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  • What is the interest rate for the second home loan policy?

    The new policy of the central bank: "For those who have already borrowed a house to purchase a house but the per capita area is lower than the local average level, and then apply for the purchase of a second set of ordinary self-occupied housing, the preferential policies for the first loan to purchase ordinary self-occupied housing shall be applied in the same manner." In other words, the central bank's recently announced 0.7% preferential interest rate will also apply to buyers of these two homes. Assume that buyers who meet the above conditions can enjoy preferential loan interest rates when buying a second home, with a loan of 4 ...

  • Chongqing mortgage lending slows interest rates on second homes up 10% -20%

    [Abstract] Golden Nine Silver Ten has always been one of the important time nodes of the property market. In 2013, "Golden Nine Silver Ten" has arrived, and most cities in the country have felt the "recovery" of the property market, and the enthusiasm of buyers has been ignited. With the increase in sales of commercial housing and the increase in home buyers, mortgages have also become a focus of attention.

  • What are the preferential policies for the first home loan in 2016?

    The first home is the purchase of a single home. The People's Bank of China stipulates that urban residents in China can enjoy preferential policies such as preferential mortgage interest rates and lower down payment rates when purchasing the first home. What is the preferential policy for the first home loan interest rate in 2016?

  • New enrollment policy of Xiaosheng in the three districts of Qingdao in 2015

    The enrollment plan, enrollment schools and enrollment methods in the three districts of Qingdao are as follows.

  • Chongqing Provident Fund Personal Housing Loan Introduction

    The types of loans are not clear, they are too complicated to understand, let's take a look at the types of personal provident funds for Chongqing provident fund.

  • Second home loan down payment policy recently: proportion increased to 50%

    [Abstract] Recent policies for down payment of second home loans: As soon as new economic data for the first quarter of 2010 was released, the macro-control policies of the real estate industry followed. On the 14th, Wen Jiabao presided over an executive meeting of the State Council to study and deploy policies and measures to curb excessive increases in housing prices in some cities. Among them, it is required that the first housing ratio of the second home should not be lower than 50%, and the loan interest rate should not be lower than 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate. The second suite policy is related, let's take a look!

  • 2015 Chongqing Top 5 Core Elementary Education Real Estate Searches

    Chongqing ranked in the top 5 are Bashu Primary School, Renhe Street Primary School, Renmin Primary School, Chongqing Shuren Primary School and Xiejiawan Primary School. Many parents want to buy a house next to these famous schools, and their children can go directly to the school of their choice. *, Let's take a look at the educational real estate of these famous schools!

  • Shanghai housing provident fund policy withdraws specific provident funds to repay mortgages

    Buyers will think of withdrawing the provident fund to pay back the mortgage when changing the home loan. However, there have been doubts about the specific policy provisions and related content of the withdrawal of provident funds and mortgages.