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  • What are the requirements for Xi'an second-hand housing loan policy? What materials do I need to provide if I buy a second-hand house

    The conditions for second-hand housing loans in Xi'an must be: the "House Ownership Certificate" has been obtained; the age of the house applying for the loan is within the prescribed period of the bank and is not within the scope of relocation; the borrower has a relatively fixed job and the ability to repay the loan. Other conditions are: second-hand housing sale contract; real estate value assessment report; payment voucher for the first payment of the purchased house; borrower's income certificate; borrower's personal information, including ID card, household register, education certificate, etc. ...

  • Excuse me, what is the current second-hand housing loan policy? Would love to know

    If you do not have a bad loan record and are buying a house for the first time, some banks will have discounts on interest rates, such as a 30% discount from the Bank of China. Regarding deed tax, deed tax can be refunded for houses bought before June 30, 2009, which is equivalent to no. The country now promotes consumption. Real estate is the largest consumer industry, which can stimulate many related industries. In the future, more related policies on real estate will be introduced.

  • Notes on Xi'an Second-hand Housing Loan Policy

    The increasingly tight second-hand housing market has prompted more buyers to pay more and more attention to second-hand housing related policies. Among them, how to successfully apply for second-hand housing loans in Xi'an has become the focus of attention of many people.

  • Second-hand housing loan policy tightens, small apartment listings "favored"

    Second-hand housing loan policy is tightening. Small apartment listings are “favored.” With the intensification of credit control, the bank's preferential discounts have gradually disappeared. "Wei Jia An Jie" found from a recent customer consultation that a number of "small apartment" listings have higher demand in the second-hand housing market. With the increase in the cost of buying a house, the tendency of buyers to choose a home has also shifted.

  • What are the Jinan second-hand housing loan policies?

    There are many policies for buying a house, and loans for buying a house are no exception. Let's take a look at the Jinan second-hand housing loan policies.

  • Dalian second-hand housing loan policy

    Second-hand housing is the common name of the secondary market for real estate property rights transactions, which is relative to the commercial housing in the hands of developers, including commercial housing, second-hand public housing (housing reformed housing) that allows listing and trading, destabilizing housing, demolition housing, self-built housing, and economical Room, limited price room. So, what is the policy for Dalian second-hand housing loans?

  • After paying off the loan, buy a second-hand housing loan policy according to a set

    Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Core that the core has issued the “Notice on Adjusting Related Policies for Housing Provident Fund Loans” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). Employees use housing provident fund loans to buy second-hand housing. 20%, the duration of second-hand housing loans is appropriately extended. At the same time, the off-site loan conditions for Hangzhou's extraterritorial provident funds have also been officially relaxed.

  • Recent Developments of Taizhou Second-hand Housing Loan Policy Adjustment

    Taizhou's second-hand housing loan policy * has been adjusted and is levied based on 20% of the transfer income. According to the requirements of the State Council's "Article Five" rules, anyone who can check the original value must follow the method of inspection and collection, which is 20% of the so-called difference. What's behind the adjustments?

  • How much do Quanzhou second-hand housing loan policies know?

    Nowadays, in Quanzhou, home buyers using loans to buy second-hand housing is no longer a new topic. Loans to buy a house are increasingly accepted by local residents. However, the continuous changes in second-hand housing loan policies have caused some problems for local residents. How should we handle second-hand housing loans? What are the rates for second-hand housing loans?

  • Nanchang second-hand housing loan policy remains unchanged at 60% down payment

    Compared with the case where the down payment ratio for the second provident fund of the Beijing Provident Fund is raised to 70%, Nanchang's second-hand housing loan policy has not changed, still at 60%

  • Guilin second-hand housing loan policy adjustment

    Guilin's second-hand housing loan policy * has been adjusted and levied based on 20% of the income from the transfer. According to the requirements of the State Council's "Article Five" rules, anyone who can check the original value must follow the method of inspection and collection, which is 20% of the so-called difference.

