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  • Which floor should I choose for the elevator room?

    Simply say a few words. If you want to talk about the key points, the inside of the community is always better than the outside. The appreciation potential is also much greater. Whether you live by yourself or sell or rent. The inside is much better than the outside. . Of course, the higher the elevator room, the better. Except for the top floor. It will be much more sought after for sale or rent than the lower floor. There is no need to consider power outages or the elevator is broken. Generally such situations rarely occur. Even if there are. Property also Will fix it right away

  • Everyone talks about the taboos of buying an elevator room

    1. Advantages of the first floor: In the event of an accident (such as an earthquake, collapse, fire, etc.), the first floor is the safest floor. At the same time, the first floor has an attached garden and can be “down to earth”. It is convenient for the elderly and the elderly. Family of children. Disadvantages: the low-rise floor is easy to regain moisture, and the humidity is heavy; the other floor is too low, and the thief is easy to patronize; the window and the security door are set on the first floor, and the home is like a bird cage. Community-owned ...

  • Is it good for children to stay on the high floor of the elevator room? How does the height of the elevator room affect children?

    When choosing the floor of the elevator room, you should consider: air humidity, whether it is facing the street, several elevators, the distance between residential buildings, whether there are open-air parking spaces in the residential area, the elderly and children, and so on. If the number of floors is more than 12 floors, but less than 18 floors, this building should have no less than two elevators, and one with the function of a fire elevator; if the building is above 19 floors, but less than 33 floors, residents Between 150 and 270 households, electricity ...

  • Are the elevator electricity and maintenance costs of the elevator room included in the property cost, or are they a separate cost?

    Hello, if such costs are covered in the property fee, there is no need to pay for the use of the elevator. If the elevator is not directly connected to the basement, then the owner ’s property fee on the first floor needs to be reduced. Thank you for your adoption.

  • How about the first floor of the high-rise elevator room? Is the first floor of a high-rise elevator room worth buying?

    What needs to be considered in choosing the elevator floor? 1. The number of residential floors of the elevator is above 12 floors and below 18 floors. There should be no less than two elevators. One of them must have the function of fire elevator. The pure residential function floors are above 19 floors and below 33 floors. For those between 150 and 270 households, there should be no less than 3 elevators, one of which must have the function of a fire elevator. 2.Water supply, power supply Consult the developer for water supply, water pressure, power supply, emergency power ...

  • What is the best 23-story elevator room?

    Above 20% is good and below 60% is good. You don't have to wait long to take the elevator

  • How good is the second floor of the elevator house?

    Look at the floor distance and the height of the first floor. If there are no buildings or tall trees on the opposite side, it will have little effect on lighting and ventilation. I lived for two years and did not feel wet and have problems with daylight. Of course, the second floor is definitely not as good as the high-rise, but it is not as bad as imagined, and it is not afraid of elevator failure.

  • Elevator room on the 14th floor, OK, what does 14 mean?

    High-rise residential projects are divided from floors, and there are roughly 10-12 floors of small high-rise residences, 13-24 floors of ordinary high-rise residences, and then high-rise residences above 24 floors. How many floors should I buy? believes that you must first look at the surrounding environment you live in. If there is a large amount of traffic in the city, the height of the city's dust is generally between 22m and 30m. Especially in dry areas, dust must be considered. Decoration Network believes that buying electricity ...

  • Which floor is good for choosing a room? The best floor for a 32-story elevator room? I do n’t know how many floors to choose.

    Nowadays, with the acceleration of urban modernization, land is becoming scarcer, urban housing is getting higher and higher, and high-rise housing has become the mainstream of the market. And many people think that the air is high, the noise is low, and the field of vision is wide, which urges developers to set higher and more expensive floors, and the price difference of some floors is even as small as several thousand. So what is the best way to buy a house? Is it really the higher the better? Before answering this question, how high are the science floors for everyone to consider as high? See the following: Low: ...

  • Is it good to buy a small apartment in the elevator room? Who is suitable for buying a small apartment?

