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  • There are recent policies on small property rights. Is there any latest news about small property rights. Can small property rights loans?

    Mortgage loans are not allowed for small property houses. The bank will not give you a loan for such a house. Small property houses will not be legal. Why is it so expensive for a commercial house?

  • I want to know the latest news of small property houses in Chengdu, I want to buy a small property house, but I don't know what the small property houses are now ...

    China is studying the formulation of a small property rights house clearance plan. Li Jianqin, director of the Law Enforcement and Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Land and Resources, publicly stated in Beijing on May 4 that at present, "one case, one treatment" approach will be adopted for the small property rights house problems found everywhere. As for the treatment of small property houses nationwide, they must be handled together after the small property house treatment policy is issued. At present, fourteen ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Land and Resources, are studying and formulating policies and plans for cleaning up and renovating small property houses. The Ministry of Land and Resources officially opened the supervision on the 4th ...

  • The latest news of Nanning's small property houses. Recently, there are some small property houses in Murakami. I don't know about Nanning's policies on small property rights ...

    Small property houses are essentially illegal constructions and violate land management laws. Collective land must not be used for commercial housing development. Urban residents do not get rural housing sites, peasant houses or small property houses. For those consumers who have purchased small property houses in rural areas, relevant state departments are studying and formulating specific solutions.

  • Want to buy a small apartment in Changsha? Any good suggestions? Is it better to buy an existing or off-plan home? Which part of Changsha is better than ...

    Hello, I suggest you buy an existing house, because many small developers ca n’t rely on it now. In the event of a change, your money will be lost. If you want to buy here in Xingsha, you can contact me. I have a lot of small units here in Xingsha.

  • Already have a house in Jinan. Buying a house with a child ’s name counts as two?

    Is the child an adult? Independent households over the age of 18, 2 units under the age

  • 15% discount on first home rate in Shanghai remains mainstream bank mortgage policy unchanged

    Recently, the property market has rumored that major banks in Shanghai canceled the 15% discount on first home loan interest rates, and Gold and Silver have just entered the market and are struggling. Internet reporters connected to major banks in Shanghai. At present, the 15% discount rate for the first home loan is still the mainstream. Among the four state-owned banks, except the Construction Bank, which has a lower 10% discount rate, the Bank of China, ICBC, and Agricultural Bank of China all implement the first home loan rate. Preferentially higher benchmark interest rates have fallen by 15%.

  • Affordable Housing Policy

    1. Price setting The government-guided price is adopted for the affordable housing price. The establishment of affordable housing prices should be compatible with the economic affordability of urban low-income households, and the principle of cost-effectiveness and low profits should be maintained, and reasonable price differences should be maintained with the prices of ordinary commodity housing in the same area, which should truly reflect the various government-provided