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  • What is the new mortgage policy introduced in 2015?

    The first home can be loaned up to 80%, the second home can be loaned up to 60%

  • What is the second home loan policy

    High housing prices make many people have to choose economical and practical small units at the beginning of their home purchase to temporarily solve the problem of family accommodation. With the continuous increase of the family population and income, many families have decided to buy a second home in order to improve the current congestion of several families living together. In 2015, the state adopted a number of loose policies for the real estate industry, and there were also many relevant notices regarding the second home loan policy. This issue of home buying guide ...

  • Housing prices are high. Who knows the latest policies on small property rights, and is there a chance for small property rights to turn right?

    The latest policy of small property rights houses is to see how the Land and Resources Bureau treats small property rights and how to deal with them. On June 28, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources announced the second batch of six small property rights housing projects. Compared with the first list of 79 small property houses announced in September last year, the number has decreased significantly, but it is still the largest in Changping District. The project announced this time also includes two greenhouses. The Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources reminded the public not to rent or buy these projects, saying that they have never considered letting small property rights ...

  • How do people without hukou settle down?

    The household registration system has always been regarded as a major barrier to the urbanization process. Who will benefit from the major reform of the household registration system in 2016? The following 4 categories of people will benefit: 1. Rural students going to university 2. Population entering the army 3. People who have lived in cities and towns for more than 5 years 4. Families who have migrated from agriculture to publish three principles of household registration statistics In the city ...

  • How the second home loan policy is compiled

    In this issue, the relevant regulations and changes of the new policy for second-home loans in 2015 are collated for your reference.

  • How the second home loan policy is compiled

    In this issue, the relevant regulations and changes of the new policy for second-home loans in 2015 are collated for your reference.

  • Lost 2015 Suzhou Real Estate Game: Two Taihu New Towns Started!

    Editor's note: In the development process of the Suzhou property market, the rise of the new city has become an important point of competition among the regional property markets. In recent years, Suzhou has adhered to the "one core, four cities" urban development strategy. New regions in all regions have developed rapidly, and regional construction is in full swing. Government leadership has led to regional development.

  • Real Estate New Deal 2015 China's recent housing price rankings released Beijing ranked?

    In the new year, we all have different dreams. Some people want to buy a home, some people want to start a family ... How is China's housing price trending in 2015? Many people in China are paying attention to this hot spot. In the face of higher and higher housing prices, Xiaobian * has collected the top ten cities in China for housing prices.