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  • What are the procedures for second-hand house delivery, and will it be complicated?

    Second-hand housing is relatively more expensive than new housing, so you must be careful when you hand over. The core issues that need to be paid when paying for second-hand housing are the settlement of water, electricity, gas and property fees, the transfer of housing maintenance funds, and the issue of ownership. So how to check the house when handing over the house, what are the steps for handing over the house? A: Water, electricity, gas inventory transfer, it is recommended that new and old homeowners go to the water company, gas company, power company to complete the transfer formalities, new homeowners ...

  • When buying a house during the Spring Festival, what are the procedures for paying a second-hand house?

    The last stage of second-hand housing transactions is the handover procedures. Although it is not a particularly important step in the entire transaction process, if you don't pay attention to some details, it will also cause many disputes and sequelaes. In summary, when accepting a second-hand house, you should pay attention to the following: (1) Pay attention to accepting all keys, including the keys of each room and mailbox; (2) Check the quality of the house; (3) Check the handover of furniture and home appliances Whether the number of brands listed in the furniture list ...

  • I bought on the side of Xingsha Kaiyuan Road-Dongfang Hangbiao District No. 6 house, which belongs to the second phase of the project ...

    It's just a pit! What developer? Too irritating! check out! Don't buy it! Such a developer, such an unreasonable property, has suffered in the future! !! !!

  • House delivery procedures? Does anyone know, please introduce, thank you!

    Pay attention to the steps and procedures: Check the owner's materials ↓ The owner receives the "Completion Acceptance Record Form", "Building Land Mapping Technical Report", "Residential Quality Guarantee" and "Residential Use Manual" and explains it by the developer ↓ Pay the remaining housing ↓ The owner collects the keys and signs the "Receipt of Keys to the House" ↓ The owner does a comprehensive acceptance ↓ The owner saves the acceptance ...

  • Did I check in? How to handle the house handover procedure? Handing over houses generally follows those processes.

    House acquisition process 1. Verification of the owner's materials 2. The owner receives the "Completion Acceptance Record Form", "House Land Surveying and Mapping Technical Report", "Residential Quality Guarantee" and "Residential Use Manual" and explained by the developers The Form, the Residential Quality Assurance Certificate and the Residential Instruction Manual must be originals and not photocopies. 3. The owner collects the keys and signs the "Receipt of House Keys." 4. The owner does a comprehensive acceptance. 5. The owner saves the acceptance ...

  • What are the procedures and procedures for handing over the house?

    I. What are the requirements for housing delivery? According to the regulations, developers must meet the following conditions to deliver commercial houses: 1. Qualified by the construction project quality supervision agency. Commercial houses are generally inspected by the quality supervision station of the construction project in the district or county where they are located, and a written certificate of eligibility is issued. If the inspection is acceptable, the quality level, such as qualified, excellent, etc. must be stated. 2. The real estate to which the residential house belongs must have obtained a residential delivery license. The residential delivery license is made by the city ...

  • What are the property transfer procedures and procedures?

    1. The occupancy guide of the sales company will accompany the owner to the developer to go through the formalities, and remind the owner to bring all the documents and information. ⑴ Confirm the identity of the owner: The owner who handles the house transfer must hold the "Notification of Occupation Procedure" (Annex 1), the owner's ID card and photocopy, the owner's account booklet and photocopy, the foreigner must hold the temporary residence permit and photocopy, the out-of-house purchase order, The owner entrusts others to go through the formalities. The trustee must hold the "owner's power of attorney" and the agent's ID card and photocopy, "commodity ...

  • How should the house transfer formalities be reviewed during house transfer?

    The inspection of the house is mainly to see if the house is consistent with the contract, including the type, orientation, size, and structure. If there are changes in these areas, the home buyer can require the developer to assume liability for breach of contract in accordance with the contract. The quality of the house mainly considers the following aspects: (1) Various pipelines should be inspected for water acceptance, pressure test, and ventilation test. (2) Water storage and water spray tests are carried out on the roofing project. The floor of a room with waterproof requirements should strictly follow the waterproof layer and protective layer ...