    I. Singles Individuals with limited financial capacity cannot afford to buy expensive homes, and small units generally have lower total prices. If a single person does not have a house, the rent required to choose a house to rent is also a big burden. Buying points: Singles tend to be career-focused and eager to have their own independent space, so the key factor in choosing a small apartment is transportation. As job changes for young people are the norm, it is recommended to observe urban public transport such as buses, rails ...

  • How many floors are the best in the elevator floor on the 11th floor?

    Some buyers have high expectations for the purchase of elevator rooms and elevator apartments. They want to choose a good house in one step. Therefore, they have higher requirements on the choice of elevator room floors and the best floor options for elevator apartments. Which factors should be considered in the elevator floor? According to regulations, houses with seven or more floors or residents' entrance floors above the height of the outdoor design floor must be provided with an elevator, so the choice of elevator rooms is very wide. ...

  • Where is the elevator room? Is it not an elevator?

    Sales office free consultation phone 400-750-8888 ext 80011

  • How many floors are you afraid to buy in a 32-story elevator room?

    Regarding Fengshui to buy an elevator room, do not buy several floors. Do not buy low floors! Let's talk about the low floors that are not generally favored by home buyers, especially young home buyers. From the first floor to the third floor, people usually live under the canopy and are close to the ground. They can often hear branches knocking on windows; psychologically, Comfort is the best here; stay in touch with the outside world without looking down. And even if the elevator is broken, you can easily climb the floor and exercise. If something happens ...

  • What is the pool area of the elevator building? What is the reasonable ratio of the pool area of the elevator house with two elevators and four households?

    The first question: Does the elevator belong to the common area? A: The public building area refers to the building area of the common part of the whole building which is jointly owned by the property owners of the whole building. Including: elevator shafts, pipeline shafts, stairwells, garbage walkways, transformer rooms, equipment rooms, public halls, aisles, basements, guard rooms on duty, etc., as well as the building area for the entire public and management rooms that serve the entire building Calculation of horizontal projection area. Total floor area ...

  • How many floors to buy an elevator room * appropriate

    Some buyers have high expectations for choosing elevator rooms and elevator apartments. They want to choose a good house in one step. Therefore, they have higher requirements on the choice of elevator room floors and the better floors of elevator apartments. What factors need to be considered on the several floors of the elevator room?

  • Most of the new houses in Tangshan are elevator rooms. What should you pay attention to when living in the elevator room?

    Most of the new houses in Tangshan are elevator rooms. What should you pay attention to when living in the elevator room?

  • Which floors are not good in the elevator room

    Some buyers have high expectations for the elevator room. The elevator apartment has high expectations. They hope to choose a good house in one step. Therefore, they are in the choice of the floor of the elevator room and the better floor of the elevator apartment The requirements are higher.

  • Should I pay the elevator fee on the first floor of the elevator room? Listen to what the lawyer said

    If you live on the first floor, you do n’t need an underground garage, and you do n’t need a residential elevator at all, but some netizens told me that I still have to share the elevator fee at 0.4 yuan per square meter, so I feel very unreasonable. “I do n’t need to take Elevator. When choosing the first floor, it was also considered that the elevator fee could be saved, but now the property insists on collecting it, and there should be more than 400 in one year.

  • In 2012, the price of the first shotgun elevator room in Shanghai was reduced by 800,000.

    For buyers *, should I buy a house in 2012? The industry analysis shows that 2012 will be a sad year for real estate developers. On the other hand, it is certainly a good time to buy a house. From the current large amount of new house promotion price reduction information, we know that the discounts for various real estates are generally available, but it is difficult for anyone to give a better time and place to buy a house. If you encounter a suitable house, such as the right price, it is convenient to live and travel , And have the ability to buy, still have to shoot at the right time.

  • Lin'an elevator room floor selection

    With the reduction of land resources in Lin'an, the houses in Lin'an are getting higher and higher, and the floors are high. It is even more troublesome to choose several floors when buying a house. As the so-called "Honey and Bose of Jiajia", you can't completely listen to him when choosing a floor. It is better for you. How many floors are there in Lin'an elevator room?