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  • I originally bought a house in Geropu with a provident fund loan and sold it at the end of 2008. Later, I used a provident fund loan ...

    Yes, if you make a one-time payment, you do n’t need to give it away.

  • The parents' house has been transferred to the child. Now my younger brother is divorced because he suspects of abandoning her mother. How can I better protect my mother ...

    Why do you need a divorce after you have a house? Don't you want to live with the elderly? After all, it's an elder, and care should be taken, unless she is old, she doesn't need child care! !! !! !!

  • After the parents divorce, how to transfer the house to the children?

    Just write your name, get a real estate certificate

  • Hello, I want to ask about the house demolition in Zhoushan Yancang. The head of the house is the parent. The cost of the transfer to the child is probably ...

  • Inquire about whether parents should transfer the house to their children. Is the gift or transaction appropriate?

    Gifts: Only 3% of the deed tax is payable upon transfer. Deed taxes, notarization fees, and registration fees are required. The most important of these is deed tax, which is 3% of the appraised price of the house, which is generally the market price. 3%. The current market price of Liu Bo's real estate is 1.2 million yuan, and the deed tax is 36,000 yuan. If Liu Bo's daughter is sold and the house is 5 years after the real estate certificate expires, she can be exempt from business tax and personal income tax, and only pay a small fee. Such as...

  • My parents' house loan has not been paid off. Can I transfer it to my child?

    First of all, the entire house is determined according to the nature of your house, commercial housing to affordable housing and so on! There is also whether the birth certificate has come down, whether the birth certificate has reached two years, and so on. Whether the child is an adult. (It can be transferred as an adult) Firstly, this house is transferred to the family. Now the policy requires that if you want to transfer to someone, you must take out the real estate certificate. Two cases: one can repay the balance of the bank and withdraw the production certificate! In both cases, you can't pay it back ...

  • How parents transfer the house to their children in a sale

    When parents transfer the house to their children, they can choose to donate or buy and sell directly. Regardless of the transfer method, transfer taxes and fees need to be paid in accordance with the law. The prerequisites for the transfer of housing are: repayment of the housing loan, no mortgage, a real estate certificate, deed tax certificate, and land certificate. Parents are required to hold their identity cards, household registration book, marriage certificate, and three housing certificates above. Children need to hold ID cards, household registration books, and proof of marriage. Both parties went to the housing management department according to ...

  • Is the transfer of the child's house to the parents a gift?

    Belong to. The gift of real estate requires a written gift contract and notarization of the gift. Need to pay registration fees, deed tax, notarization fees, etc. Free gifts between relatives are not required to pay business tax and personal income tax. But if you want to sell in the future, you need to pay 20% income tax. There are two ways to transfer, one is to grant the transfer, and the second is to buy and sell the transfer. If the transferee of the property intends to transfer in the future, it is recommended to transfer the transfer. Gift transfer is exempt from business tax and income tax, deed tax ...

  • I want to cancel my name on a house that I share with my parents. What should I do? Is it a gift or a transfer ...

  • Which way does the parents transfer the house to the children after marriage not count as common property?

    Not all * acquired after marriage are counted as common property of the husband and wife, such as real estate. After the following treatment, even after marriage should be considered as personal property. Many netizens are interested. After I get married, do my parents transfer or buy a new house to me as common property? How can we not count as common property? The following editor will talk about this matter. 1. Office

  • Liwan Headquarters, Nanhu, Binhu * Give Your Children a Future

    It's another school season, and it has become a hot topic in the property market again. Education real estate has attracted much attention, and both volume and price have risen. Families with children who are about to enter school have become a greater force to support their market.

  • How to transfer the property to my wife when I go home to marry my wife?

    The process and information required for the transfer of real estate for husband and wife is different from the general rules for the transfer of real estate. Many young men and women are anxious to go home and get married. After the marriage, how can the real estate be transferred to each other? Where can I transfer property for couples? What materials need to be prepared for transfer?