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  • Which bank loan rate is low? Thank you

    There are only two banks for provident fund loans. One is a rural commercial bank and the other is CCB. The interest rate is 4.9 uniform.

  • What is the interest rate on bank mortgages? Which bank loan has the lowest interest rate? What is the minimum?

    Miss Milk Tea: The introduction of a new tax in 2019 is closely related to our daily lives. Because this includes six special additional deductions such as child education, continuing education, critical illness medical care, housing loan interest, residential rent and pensions. In plain words, as long as you meet the above 6 conditions and daily wages reach more than 5,000 yuan, you can reduce or exempt a lot of personal income tax. This is not directly related to buying a house, but the reduction of personal income tax, ...

  • Which bank has the lowest mortgage rate? Which bank has the lowest interest rate? What is the minimum?

    On March 9th, Pan Gongsheng, deputy governor of the central bank, said in response to a reporter's question: Recently, the mortgage interest rate has risen slightly, but in the long term, it is still at a relatively low level. The People's Bank of China will urge commercial banks to strictly implement differentiated housing credit policies, implement differentiated pricing for housing loans, and actively support the reasonable demand of residents, especially new citizens, to buy a house. Although the mortgage interest rate generally rises by 10% -20%, from a long historical perspective, the current mortgage interest rate ...

  • My account is a collective account in Shenzhen. I paid for social security for 3 years. I plan to buy the first suite in Shenzhen. What percentage of down payment is required now ...

    The loan interest rate benchmark is around, unless you are very good in all aspects, you can apply for a small discount. For ordinary customers, the down payment is 30%. I am a Shenzhen loan officer of Guangfa Bank.

  • Will the increase in bank loan interest rates affect CPF loans?

    The increase in the provident fund loan interest rate will not affect your loan interest rate this year. From January 1 next year, the interest on your remaining loan balance will be calculated based on the new loan interest rate. That is to say, from January 1 next year, the interest you have to pay back has increased.

  • Changsha now offers 20% off lower interest rate for third suite

    The topic of loosening housing loans has not stopped the hot discussion after the central bank issued a notice on September 30. For all buyers, the change in policy means the change in the property market. Some people take the opportunity to decisively start, and some people Continue to wait and see, waiting for a better time, many people wait for the implementation of the specific measures of the banks after the loosening of mortgages. And there is a bank in Changsha that has officially issued a document to implement the new policy. What is even more surprising is the policy of a 20% discount on the lower interest rate for the third suite.

  • Chongqing's first home loan interest rate hits a 10% discount on November

    At the end of October 2015, the central bank's "double-down" again reduced the interest rate on bank housing loans. Recently, a report released showed that the average interest rate of the first home loan in Chongqing was only 4.45%, and the average discount was 9.07% of the benchmark interest rate.

  • Many banks' first home loan rates are 10% lower, February mortgage data fell

    Many banks' first home loan rates are 10% lower, February mortgage data fell