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  • What is the quality of the house in the sale of commercial real estate? Can I check out if there is a quality problem?

    There are many types of house quality problems, ranging from water seepage on the wall to tilting of the house. Such big problems as the unqualified quality of the main structure of the house are "hard injuries" of the house. This situation rarely occurs because Such a problem is difficult for developers to get the "Completion Record Form" and cannot hand over the house.

  • How is the hardcover room accepted? How to consider the quality of the house?

    Please inspect the company. General hardcover room inspection requires three master services. In addition to inspection and professional inspection of the house's infrastructure water, electricity, tile, wood and oil, whether the decoration list is consistent with the real thing, whether the decoration materials and construction quality are qualified are also inspection Important content. The professional standards of house inspection companies vary, so you must choose a prestigious and experienced house inspection company.

  • Home quality is key

  • What should I do if there is a problem with the house warranty? How long is the country's stipulated house quality warranty period?

    The warranty period of the commercial house is calculated from the day the buyer purchases the house. The specific warranty period and scope are as follows: 1. The foundation and main structure are within a reasonable service life. 2. The waterproofing of the roof and exterior wall is 3 years. 3. The kitchen Waterproof for bathroom and bathroom for 1 year4, Basement and pipeline leakage for 1 year5, Internal wall surface, ceiling plastering layer falling off and external wall plastering automatically falling off for 1 year6, ground hollow, cracks, large area of sand 1 year 7, cracked doors and windows, hardware and ...

  • We are the owner of the second phase of Jiangshan Dijing in Yuelu District, a real estate project developed by Hunan Chushengyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. ...

    Indeed, everyone is united to defend their rights! So angry!

  • What is the importance of house quality? Who knows?

    According to the requirements of the "Dangerous House Appraisal Standards" industry standard of the People's Republic of China [JGJ125-99], the house appraisal report will assign four grades of A / B / C / D to the appraised houses. Among them: Class A: The structural bearing capacity can meet the requirements for normal use, and no dangerous points have been found on the structural safety of the house. Class B: The structural bearing capacity can basically meet the requirements for normal use, and individual structural members are in a dangerous state, but do not affect the main structure, which basically meets normal use ...

  • How long is the national warranty period for housing quality?

    The warranty period of a commercial residence shall not be shorter than the duration of the agreed warranty period issued by the construction contractor to the construction unit; if the duration is shorter than the minimum warranty period determined in the Regulations, the warranty period shall not be lower than the Regulations The minimum warranty period determined in the following: roof waterproofing for 3 years; wall, kitchen and bathroom floor, basement, and pipe leakage for 1 year; wall and top plastering layer falling off for 1 year; hollow floor cracking and large area of sand 1. ..

  • What aspects of the inspection of the house start?

    The structure is the skeleton of the house, and its quality is of paramount importance, but in practice it is ignored or abandoned by buyers because of the difficulty of acceptance. The purchaser may require the developer to show the acceptance report of the building and structural supervision by the construction quality supervision station, and pay attention to whether the quality level indicated in the report is qualified or excellent and high quality. If it is not qualified, the house cannot be lived. If possible, buyers should also know the material, specifications of steel, the marking of cement, the grade of wood and the bricks ...

  • How to see the quality of the house?

    All kinds of contradictions are most likely to occur when the house is handed over. For example, the developer's unreasonable requirements for the first inspection and subsequent inspection, or the owner found a large number of house quality problems and hidden safety hazards during the inspection, leading to checkout. So, what is the standard for handing over a new house? How to check the quality of the rough room, how to inspect the room? What are the precautions and procedures for a home inspection? This issue will be answered one by one. First, when handing over the blank room, you should refer to the following standards 1. All exterior finishes, including sun ...

  • After the mortgage was approved, I had to check out with the developer due to the quality of the house. Will my mortgage continue to be paid? ...

