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  • l May I ask what time the building will be picked up

  • The developer did not complete the comprehensive acceptance procedures, and required the owner to take the house and not pay the penalty for the extension of the house.

    According to the agreement in the sales contract for commercial housing signed by the developer and the owner, the commercial housing can be delivered after passing the experience acceptance or comprehensive acceptance and instalment acceptance. Article 11 of the contract stipulates that after the commercial house has reached the conditions for delivery and use, the seller shall notify the buyer in writing or by telephone to complete the delivery formalities. When the two parties conduct the acceptance and delivery, the seller shall present the certification documents specified in Article 8 of the contract and sign the house Delivery order, if the purchased commercial house is residential, the seller ...

  • What documents do you need when picking up a new house?

  • When are the 10 buildings picking up?

    The specific delivery time is subject to the delivery time signed on the purchase contract

  • What time does the building pick up? ?

    Shuimu Nianhua Building 2 is expected to be delivered in August 2012. For details, please contact the sales office at 400-7055-111 ext. 14946

  • Is it reasonable to pay more than 1,000 yuan for the digital TV installation fee when you pick up the room?

    It is unreasonable. First, there is no installation fee for cable TV. There is no closed circuit for the developer. He charges it, and I do n’t want it.

  • We bought 35! Said to pick up the house this June! Why hasn't the housing provident fund come down yet?

  • Due to the expiration of the house delivery time, the developer agreed to receive the house decoration first, and promised that the follow-up projects such as greening and roads would do their best ...

    Let's go to the court.

  • What kind of information do you need to do your own property right after receiving the house? Why?

    You can bring your home purchase contract, original and photocopy of your hukou, original ID and photocopy, marriage certificate (original and photocopy of marriage certificate or original unmarried certificate above county level), social security checklist for 13 consecutive months and no Original housing certificate, the specific answer is on (

  • What are the steps to pick up a second-hand house? Is it personally clearer?

    Provide "Residential Quality Assurance" and "Residential Use Instructions" According to the "Regulations on the Implementation of Residential Quality Assurance and Residual Use Instructions System for Commodity Houses" and other related regulations, when commercial houses are delivered for use, residential quality guarantees and residential use instructions should be provided. The regulation stipulates that the "Residential Quality Guarantee" is a legal document for developers to assume the quality responsibility for the sale of commercial dwellings.

  • The time to pick up the house on the contract is March 2012. It is too early. When can I pick up the house?

    Joint other owners to find developers to claim compensation.

  • How many houses in Huayu Tiangong Flower City will pick up houses in June?

  • How long can the developer refund the deed tax after receiving the house?

    General Procedures Real Estate Certificate (1) Within one month of the real estate transaction between the buyer and the seller, they shall hold the house purchase contract and other documents to register with the real estate exchange. To go through the registration process, you need to bring your ID card, household register, and "Commercial Housing Sales Contract" and other documents and materials. (2) After the buyer and the seller receive the notification of the transfer formalities from the exchange, they should bring their ID cards, account books, stamps, etc., and they can complete the transfer after paying the handling fee, deed tax, stamp tax ...

  • What kind of certificate do the developers need to give the owners?

    Hello! The delivery process is as follows: 1. The developer notifies the purchaser in writing of the acceptance and handover of the house within the agreed time. 2. The documents and other relevant materials required by the business presiding notice shall be inspected at the place designated by the real estate development enterprise within the time limit required by the notice of occupancy, and the written documents that the real estate development enterprise shall obtain according to law shall be inspected. (Such as "two books and one table"); "two books" refers to "Residential Quality Guarantee", "Residential Manual", ...

  • Can anyone pick up my house with my purchase contract?

    Yes, there is no time limit for this, even if the reissue is dropped, because it is already in the file after the online visa

  • Can I pick up the room after 12 noon?

    Sales office free consultation phone 400-7052-211 ext. 1246

  • The owners of Qingyuan united and resolutely refused to pick up the house. When they bought the house, they didn't tell us to repair the garbage disposal station. To us ...

    According to the agreement in the contract, you can find a developer to claim a delayed payment of the house.

  • What is the function of the notice

    What is the purpose of the house pick-up notice? Since the house acceptance notice serves as a notification, the content should be clear, to avoid the owner * entanglement with the reasons of unknown location, incomplete materials, and unprepared expenses, etc., for failing to collect the house in a timely manner, shirk responsibility, and note at the end of the notice Make sure to ask for the phone in case you missed it. Second, the fixed effect on home delivery time

  • Jinke Star Clearwater Room received a house in March 2017 (Figure)

    The first phase of Jinke Stars Liquidation Special is 58/64 square meters in clear water, with an average price of about 7,500 yuan; 75 square meters in a complete package, with an average price of 8,000 yuan.

  • Dialogue: Pick-up room encounters "toxic" air

    With the hot sales of commercial houses in the previous two years, many pre-sale commercial houses have gradually reached the delivery date this year. Moving into a new home would have been a joy, but the indoor air quality in some newly built homes is not optimistic. To this end, he uniquely interviewed Wang Yudan, the first-class engineer and director of the Chongqing Environmental Monitoring Core Indoor Environmental Monitoring Office, to review the indoor air pollution problems and countermeasures of new houses that the owners are concerned about.