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  • High-rise or multi-storey, how much per ping

    The high-sale is on sale, the discounted price is 5400 yuan / ㎡

  • High-rise, how many floors are 80 square meters, east or west of Dongfu Road. Still in the middle of the main body of the building.

    The high-rise residential unit range is 50-97 square meters. It is recommended to go to the project site to learn about the specific area.

  • Is there a small apartment of 53 square meters? If so, what are there?

    The inter-city Royal Wind Garden has more than 90 units for sale with units ranging from 53 to 114 square meters. The specific floors and units are recommended to be learned at the sales office, which is subject to the information on the day.

  • How much is a flat

    Reference average price: 4900 yuan / ㎡

  • Does the collection of property fees for high-rise residences have anything to do with floors?

    Except for the first floor, other property fees should be uniform.

  • I have been in Yichang for more than ten years and want to buy a suite in Yichang, but the quality of the house here can't be complimented. The volume ...

    The greening rate is 40%, it is estimated that it is a villa ~

  • The down payment of 30,000 to buy multi-story existing houses has been chased down by more than 100,000.

    The advantage of existing homes * to attract consumers is that what you see is what you get. It is natural for consumers to pay money to take existing homes more “real”, reducing the risk of existing homes.