    First of all, due to the cancellation of the house purchase contract, all the money received by the developer from the buyer should be returned to the buyer. Then, the buyer should follow Article 32, paragraph 5 of the "General Principles of Loans": the borrower repays the loan in advance, and should negotiate with the lender to negotiate with the bank to return the principal and interest of the remaining loan (part of the principal and interest have been returned monthly) Return it to the bank in advance.

  • Go to the site to see the quality of the house. What should be checked specifically?

    On-site quality inspection, mainly check the following: check the floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows, various pipeline facilities, sanitary ware, supporting kitchen utensils, reserved power sockets, telephone jacks, and antenna jacks in each hall, aisle Whether there is any quality problem or unreasonable setting of the hardware, water, heating, gas, etc. For serious problems found through observation, such as cracks and leaks, you should ask the sales unit to explain and explain. If you cannot get a satisfactory answer, the buyer should ask a professional ...

  • What to do if there is a problem with the quality of the house

    First, the quality of the main structure of the house. According to Article 32 of the “Regulations on the Management and Administration of Urban Real Estate Development”, after the commercial house is delivered for use, if the purchaser believes that the quality of the main structure is unqualified, it may apply to the engineering quality supervision unit for re-inspection. If it is verified that the quality of the main structure is unqualified, the purchaser has the right to check out; if it causes losses to the purchaser, the real estate development enterprise shall be liable for compensation according to law. "Administrative Measures for the Sales of Commercial Housing" Thirtieth ...

  • Who knows how long is the warranty period for a house?

    The sale of a house is also a kind of commodity transaction. Naturally, the commodity house of a sale transaction also has a warranty period. However, as a building, unless there is a quality problem, maintenance is generally not involved. If the house leaks rain Or the condition of the crack can be repaired. Whoever repairs depends on the warranty period of the house. So how long is the warranty period of the house? What does the house warranty period mean? The housing warranty period is for the real estate development enterprises should

  • In the face of overdue property developers' delivery, the real estate certificate has not been applied for on time, and there is also a problem with the quality of the house. These are difficult to communicate with the developer ...

    Compared with other lawsuits, this kind of lawsuit is not particularly complicated in terms of procedures. The difficulty and the key problem are that the valid chain of evidence supports the owner's litigation request, and the collection and arrangement of such evidence is more professional. But this solution is currently the most effective

  • How to carry out house quality acceptance?

    Acceptance can be carried out from the following aspects: 1. Looking at the wall Now, looking at the condition of the wall has become the most important issue in the acceptance of the house. To accept this, it is best to go to the house the next day after it rains. At this time, if there is a problem such as water leakage on the wall, it is almost impenetrable. In addition, it is to see if the wall is cracked, which is also the first step to check the quality of the project. 2. The current renovation project of hydropower inspection, most hydropower equipment will be replaced later, so ...

  • What are the major issues in housing quality?

    1. Wall cracks and floor cracks. 2. Leakage. Pay attention to the horizontal leakage from the kitchen and bathroom, and the leakage downstairs. If the water leaks to the neighbor's house downstairs? Your home must have a hard time, and pay attention to whether there are water stains on the ceiling or under the windowsill. 3. The quality of the upper and lower water often requires an inspection cycle to see the problem. You can start the water flow at the scene, check the water pressure, and try the drainage speed. If the house inspection ...

  • What are the standards for building quality testing?

    For home buyers in the quality inspection room, what must be done to test the quality of the house? What categories are they divided into? In order to avoid the situation of unqualified house quality, what standards should be followed for house quality inspection?

  • How to check the quality of the house

    The acceptance of a house is a very important task. If you don't notice when you are in trouble, you don't know who to look for. So, how to check the quality of the house? What should be paid attention to when guaranteeing the house? The following is some relevant information. Friends in need can look at it.

  • The four elements of quality acceptance of hardcover houses must be known

    One of the common disputes over the purchase of commercial housing is the dispute over housing quality. In particular, buying a hardcover room can really save people a lot of trouble when they move in, but buyers must not take it lightly. What is included in the acceptance of house quality? The following four main points of house acceptance must be clearly seen.