  • What are the procedures for shop delivery? What are the precautions for shop delivery?

    Hello, the facade transfer contract is a proof that the facade is leased or sold to others through legal means through legal means. Matters needing attention when signing the contract for the transfer of facades: 1. Before investigating the files of the shops, please go to the real estate transaction center where you are located to conduct a property right investigation to confirm several important information: 1. The purpose of the house and land use: You must ensure that the type of house Commercial property, land is non-residential property can be leased for ...

  • This is not enough to pay the house procedures, who dare to buy it?

    Can take legal measures according to the contract

  • What other check-in procedures are required after the inspection?

    1) Change of invoices and payment of related expenses; 2) Fill in forms such as "Household File Form", "Accommodation Agreement", "Fire Responsibility Letter"; 3) Receive various occupants such as "Resident Handbook" and "Service Guide" Manuals and gifts.

  • Tianhua Lingxiu City Building C was handed in on December 31, 2013. Can you hand it in on time? If it is not convenient, can you go to ...

    Sales office free consultation phone 400-750-8888 ext. 67307

  • The house I bought in Nanchang last year was handed over in August today, because I was n’t able to go back to pay the house on time due to being outside, ...

    According to the regulations: The property service cost of the house that has been delivered to the owner shall be borne by the owner. For the houses not delivered to the owner, the cost of property services shall be borne by the construction unit. The construction unit limits the time for the buyer to complete the delivery formalities not less than two months. Therefore, they are considered unreasonable!

  • What are the fees for paying a new house?

    I. Taxes and fees for new houses: 1. Deed tax: Non-ordinary residential deed tax is levied at 4%, and ordinary housing standards are levied at 1.5%. Individuals purchasing ordinary housing contracts of 90 square meters or less for the first time are levied at 1%. The specific charging standards vary slightly from city to city. 2. Housing maintenance fund: When selling a commercial house, the buyer and the selling unit shall sign the relevant maintenance fund payment agreement. The buyer shall pay the maintenance fund to the selling unit at a rate of 2-3% of the purchase price. ...

  • Vanke City Garden, the exterior wall of the house seeps, and the inner wall is moldy.

    I rely! Unscrupulous developer, sue him!

  • Is Silverstone Plaza checking in?

  • How to hand over a second-hand house? What are the procedures for handing over a second-hand house?

    The process of handing over a second-hand house to a normal rough house or a well-furnished new house is definitely different. The focus is not on building materials, but the focus should be on the transfer of some things. Compare the transfer of water, electricity, coal, telephone, broadband, etc., as well as the issue of household registration migration. Let's take a look at the details! I. Inventory of facilities and equipment: Because second-hand houses are generally renovated and used by the home, and the decoration and some equipment are usually given away when sold, therefore, you should ...

  • Can I postpone the payment of the house? Can the payment of the new house be postponed?

    I. Deed tax and agency fees According to the relevant laws, the deed tax liability occurs on the day when the taxpayer signs the land and house ownership transfer contract, or the day when the taxpayer obtains other documents with the nature of the land and house ownership transfer contract. Developers will let buyers pay the deed tax in advance. The main reason is that the developer has undertaken the full or full-term guarantee during your loan process. The developer wants to get rid of its own risks as soon as possible, and some rules are not excluded ...

  • Those have to know the procedures and procedures

    [Summary] The intricate procedures and procedures for making a house often make people feel anxious. After all, it is difficult to have a beloved house of their own. On the issue of handing over the house, we can learn from the opinions of the editors.

  • What is the developer's handover procedures and procedures?

    At present, many developers are usually careless about the acceptance of new homes when developers hand over their homes. They just sign the "home transfer form" given by the developers. This may lead to many rights issues in the future. Which ones? * Xiao Bian came to talk to everyone about the developer's house transfer procedures and procedures.