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  • I graduated from graduate school in 2010 and has been employed as a teacher by a college in Changsha, but my girlfriend is still in my hometown, under the name ...

    If your account is in Changsha for more than 5 years, the collective account is also counted. You can go to the Changsha Real Estate Bureau to find out. As far as I know, you can apply for a one-time subsidy of 20,000-70,000 housing. According to your education and work, you can apply to settle in Changsha and change to a separate account. Then marry your girlfriend, and your girlfriend account can come over. No house can affect your settlement. .

  • When did the five-year tax exemption come out?

    Your statement is basically the correct legal basis: According to the "Circular of the State Administration of Taxation on Strengthening the Administration of Real Estate Taxation" (Guo Shui Fa [2005] No. 89), Article 3 (4) "Persons purchase housing to obtain The time indicated on the house property certificate or deed tax payment certificate is the time for buying a house. "" Notice of the State Administration of Taxation on Several Specific Issues in the Implementation of Real Estate Tax Policies "(National Tax Development [2005] ...

  • Longhai's 5 New House Decoration Budgets in 2015

    Housing decoration budget is a step that cannot be ignored in home decoration. A good budget will not waste too much time and time, and you will not spend blindly when you buy decoration materials. A complete and reasonable decoration budget table can help you strictly Control your own renovation costs and ensure that your final renovation costs do not exceed costs. that

  • In June 2015, Beijing's commercial housing ranked 10th, attracting 7.2 billion yuan

    Sina Leju News (Editor Zhao Yue) According to Sina Leju statistics: in June 2015, the total sales of the top ten commercial residential projects in Beijing reached 7.21268 billion yuan, of which China Railway Construction International City topped the list with 1.28049 billion yuan in sales. , Runze Manor with a completion of 99.517 billion yuan

  • Why did the Chengdu property market pick up at the end of 2014? Did 2015's house prices fall?

    In the second half of last year, restrictions on purchases in the property market continued to be loosened, credit policies continued to be loosened, and housing companies generally traded prices in order to digest inventory. The above factors jointly promoted the recovery of the property market in December, and the decline in house prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities continued to narrow. The sales volume of newly-built commercial housing reached a record high.

  • The recent plan for the reform of public employee pay in public institutions in 2015: a list of salary levels at the post level

    Recent news on the salary reform of public institutions: With the State Council's publication of the "Decision on the Reform of the Endowment Insurance System for Staff of Institutions and Public Institutions", the news on the salary reform of public institutions is also constantly updated.

  • What are the new policies for shantytown renovation in 2015

    People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and agencies directly under the State Council: Since the publication of the State Council's Opinions on Accelerating the Modification of Shanty Towns (Guo Fa [2013] No. 25), all regions and relevant departments have increased the transformation of shanty towns Work hard to comprehensively promote the transformation of shantytowns in cities, state-owned industries and mines, state-owned forest areas (forest farms), and state-owned reclamation areas (farms). In 2013, more than 3.2 million households of various types of shantytowns were reconstructed, and more than 4.7 million households were planned to be transformed. The transformation of the shantytown was a good start.

  • What is expected to change in house prices in first-tier cities in 2015

    The industry expects that house prices in first-tier cities will rise slightly in 2015