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  • How to check the blank room? What are the precautions for acceptance of the blank room?

    After buying a house, the acceptance of the house is the most concerned by every buyer. Many people are also laymen for the acceptance of the Mao embryo house. The quality of the acceptance of the Mao embryo house directly affects the future quality of life. Precautions, so it is particularly important to understand the acceptance criteria and details of acceptance notices. At the time of closing, you need to pay attention to the following details: 1 is to check whether all the windows and doors in the blank room are damaged, the accessories are complete, and the details (strong and weak ...

  • How to accept the blank room? Which ones need attention?

    Four major considerations for the acceptance of the blank room: 1. Check the house for cracks: carefully check for cracks on the ground and roof of the house. If there are cracks, look at the cracks; see if there are cracks in the exterior wall of the house. Cracks are also a serious quality problem; see if there are cracks in the load-bearing wall. If the cracks run through the entire wall and behind it, it means that the house has a hidden danger. Buyers of this type of house must not be lucky. Second, check whether the house is tilted: ...

  • How to check the new house? How to check the new house?

    The acceptance of the new house will directly affect whether your future house decoration can be smoothly carried out and completed with high quality. Therefore, we must pay attention to the acceptance of new houses. Most owners do not understand how to check and accept new houses. They often value the finished products after decoration, as long as they are beautiful and in line with their style, so they ignore many small details of house inspections. Do not be too happy to get the keys to the new house, and ignore the acceptance of the entire house ...

  • How to check the blank room? What precautions?

    I was finally handing in the room, and I was very happy to get the keys. I was busy preparing for materials during this time. But at the same time when the house is handed over, you must learn how to inspect the house when the house is handed over, otherwise the developer will not know it. Because there may be some small links that have been ignored and I am not very clear. Then in this case, you need to learn some skills and be more helpful to yourself! What are the blank house inspection processes? What matters? Continue ...

  • How to check a blank house?

    I. The notice of house requisition is based on the time stipulated in the house requisition notice. If the buyer does not go through the relevant procedures at the designated place within the agreed time, it is generally considered that the developer has actually delivered the house to the buyer. The time agreed on the house requisition notice is generally short. It is inevitable that some owners have delayed the house requisition due to circumstances. If they know that the time exceeds the agreed time, they will be considered as automatic house requisition. The amount is the same, the property fee is received from the pass ...

  • What is the living condition of Taizhou New Town? What is the living environment of New Town?

    What is the living condition of Taizhou New Town? What is the living environment of New Town? The new town is located in the Taizhou South Station living circle. The surrounding traffic is smooth and complete. The living environment is better. There are only ten sets left.

  • How to buy a house with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan

    Tuoji Dingyuan Mansion officially started to raise funds for houses in Buildings 19 and 20 on April 13. The estimated price is 7000 ~ 7500 yuan / ㎡, and 4000 yuan will be paid to open the house and the purchase price will be reduced by 4000. In addition, it will be worth 6000 yuan for home appliances. Mansion Sales Hotline: 400-7055-808 ext. 363

  • Are you suitable for buying an apartment in Yongqing Yishangkong? What talent is suitable for buying?

    Apartment houses are still quite common now. I believe that people often hear single apartments, white-collar apartments, etc. In fact, these are several types of housing subdivided from apartment houses. There is definitely a difference between apartment houses and houses.

  • Which property is better in Xia Garden-How is Xia Garden Alcadia Community

    Which real estate in Xia Garden is good-how about Xia Garden's Alcadia neighborhood, everyone must like the beautiful things. Of course, when you encounter a good house, you will certainly not forget it. Many people in metropolises now have the idea of fleeing the crowds, such as Beijingers, and some of them are eager to live in a good place with mountains and water. In this way, Xiahuayuan has certain advantages as a surrounding Beijing area. In this regard, Xiaobian will first introduce the Xiahuayuan Alcadia community today.