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  • Which bank is cheaper for mortgages?

    Hello, I am glad to answer your question, when applying for a home loan, which bank is good or not, there is no specific rule. Specific considerations should be made in several aspects: 1.The speed of loans.When considering whether the loans are good or bad, it is easy for everyone to ignore the speed of loans. The speed of loans is also important when comprehensively measured. Different, the bank with a high loan amount is better; 3, the loan interest rate, of course, this is more important for everyone ...

  • When buying a second-hand house, the seller's mortgage loan has not been repaid. Is it necessary to go to the bank to pay off the house sale loan?

    Yes, the former homeowner must pay off the mortgage first, so that the mortgaged real estate certificate can be retrieved from the bank. Only after obtaining the real estate certificate, the seller can sign the house online; Mortgage application

  • Buying a first-hand home loan can apply for several banks at the same time

  • Excuse me, does Standard Chartered Bank charge a housing loan? What are the requirements or conditions for early mortgage repayment?

    Standard Chartered's unsecured loans, on the surface, have very low interest rates, but: 1. Each month must pay a 0.6% handling fee (0.6% per month, 7.2% a year, a cumulative payment of 720 yuan in handling fees of 720), 2 Moreover, it is a monthly repayment, which means that a 10,000 yuan loan for one year is equivalent to only half a year. In other words, it is equivalent to borrowing 5,000 yuan a year to pay it back, but the interest is calculated at 10,000 yuan. The above two points add up to one calculation. If you calculate the interest rate of the bank mortgage, ...

  • Shenzhen first home loan interest rate raised? Which banks in Shenzhen have been raised?

    All banks have raised their lending rates, and each bank is different.

  • Mortgage interest rates continue to rise in 2018

    Xi'an's first home loan interest rate is still in a high range.