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  • How to get to the courtyard community of No. 34 East Jiaotong University Road?

    Bus line: Yuntong 103, the whole journey is about 3.1 kilometers 1. Walk about 170 meters from the Jiaotong University East Road No. 20 to Beijing Jiaotong University East Gate Station 2. Take Yuntong 103 and pass 5 stops to Jimenqiao North Station 3. Walk about 70 meters to Beijing Film Academy

  • Come join the group! !! !! Blu-ray Flower Manting Phase 2 Southern District Owners Group 324469347, welcome the neighbors of the Southern District owners ...

    Interest rates have really risen. Is this our group of owners?

  • Does the developer promise to send the garden and terrace credible?

    In order to promote home sales, some real estate agents use a means of delivery, which is actually a method of reducing prices in disguise. However, many times the real estate agent claims that sending gardens, terraces, etc. is fraudulent. Because if the area of the garden falls within the scope of the house, that is the area of the land to be apportioned by the house, which should have been owned by the purchaser; if the area of the garden is a common area, let alone to be given away, it should be shared by all owners. In the same way, the terraces are divided into exclusive terraces (...

  • At present, there are still so many of your projects without online signing, probably there are 280 that have not been sold, the next 3 or 8 buildings ...

    Hello! Online signing takes some time, and currently only apartment types are left. You can take a look at the scene

  • What are the current good properties in Jiangdong District? It is best to have a school district room for children to go to school in the future.

    The school district room changes every year ~

  • Photo: May 13, sales of 353 sets of area 31465.33 flat

    Statistics of first-hand housing transactions in the main city on May 13

  • Full destocking campaign in 2016: bullseye targets third- and fourth-tier cities

    At a time when the current economic growth is slowing down and facing transformation, the role of the real estate industry has been strengthened again. The core economic work conference held recently on the real estate market in 2016 formally adjusted and destocked. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to expand effective demand, open up supply and demand channels, and digest inventory. In terms of demand expansion,