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  • Mao embryo house inspection process and precautions

    Blank room inspection process 1. All the external finishes of the blank room, including the exterior finishes of the balcony and rain cover, should be completed according to the design documents. 2. If the rooms within the household door adopt prefabricated floor slabs or cast-in-place slab ceilings, they should not be plastered and leveled with putty to achieve dense board joints and no cracks, smooth and smooth without rubbing, and the surface should be flat and the color and color should be basically uniform. The line angle is straight; the ground floor concrete of each room within the door should be flat and compact to achieve a firm bond ...

  • What are the acceptance notices on the inspection form of the hair embryo house?

    Notes for new house inspection: 1. Remember to inspect the house according to the acceptance form and keep it with the acceptance form required by the developer. Be sure to inspect each one against the entity when inspecting. 2. Don't let the property management personnel sent by the developer accompany you when inspecting the house. They will influence your thinking. 3. If it is indicated in the inspection list that the house has not been inspected, the house will have serious quality problems in the later process, and the developer cannot draw a line and shirk responsibility. 4.House one ...

  • What are the precautions for the inspection of the lower embryo house? The more detailed the better! introduce! Thank you!

    First, the blank room inspection process 1, wall a, check whether the wall is cracked. b. Check whether there are empty drums on each wall surface. Knock the wall with a small wooden hammer or other things. The sound made when knocking on the empty drums is not true. It can be easily heard. Marking needs to be rectified! c. Check the wall surface. Putty, whether it is waterproof putty, you can bring a bottle of mineral water, pour water on the wall, touch it with your hand to see if there is mud in your hand, if not, it proves that the water-resistant putty on the wall is qualified.

  • How to check the room? How to check the room?

    Buying a house for inspection is a very important process, and it is the same for buying a rough house. Many people forget that there is a blank house inspection process. Most of my friends thought that everything would be fine with the keys to the new house, but it was not. No matter what kind of situation you are in, what kind of mentality, the family inspection home inspection must remind everyone that we must pay attention to the blank room inspection. So what is the inspection of the blank room inspection? 1. Net area Measure the actual area of the room with a ruler. According to the house transfer book ...

  • How to check the room when the blank is delivered?

    What is a rough house? A rough house is also called an “initial decoration house”. The rough house has not been refurbished in nature, but it also needs to be thoroughly inspected, and the acceptance of the rough house must be done well. If the blank house has no problems when it is checked out, it will be troublesome to deal with the problem once it is exposed after the renovation, and it will have to be renovated after the overhaul. So, how to check the room when the blank room is handed over? How to deal with the problem of the blank room inspection? Let's take a look together. ...

  • How to decorate the furry house

    There are always many places to be developed in the rough house, and the space that can be used is the largest. In this set of cases, the designer started from the pattern of the furry house, first extended the lines of the porch, introduced the bright lines of sunlight, and the wallpaper extending from the end view wall, connected the guest restaurant space to form an effective whole. Cutting to create an orderly mansion space. Case: 241 flat American furry house Main building materials: marble, wallpaper, art frame ...

  • Can the new house fur embryo be wallpapered? May I?

  • Can the new house fur embryo be wallpapered? May I?

    The wall surface should be filled with a lot of gypsum waterproof putty twice, and then polished and flattened. The price varies from place to place. The wallpaper is 6 yuan per square meter. The simpler way to paste the wallpaper is wall treatment: use scraper and sandpaper to remove wall impurities, floating soil Remove the cracks in the cavity and smooth them with gypsum powder. If the wall texture is soft or powdery, you should first apply the wallpaper glue to make the wall firm so that the wallpaper will not fall off.

  • I'm from Jiaxing Tongxiang, in the 11th floor of the 11th-floor Maofang room in the southwest of Hangzhou Linping Kangcheng International Phase II ...

    Cannes International's location is good, this price is ok.

  • How to check the hair embryo house? What are the precautions?

