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  • How to handle Tianjin unsecured loan procedures?

  • I ’m from Beijing. I have a house in Beijing, and I have loans that are not finished. Can I buy a house in Haihu New District? have what...

    You can buy a house, but the down payment is 60% because you have a house in your name

  • What is the loan handling fee charged by the intermediary? Is this money going to the bank?

    Loan fees are intermediary, thank you

  • Urgent question: the relationship between the transfer of second-hand housing in Shanghai and the procedures for the provident fund loan

    Find an intermediary company, everything will be solved for you

  • What are the procedures for housing provident fund loans in Guangzhou?

    Documents required for personal housing provident fund loan: 1. The borrower fills in the “Application for Early Repayment of Housing Provident Fund Loan of Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center” or “Application for Advance Repayment of Partial Loan of Housing Provident Fund Loan of Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center” and signs (Original) 2. Advance conditions: a) the repayment period has been over one year; b) the applicant has not overdue under the current status; c) ...

  • What is the handling fee for Xiamen Housing Provident Fund loan? Is it proportional?

    Applying for a housing provident fund is a particularly tiring thing. It requires a lot of formalities (various certificates). There are not many fees that need to be paid. If you have all the certificates, you can go to a notary office to apply for a notarization. , Buy some forms, it seems to be 10 or 20 yuan and then take the purchased form, after filling out, go to the housing management center to get a mortgage red card, this procedure can be handled by yourself, you can also find an agent for it, no cost Can bargain, she ...

  • Can I borrow a house? What are the house loan procedures?

    The house that has not paid off the loan is still under mortgage and cannot be traded on the market. However, in real life, it can be achieved through some methods: Method 1: Re-mortgage The so-called "re-mortgage" refers to the sale or transfer of personal housing Apply for a third person to apply for a personal housing loan to change the loan period, change the borrower, or change the mortgage loan. However, it is understood that there are few banks that can do sub-mortgage at present, and some cities such as Beijing have long stopped sub-mortgaging, so this ...

  • What about business loan procedures? I want to find out.

    Generally it is 4-8 times your monthly income not more than 10 times, proof of residence (rental is also possible). The specific amount is calculated based on your monthly income, and you need to have a stable job and income, proof of work and income. Generally required to provide an ID card, no bad overdue repayment records, different loans involve different procedures

  • How to handle new house loan procedures

    Housing mortgage loan process 1. The developer proposes a mortgage loan cooperation intention to the lending bank; 2. The lending bank develops the developer's development project, construction qualifications, credit rating, person in charge, corporate social goodwill, technical strength, operating status, financial situation Conduct an investigation and sign a mortgage loan cooperation agreement with a qualified developer; 3, the buyer and the developer sign a "commercial housing sales contract", and in accordance with the contract requirements, pay the required down payment of the house; 4, self-payment ...

  • What is the Leshan Housing Provident Fund commercial loan to provident fund loan procedure?

    1. The application and approval of provident fund transfer loans shall be handled in accordance with the procedures for application and approval of provident fund loans. 2. After approval, Leshan Housing Provident Fund Management Center will issue the “Notice of Entrusted Loan for Personal Housing Provident Fund”; 3. The applicant shall hold the “Notice of Entrusted Loan for Personal Housing Provident Fund” and related materials to the local Housing Provident Fund Management Center. Entrusted bank to open a repayment account and sign the "Personal Housing Provident Fund Commission ...

  • Is the house mortgage loan procedure OK? How to apply for a house mortgage loan? What procedures are needed?

    The difference between the requirements of the first mortgage and the second mortgage of the house: the first mortgage of the house must meet the conditions 1. The borrower has full civil capacity; 2. The borrower has a legal and stable source of income, repayment ability and willingness to repay; 3 The borrower's personal credit is good; 4. The individual and the house have the conditions for a mortgage loan; 5. The other conditions required by the loan institution are met. In addition to meeting the above requirements, secondary mortgages also need to meet two conditions 1, borrow ...

  • How much is the mortgage loan fee

    Cost: 100 yuan; Notarization fee: 300-600 yuan; Evaluation fee: 1.5 / 1000 to 3/1000; others are not there. If it is handled by a guarantee company, a guarantee fee is required.

  • What is the commercial housing loan procedure? Commercial housing loan process

    I. Submit relevant commercial housing information. Before the borrower applies for a loan, please find out whether the purchased building has a bank mortgage loan commitment letter from the bank. Then, the borrower applies for a personal housing mortgage loan and fills out the Loan Application Approval Form. Commodity housing customs materials (payment of the first installment certificate, sales contract, ID card, economic income source certificate and other originals, photocopy) submitted to the loan bank II, commercial housing developer signed as a loan guarantor in the loan application approval form "guarantee ...

  • What is the mortgage loan handling fee?

    House loan handling fee algorithm: Housing mortgage loan handling fee generally includes mortgage handling fee, registration fee, file utilization fee, etc. The amount of housing mortgage loan handling fee depends on which bank loan. Generally, the mortgage company's fees are around 1500-2000; but if the mortgage fee of the house transaction in the intermediary company is generally charged the "loan amount * 1.2%" fee . Home loans, also known as home mortgages, are provided by home buyers to loan banks ...

  • When do group purchases go through bank loan formalities

  • I am going to buy a house for my son, but my son is not at home, he can't come back to work in a field, and he doesn't return when he signs the contract ...

    The bank loan and the signature of the real estate bureau must be in person.

  • Essential knowledge for novice buyers! Full analysis of the procedures for buying a house loan!

    Loans to buy new homes have become the preferred means of buying homes for the majority of home buyers. If the repayment date is prolonged, the pressure will be much less. The procedures involve many aspects, and people who are new to it will find it very troublesome. In fact, as long as you master the main steps in buying a house, you can easily buy your own new house. Next, let ’s talk about buying a house.

  • What are the procedures for applying for a loan?

    [Abstract] When selling real estate, loans have become a quick way to buy a house in the minds of citizens. What are the procedures for buying a house loan?

  • What are the procedures for using a real estate certificate loan?

    Editor's note: What are the procedures for using a real estate license loan, and how much can I use a real estate license loan? Many people don't know about this. The real estate certificate is used as proof of house property rights, and the borrower can mortgage it to obtain a loan. It should be noted that when using a real estate certificate to mortgage a loan, other application materials are still needed, such as the borrower's (and spouse's) ID card, household register, marriage certificate, and income certificate.

  • What are the conditions for a mortgage to buy a house?

    The purchase of a mortgage is closely related to the ordinary people. Knowing the steps of buying a mortgage can make it easy to buy a house. So, what are the conditions for buying a mortgage? The author collects information to help you sort out the mortgage loan process for buying and selling commercial housing.