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  • What's in the Beijing Provident Fund New Deal

    On December 16, 2015, it was reported that the Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center issued a draft of "Notice on Further Regulating the Work of Withdrawing Housing Provident Funds and Other Work". According to the opinion draft, non-Beijing nationality employees who work in Beijing and have paid for provident fund can apply to use the provident fund to buy a house in the place where their domicile is registered. [Loose Loans from Other Places] Non-Beijing citizens can use the Provident Fund, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, and the Central Bank issued last year ...

  • Private incubator becomes a new force in Shanghai's technology innovation and entrepreneurship service system

    A few computers and a few like-minded partners are just one company. There are many small and micro enterprises in the Internet field. No one can say whether young saplings can grow up, but in Shanghai, they can find a good growth environment and enter the "incubator".

  • Xinjin's destocking has achieved results.

    Since March, the property market has been bullish month by month. After red May and red June, I suddenly found that Xinjin's inventory has been removed a lot, thanks to the preferential policies issued by Xinjin in compliance with the national call. Since December of last year, relevant destocking policies have been introduced successively throughout the country. Until now,

  • What are the 2016 central bank's new mortgage policies

    The central bank issued a new policy on housing loans: In cities that do not implement “restriction on purchases”, residential households will buy commercial personal housing loans for ordinary housing for the first time. In principle, the down payment ratio is 25%, which can fluctuate by 5 percentage points.

  • Analysis of new property tax rules in Shanghai: over 60 per capita flat property tax

    After the new "National Eight Articles", Shanghai property tax has finally appeared. On January 27, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued a notice on the "Interim Measures for the Implementation of the Pilot Project on the Collection of Real Estate Taxes on Certain Individual Houses in Shanghai" and decided to start a pilot project on the collection of real estate taxes on some individual houses from the 28th.

  • Shanghai Pudong New Emperor was born with a 3 times higher premium “pressure” house prices

    After 336 rounds of fierce bidding on the spot for one hour, Pudong Development Group's largest shareholder, Pudong Development Group, won 3.775 billion yuan and won 120,000 square meters of residential land in Xinshi Town, Pudong Township, with a premium rate of 65.43% and a floor price of 18,200 yuan / square meter The total price of the first order in Shanghai is higher. Sunac Wharf, Poly, China Shipping, China Merchants and other real estate companies participated in this auction.

  • New endowment insurance policy with detailed explanation of 2015 retirement age regulations

    Recently, the 2015 retirement age regulations have recently been promulgated, and the retirement age has been extended. In this way, raising the threshold for pension benefits is indeed an inevitable trend with the increase of the life expectancy of the population. Let's take a look at the new policy and content.

  • Survey: 40% of netizens will affect home purchase plans due to "New Country Five Articles"

    Recently, the "New Country Five Articles" promulgated by the State Council has provoked extensive discussions within and outside the industry. Although there are many old-fashioned repetitions in the policy, some people in the industry have interpreted them as "mianli hidden needles." Regardless of the industry's criticism, what do home buyers think about this? The survey showed that 46.4% of netizens would change their home purchase plans due to the New Article Five.