureau (Hong Kong road...

  • Is the handwritten real estate certificate valid? Is the real estate certificate written valid?

    After 85-year-old Xu Qiang (pseudonym) died in 2011, his family had notarized inheritance. Unexpectedly, the nanny Li Mouxia, who took care of Xu Qiang for nearly 10 years, held three wills handwritten by the elderly on May 12, 2008, claiming to have inheritance rights to one of the properties. Xu Qiang, who had Alzheimer's disease when he wrote his will, has become the focus of controversy. After judicial appraisal, Xu Qiang had manifested dementia 20 days before writing his will, and there was mild cognitive impairment. For severe ...

  • How to open a property certificate? How to open a property certificate

    In Guangzhou, regardless of whether you are entering Guangzhou or enrolling in points, you need to use the “no proof of real estate”. Today I will tell you about the relevant procedures. 1. How do I and my spouse obtain the “certificate of housing without ownership in Guangzhou”? Answer: “Certificate of housing without ownership in Guangzhou” is the “personal and family name” issued by Guangzhou Housing Management Real estate registration status inquiry certificate "is displayed as" housing without ownership ". The certificate goes to ...

  • How to apply for self-built house

    Chapter III of the "House Registration Measures". House Registration within the State-owned Land. Article 30. For initial registration of house ownership due to legal construction of a house, the following materials shall be submitted: (1) Application for registration; (2) Applicant's identity certificate; (3) Certificate of the right to use the construction land; (4) Certificate of the construction project conforming to the plan; (5) Certificate of the completion of the house; (6) Report of the house surveying and mapping; (7) Other necessary materials ...

  • Where to show proof of property

    Real estate certificates are generally issued by developers, and the Housing Authority generally does not issue that, although they know very well whether you have a real estate. You go to the developer, explain the reason, and generally open it. Some developers have a certificate of the system, and some just write it on a white paper and then stamp it. Materials needed for house certification: 1. The owner himself presents a personal "Inquiry on Housing Property Rights Information" sheet, and a copy of the owner's ID card must be submitted to verify the original. 2. Issue the "House ..."

  • Where is the address of Xinyi County?

    Sales office address: Hangzhou Times Avenue and Wenxing Road intersection (opposite to Wenyan Town Middle School), the real estate certificate is usually completed within 100 days after the delivery of the house, the specific recommendations and the developer shall prevail.

  • Is it necessary to go back to the first house for the first province? Does the foreigner need to go back to their hometown to open the first house without a property certificate?

    This is probably the most expensive piece of paper ever. The palm of an adult has the size of a palm, and the edges are worn and rolled up. One side has been used, and the other handwritten: "Today, I received a cash deposit of RMB 300 million from Zhang Qiulian." Once, as long as the three words "Liu Xuming" on Shenmu fell on paper similar to stock receipt receipts, it meant that at the time of settlement ...

  • Do I need to open the property certificate? How to open it?

    You can go in person or entrust others to do it for you. If you go, you need to bring the original ID card; if you entrust someone to do it for you, in addition to providing a copy of your ID card, you also need the original ID card of the trustee and the authorization letter of the homeowner. As the regulations of the local housing management department may be different, it is recommended to consult the local real estate administration in detail.

  • Ask everyone how to issue a property certificate?

    Hold your ID card, household registration book, and go to the Housing Management Bureau where your household registration is located to get a certificate of your housing situation. It is a piece of paper stamped with the official seal of the house management.

  • The only problem with proof of property? May I ask if anyone understands, please introduce, thank you!

    Never heard of the country's only real estate certificate! There should be no such certificate, you can consult the real estate bureau.

  • How do I get a unique housing certificate? Where does a family unique housing certificate go?

    Overseas returnees, after returning from overseas to study and work, they were once synonymous with high-end talents. Today, this situation has changed dramatically. International students, like recent graduates from domestic universities, have to attend corporate job fairs and squeeze the talent market. There is even a well-known enterprise HR (Human Resources Manager) saying: Now returnee graduate students are not as good as 985 college undergraduates! Returnees have depreciated. The starting salary of returnees has also dropped from its expected 10,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan, and compared with domestic universities, especially ...

  • What kind of documents do I need for property certification? Where to apply?

    To obtain a real estate certificate, you need to prove the address in the community, or you can go to the local police station. Because the community knows the street address, house number, and address of the property. It can also be enlightened at the public security police station in the street district, because the police station also knows the street. The address of the house ownership certificate does not match the actual situation and can be changed. Modification methods and procedures: The owner of the house can hold an identity card, property right certificate, place name office address certificate (in the ...

  • How to write a personal property certificate? Headache!

    Real estate certificate is the abbreviation of house property certificate. House property certificate includes "house ownership certificate" and "land use right certificate". The owner first needs the developer to confirm the right to apply for a real estate certificate. That is to say, the developer must go through the registration formalities within 30 days after the commercial building is completed and accepted. The buyer must apply for the transfer registration of the purchased house and obtain the house on the basis of the initial registration of the real estate development enterprise and the receipt of the real estate title certificate (commonly known as large property rights) ...

  • How to apply for proof of real estate?

    Hello, the real estate certificate is actually the house title certificate, which proves that you are the owner of the house. If you need to issue a real estate certificate, you can bring the homeowner's identity card account book and other relevant proof materials directly to the property bureau of the real estate bureau where the house is located for inquiries. The real estate bureau will issue a stamped certificate after receiving your application.

  • How to write Huidong Real Estate Certificate? Real estate certification process

    Many people are vague about the definition of Huidong title certificate and real estate certificate, which makes it difficult to distinguish between title certificate and real estate certificate. Real estate certificate, that is, "house ownership certificate", refers to a certificate that obtains the legal ownership of a house through transactions and can exercise the right to possess, use, * and dispose of the house purchased according to law. It is a state

  • Proof of real estate not forgetting to do "homework" Nearly half of the 1199 applicants do not match

    Yesterday, the real estate certification room on the second floor of the core real estate transaction continued to be overcrowded. Among the 1199 applicants the day before yesterday, the staff worked overtime until 10 pm. As a result, nearly half of them failed to be accepted because of incomplete information or were not eligible for a house purchase. They waited for a long time in vain.

  • Withdrawal of Nanchang employee provident fund renting is no longer required without proof of real estate

    On August 6, the Nanchang Housing Provident Fund Management Center issued the “Notice on Cancellation of Rental Housing Extraction Reporting No Housing Proof Materials”, stipulating that starting from August 7, when Nanchang City deposit employees apply for housing provident fund rental housing withdrawal, no further The real estate certification materials were changed by the center to verify the information with the real estate department and real estate department.

  • What is the proof of property template? What are the processes for a mortgage loan?

    How to write a property certificate? What is the proof of property template? What are the processes for a mortgage loan?

  • How to write Guiyang real estate certificate template? How to open without a house certificate?

    On the day, month, day, one set (or several sets) of the wholly-owned house (or other house) was purchased. For special reasons, the consent obtained was temporarily registered in the name of the house property right.