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  • The original landlord failed to provide a complete and accurate proof of the original value of the house. What should I do?

    In the current policy, if the house transferor fails to provide a complete and accurate proof of the original value of the house, the taxation authority may implement a tax on it, that is, the amount of personal income tax payable shall be determined based on a certain percentage of the taxpayer's housing transfer income. The specific proportion is authorized by the provincial local taxation bureau or the local taxation bureau of the provincial and local taxation bureaus based on the factors such as the area where the taxpayer sells the house, geographical location, construction time, type of house, and average price of the house. transfer...

  • How to understand the "Provisions on the Management of Provident Fund" stipulates that "when an employee purchases, builds, renovates and overhauls his or her own house", he can provide ...

    "Self-occupied housing" emphasized here includes two meanings: (1) "Self-occupied housing" refers to the housing in which the employees who have taken out the housing provident fund live in and have ownership of the house, that is, purchased, constructed, renovated and overhauled The property rights of the housing belong to the employees; (2) The role of the house must be self-occupied, that is, only the expenditure to solve their own housing problems can be paid from the provident fund, such as investment, value-added or other business purposes, cannot. ..

  • I am an owner of Building 123 of Yihai Star City. For the safety of the house, my wife invited a professional house inspector to my house ...

    I bought it here too, it hangs me, three days and two repairs

  • The elevators in federal districts are of particularly poor quality and are often broken! From time to time, they fall from the upper floor to the negative first floor, or grow in the elevator ...

    This property must be managed, the property complained of inaction

  • Are there 88 square meters, 98 square meters, 104 square meters, on sale

    There are also areas of 65 square meters, 88 square meters, 98 square meters, 104 square meters, and 120 square meters, with an average price of 8369 yuan / square meter.

  • When will these three small high-rises on the edge of the first phase of Yuquan Bay on Huizhou Avenue be handed over? I think basically everything is done well ...

    The specific delivery time is subject to the purchase contract, and the developer will notify when the delivery.

  • High-rise buildings 1st to 3rd floor air * “dirty” 22nd floor is noisier

    Data show that the "quiet zones" controlled by 55 decibels in large and medium-sized cities nationwide have shrunk, and nearly 70% of the zones have been "quiet", but the problem of traffic noise has become increasingly prominent.

  • Several floors of Haicheng elevator room are better

    Several floors of Haicheng elevator room are better. Notes on buying a house in Haicheng in 2016. Some Haicheng buyers have high expectations for choosing Haicheng elevator rooms and elevator apartments. Haicheng people want to choose a good house in one step. Therefore, Haicheng people choose elevator floors and elevator floors better. The requirements are higher. sea