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  • Which bank is better to buy a house on loan and which bank is the easiest to loan?

    Which bank is better to buy a home loan? 1. HSBC Bank, except for Zhuhai, currently suspends its home loan business, and has greater discounts in other cities. Not only does it have a low interest rate of 85% in the second city, but buyers in the first-tier cities can enjoy an extremely low discount of 8%. 2. Of course, it is a good thing that China Construction Bank has a low loan interest rate, but it is important to borrow money to buy a house. The bank approves the mortgage and refuses you. Sorry ~ dog. To apply for a mortgage, you must find ...

  • Which bank is better to buy a house on loan? Which bank loan is easier to get approved?

    All banks are the same. If you really want to distinguish between good and bad, it depends on which bank is most convenient for you, and which bank you choose the most. As for good or bad, I think it depends on which bank in your location currently implements the policy, such as Say how much the loan interest rate goes up and down, there is no difference else, I hope to help you

  • It is not easy to make a decoration. I have compared a lot of homes, and there are two favorite ones. May I ask Changsha Yangze Decoration and Changsha Life Home ...

    My neighbor next door was looking for Yangze Decoration. I asked about the price, which is a little higher than my budget, so I simply went to a brand decoration company to do all-inclusive. However, it turned out that many of the contracts I signed were ambiguous. We did almost the same thing. After that, my price was higher than the price of the decoration of my neighbor's house. And after his house was renovated, the lamp was accidentally broken, and Yang Ze sent someone to reinstall the new one the next day ...

  • I urgently need a loan of 20,000 yuan. There is no mortgage, only the ID card and hukou book, and the guarantor can be found. Able to...

    Conditions for applying for a small unsecured loan from a postal merchant: 1. Applicant is 18 to 60 years of age, in good health, has a local account, or has lived in the locality for at least one year; has a business license issued by the industry and commerce department and qualified for annual inspection; normal business operations have been completed for three years. More than months; the main place of business is within the city (county) district. 2. Guarantee conditions: The loan amount is less than 10,000 yuan (excluding), you only need to find a guarantor, and it must be a national civil servant, public institution, large and medium-sized ...

  • Which bank saves time and money?

    You can bring a postal savings bank. If the previous house has been sold, you can get a 85% discount.

  • Is it easy to buy a home loan? Which bank is the best deal to buy a home loan?

    Yes. Conditions for applying for a loan: 1. Must have a fixed income, depending on the salary details; 2. Must be 18-65 years of age; 3. If the loan is used for business or car purchase, a guarantor and mortgage; Loan application materials: 1. Lender's ID card; 2. Lender's credit information in the past six months, and the credit information is good; 3. Lender's bank card flow in the past six months without interruption; Rental contract, real estate certificate, nearly three ...

  • What are the bank loan restrictions? Six types of people's loans are easily rejected

    Due to the lack of sufficient funds to buy a house, many buyers have chosen to “advance consumption” through the loan method, pay a part of the down payment first, and then repay the remaining loan by monthly payment. This can alleviate the financial pressure of buyers, while ensuring their own living standards.

  • Who is easier to apply for bank loan interest rate benefits?

    Whether banks offer preferential interest rates usually takes into account the qualifications of their customers and their contribution to the bank. Each bank's qualification rating system will convert each customer's information into scores, and those with a higher score will easily get preferential interest rates. However, banks usually do not publish the criteria for conversion of scores. The following 12 categories are more likely to apply for preferential interest rates.