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  • Real estate agency requires several certificates

    Very troublesome. To apply for a business license, you must also meet the following requirements! Regulations on the management of real estate intermediary services (Order No. 50 of the Ministry of Construction): Article 11 To engage in real estate intermediary business, a corresponding real estate agency service agency shall be established. Article 12 The establishment of a real estate agency service agency shall meet the following requirements: (1) to have its own name and organization; (2) to have ...

  • Does a real estate agent make money? Is a real estate agent really so profitable?

    In the first half of 2018, housing prices in Dongyang City rose a lot, and house prices began to fall in the second half of the year. However, many people feel that the decline in second-hand housing is not obvious. In fact, you can only know it. Dongyang Jiaju's real estate is under great pressure. When you know that house prices are falling more and more, Huyou buys a house by deliberately pushing you down the fire pit. I am not high-ranking, I am also an ordinary person, and I know that it is not easy for everyone to make money. I cannot intentionally harm others at this time. east...

  • Is there any future as a real estate agent? Who has done this?

    Brother, I was originally a real estate agent. Do it for 3 years. I urge you to take another line. I don't know the current market price, but also a second-hand room? Now, it is in the period of regulation. Looking at it from another angle, who still buys a second-hand house now? Can't sell one hand. Also cheaper than the second-hand room. No one bought it. . . The state has also promulgated various policies. . . Now everyone in the real estate has lived in seclusion. Advise you to take another sales route again. . . .

  • What kind of intermediary software is better for real estate agency? Ask for an answer. . .

    My friend is also acting as an intermediary. They use a lot of tenants, and it is very convenient to find and send out rooms. They also have a lot of tenants installed on their mobile phones. When they play outside, they still do n’t forget to work.

  • What are the risks of starting a real estate agency

    The risks faced by real estate agencies are mainly divided into external risks and internal risks. External risks are operational risks brought by the policy changes to the industry and are not controllable. Internal risks belong to the enterprise management category. As long as they are carefully summarized and controlled, they can be prevented before they occur. The internal risks faced by real estate intermediaries are mainly derived from risks in business management, which are mainly manifested as: 1. Risks caused by inaccurate housing information surveys; 2. Random commitments by brokers ...

  • I work as a real estate agent. How can I have a lot of clients?

    All call, send more network, more door-to-door customers, how can there be no customers when they are serious about doing things! Pay and gain are directly proportional! !!

  • What do I need to pay attention to when starting a real estate agency?

    Real estate settlement is the process of settlement of the related water, electricity, gas, cable TV, heating and other expenses of the house and the delivery of fixed assets after the transfer of the house is completed. For home buyers, there are eight points to note in property delivery. "I. What is property delivery? Property delivery means that when the owner transfers or leases the property, he shall inform the assignee or the lessee of the management agreement, the property service contract, and the payment of relevant expenses, and self-sale the contract ...

  • Do you have a future as a real estate agent?

    But things need to be viewed from two aspects: 1. Real estate agencies have a great opportunity in the recent buying boom. As a derivative industry of real estate, it is not a cup of cake but a big cake! The return rate of the intermediary is very high! But there is another problem is that your "land selection" is better, the so-called land selection. It is to have a deep understanding of the real estate industry in your area. Do a pre-investigation on the number of real estate sales . After all, with the "market", you have to sell ...

  • How to do real estate agency who is more experienced?

    The methods for newcomers to do real estate agency are: the main source of performance depends on the continuous resources brought by maintenance, and the establishment of a customer network to get more recommended business. Already have a high reputation and professional literacy, deep practical endurance, resilience, analysis ability, negotiation and communication ability, and zero mindset. Have their own set of hardware (information system, professional forms, documents, digital photography, etc.) and software (rich real estate-related knowledge). Be a good internet broker ...

  • How about girls doing real estate agency

    Personally, this depends on your own personal life plan, yes. . . It is life planning, not career planning. It depends on what you expect and what your reality looks like. The reality is where you live now, whether you have a boyfriend now, where he is. The expectation is where you plan to go in the future, whether you want to live a comfortable life or a challenging job, etc. . . . . There are many factors to consider, and they will all affect you ...

  • How about working as a real estate agent?

    I'm in this industry, how do you say! This industry is very profitable, but it is very hard. The average person may not be able to afford it. You have to take people to see the house every day. Some people are unsatisfied with one set, not two sets, and even ten sets. Therefore, you must be patient and have a hard time in this industry, especially when you meet some unreasonable people and grumpy people, you still have to let him, can't argue with them, be patient, so! This industry earns ...

  • How about real estate agency now? Want to talk about it in detail?

    Now the agency fee is generally charged at 2.7% of the total housing price, including 2.2% agency fee and 0.5% guarantee service fee (guarantee fee). Small intermediary companies generally charge 1-1.5%, and sometimes they ca n’t collect as much as they can, because what they charge is purely earned by themselves.

  • What do everyone think of being a real estate agency?

    There are also many laymen's opinions. When I heard someone said that the income of selling a house is high, I went to be a real estate agent. I didn't expect that I had a good luck and opened a rental order and got thousands of royalties. Then I fell into a long-term downturn. For several months, the house has not been sold, all relying on rent orders to keep them from being fired. Sometimes you only get two thousand dollars a month, which makes you confused about this industry, and you don't know if you want to stick to it. In other words, this situation is better, many ...

  • Is there an e-commerce provider? Because I work as a real estate agent

  • Real estate agency sales

    Real estate sales are not good, my downstairs has closed several.

  • What certificate do you need as a real estate agent

    The Ministry of Construction of the State has clearly stipulated the conditions required to engage in the real estate agency industry. First of all, the corresponding real estate agency service agency must be established to carry out the real estate agency business. This requires the following conditions: to have its own name and organizational structure; Service places; have the required amount of property and funds; for those engaged in real estate consulting business, they must have a middle-level or higher education in real estate and related majors, a junior or higher education, and junior or higher professional technology ...

  • Is it good for girls to be real estate agents?

    To be honest, the summary I got from joining this industry is: This industry is a gender-equality industry, and you can learn a lot from it, so that one can understand what it pays to be rewarded. Women still have a certain amount in this area. The advantage is that it is easier to communicate with customers in the reception area. Why is that? Because women have more affinity, of course, this refers to the formal. It ’s not as complicated as you think, and it is not as dangerous as you think. If you are worried ...

  • How to do real estate agency? What does real estate agency service include

    According to the relevant provisions of the "Urban Real Estate Management Law" and the "Regulations on the Management of Urban Real Estate Intermediary Services", the so-called real estate agency services refer to the general term for activities such as real estate consulting, real estate price evaluation, and real estate brokerage. So how to do real estate agency? What are the contents of real estate agency service?

  • What is an intermediary company? How to find a client as a real estate agent?

    Many people may have heard of buying an apartment and looking for an agency, but do you know what an agency is? Intermediary companies actually exist as intermediaries to solve the problem of buying a house for buyers and sellers. Do not think that the intermediary is very good. This requires certain skills and language skills. In addition, you must know how to find clients.

  • How to find a house as a real estate agent? These 3 points are important!

    With the continuous maturity of Internet technology, the way real estate agents find houses has gradually changed, from the original running and sweeping the building to the current Internet platform. So how do you find a house as a real estate agent? How to ensure low cost extension in terms of time cost?