    There are several aspects to pay attention to during the inspection of the blanks: the layout and configuration of the house, the main body of the house, the pipes, the strong and weak electricity, and the waterproof project. Mao embryo house inspection is an indispensable step before closing the house. Mastering these precautions for Mao embryo house inspection will do more with less. 1. House layout and configuration First of all, according to the purchase contract, pay attention to check whether the layout of the house is consistent with the contract, and whether the access channels, indoor lighting, ventilation, floor height, etc. meet the requirements ...

  • When the house was built, the exterior wall was not insulated, and now the germ room is not occupied. What are the more feasible interior wall insulation measures ...

    Generally it is not used for interior wall insulation. If you really want to do it, you need to make a frame and fill it inside.

  • Does the blank room need to be inspected? Blank room inspection process and precautions?

    Attention to the inspection of the blank room: 1. When entering the house, first check the flatness of the wall surface and whether there is water seepage or cracks. Attention to details: Water seepage in the wall is a serious matter. Check the top surface of the kitchen and bathroom, the outer wall and the gable wall. If there is water seepage or cracks, find out the cause as soon as possible. 2. Check for cracks in doors, windows and balcony. Attention to details: The new house has been placed for a long time, and there is a lot of dust accumulation. When checking the doors and windows, you should first remove the dust, and pay attention to checking the doors and windows ...

  • Mao embryo room inspection list? What is a hair embryo house?

    The hair germ room is also subject to acceptance. The acceptance of the hair germ room can prevent some major problems during the decoration! So, do you know what is called the hair germ room? Do you know the check list of the hair germ room? If you do n’t know Come and take a look with me to understand these two issues! You will definitely gain something!

  • What are the standards for hair germ room inspection?

    Rough houses are also called "primary decoration houses". Most of these houses have only door frames and no doors, and the walls and floors are only treated for the foundation and not for surface treatment. * Introduce the precautions of the blank room inspection in detail for everyone.

  • New house Mao embryo room inspection strategy

    1. Selecting keys mainly involves AB key security doors. Under normal circumstances, our security door uses AB key lock security door. The anti-theft door with A and B keys provides convenience for the new house decoration workers. During the decoration, the worker uses the A key to open the door. After the decoration, the owner only needs to insert the B key into the keyhole and the A key will be scrapped. How to distinguish A and B keys? Under normal circumstances, the B key will be wrapped tightly by scotch tape, and it will be marked as "gate B key". If you are not sure, ask the property or KFS. However, some of the AB keys can be copied. The A key can be unlocked after a little processing, so the insurance method is to replace the lock core after decoration.

  • Hair embryo house inspection process Hair embryo house inspection notices

    Due to its concealment, the empty drum phenomenon is often ignored by the majority of owners. However, if the hollow wall of the wall is not found and processed in time, it will be extremely detrimental to the future decoration works. Wall drums are the main culprit for cracking and hulling of base materials in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to check carefully whether there are empty drums on the wall, and all the walls must be checked one by one.

  • What are the precautions for hair embryo acceptance inspection? What is the hair embryo acceptance inspection procedure?

    Many homeowners do not know what is worth noting when inspecting a house, so when inspecting a house, various accidents often occur. * I would like to introduce to you what are the precautions when checking and checking the blanks and the procedures for checking and checking the blanks. I hope you can help everyone after reading this article.

  • What should be paid attention to when inspecting the blank room? What is the order of decoration of the blank room?

    Many friends don't know where to start with the rough house that they just bought. Renovating the rough house is undoubtedly a relatively large project. Therefore, it is necessary for friends who have no experience in decoration to know the blank room inspection and decoration knowledge in advance. In the following article, we will introduce the precautions of the blank room inspection and the order of the decoration of the blank room.

  • How to receive the hair embryo house

    Are you distressed about how to accept a hair embryo house? What are the precautions for closing the hair embryo house? How can we avoid a series of problems during reception? Now I will tell you one by one.

  • What are the steps for a blank room inspection? What are the standards

    Many people have doubts about the decoration of newly-purchased rough houses. First of all, based on the existing room types, try to first consider lighting and ventilation, and principles that are conducive to local changes without affecting the structure of the house. My own preferences and plans to make plans and budgets for the decoration of the rough house. So what does rough house mean? What are the precautions for delivery of rough houses?