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  • What are the effects of the destocking policy in 2015?

    Real estate in 2015 has experienced the most frequent stimulus and control in recent years, but the effect does not seem to be very large, and the inventory in many places, especially in third and fourth tier cities, is still huge. Although some projects are selling houses in the form of a small number of special-priced houses, there are still many projects or prices in many places have not fallen. The form of the area cannot be generalized. Not all real estate in all places is as reported in the news. Premises ...

  • Are we two households? Our two old men, sons and daughters-in-law are in the same household register, both of which are extensive ...

    Two household registration families

  • Conjecture of "rescue the market" policy: Chengdu home purchase tax rebates and home purchase subsidies, etc.

    A financial tsunami sweeping the world will inevitably affect the performance of the second half of the National Day Golden Week. Many buyers in Guangzhou re-examined and adjusted their plans for buying a house. In recent times, the call for the government to rescue the city has increased throughout the country. More and more cities have clearly defined the idea of "saving the city" within the limits of local government authority, offering new "saving the city" measures, such as reducing deeds and reducing second-hand housing Comprehensive taxation on transactions, relaxation of housing provident fund loan policies, reduction of construction enterprise application fees, and even direct financial subsidies to buyers.

  • What is Urumqi's purchase and settlement policy?

    As a Xinjiang government, Urumqi has always been an ideal area for people in Xinjiang to gather together to buy a house, and buying a house is also one of the convenient and quick ways to settle down. Recently, the Wuhan Municipal Government has also released a series of preferential policies on buying a house and settling down.

  • Yuhang District adjusts housing purchase policy

    The "Rules for the Implementation of the Adjustment of House Purchase in Yuhang District" notice, the implementation time will start on May 20, 2013. Prior to the formal implementation of the notice, if a commercial housing sales contract (including second-hand housing) has been signed and filed by the district housing management department, the original policy will still apply. Looking through the information, compared with the original purchase and settlement policy of Yuhang District, this adjustment tightened the settlement requirements.

  • What are the house purchase policies in 2016?

    According to statistics, more than forty cities across the country have begun to restrict purchases. According to the investigation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, purchase restrictions will not only be expanded in second- and third-tier cities. Some fourth-tier cities where housing prices have risen too fast are also likely to enter the list of restricted purchases.

  • Wuhan's first home loan interest rate is higher, a 10% discount on the second home loan policy remains unchanged

    On March 1st, the five rules of the new country were promulgated. The time is up to *. The rules will be released more than a month. During this period, the Internet crazy transfer policy will become 70% down payment for the second home + 1.3 times the loan interest rate. The city that took the lead in this statement was Beijing. On April 6, Beijing announced that the down payment for the second home loan will be increased to 70%. Will other cities including Wuhan follow suit? We do not know, but it is obvious that the major banks in Wuhan One after another tightened or even cancelled mortgage benefits.