  • Do you know Qingdao second-hand housing loan policy

    What is the policy for second-hand housing loans in Qingdao? What are the conditions? What materials should be prepared? Let's take a look together. Second-hand house sale, also known as stock house sale, is the process by which the buyer pays the house, the seller delivers the house to the buyer, and completes the transfer registration process.

  • Do you know the Quanzhou second-hand housing loan policy

    I have learned from many state-owned and commercial banks that except for a few state-owned banks, the interest rate on first home loans has remained at the benchmark rate, and most banks have generally raised the interest rate on second-hand housing loans. Among them, the interest rate on the first home loan increased by 5% -15%, and the interest rate on the second home loan increased even more, generally in the range of 15% -20%. Some banks have even suspended the second-hand housing mortgage business. Now let's take a closer look at the second-hand housing loan policy in Quanzhou. Provide references for future loans to buy a house.

  • Know about Zhuzhou second-hand housing loan policy

    With the sharp increase in housing prices in Zhuzhou, local residents gradually turned their attention to second-hand housing. Compared with new homes, when buying second-hand homes, buyers also face the problem of mortgages. So what problems should we pay attention to in the process of applying for a housing loan from a bank? The following editors will go into Zhuzhou second-hand housing loan to buy a house with everyone.

  • Contents of Wuxi second-hand housing loan policy

    Second-hand housing loans are a form of credit activity in which banks or other financial institutions lend monetary funds according to certain interest rates and must be repaid. Loans in a broad sense refer to the collective term of loans, such as loans, discounts, and overdrafts. The bank puts out the concentrated currency and monetary funds through loans, which can meet the self-requirement and self-accumulation of supplementary funds for expanded reproduction in society. What about Wuxi's second-hand housing loan policy? Let's look down.

  • Know how Shaoxing second-hand housing loan policy

    When it comes to second-hand housing loans, I believe that most buyers in Shaoxing will not be unfamiliar. However, it is not unfamiliar and it does not mean that they are very familiar with it. Many Shaoxing home buyers report to this site for help. Indeed, there are quite a lot of preliminary preparations for second-hand housing loans. So how do we prepare for that? We will face this topic below.

  • How to buy a second-hand house? Second-hand housing loan policy

    How to buy a second-hand house? What is the second-hand housing sale loan policy? As a small editor after 90s, when I bought a house, I studied the second-hand housing market in detail, just for the sake of selfishness, that is, buying a second-hand house with a simple decoration, just don't move too much, just for this, I also learn I've shared a lot of knowledge in this area.

  • Analysis of Ganzhou second-hand housing loan policy

    In recent years, in accordance with the relevant national macro-control requirements for real estate, the housing loan policies for individual housing provident funds have been adjusted several times. The current personal housing loan policy satisfies the rigid purchase loan needs of depositing employees. In order to further implement the current loan policy and regulate the personal housing loan business, Xiaobian will now take you to analyze in detail the Ganzhou second-hand housing loan policy. Provide guidance for you to buy a house with a loan in the future.

  • Shenzhen second-hand housing loan policy analysis

    The “money shortage” of banks so far in June has caused buyers of second-hand housing to be swept away, not only because the difficulty of loans has increased greatly, but the “rising interest rates” have become commonplace. After September, the interest rate of second-hand housing loans increased by 10% is the average level, the higher up to 20%, the cold winter of second-hand housing has fallen, and it is suggested that buyers can choose to enter the market themselves after the year. Now let ’s take a closer look at the second-hand housing loan policy in Shenzhen. Provide references for future loans to buy a house.

  • What are the Shenyang second-hand housing loan policies?

    Second-hand housing loans refer to the loan business where buyers purchase mortgages from buildings traded on the secondary housing market, apply for loans from banks to pay for home purchases, and then the buyers pay the bank's principal and interest in installments. So what are the policies for second-hand housing loans in Shenyang? Let's find out together!