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  • Has the developer signed a house purchase contract, do the real estate transaction centers need to sign again? Are the two the same?

    The vast majority of commercial products currently entering the market are commercial housing, and developers' commercial housing sales contracts are generally filed with the Housing Management Bureau. Therefore, the commercial house sales contract you and the developer signed is the purchase contract.

  • How to check the real estate transaction center for purchase restrictions?

    The information and query methods for real estate owners in the Housing Management Bureau are as follows: 1. The property owner brings the ID card to the self-checking machine of the Housing Management Bureau. . 2. Check at the counter, give the ID card to the staff and ask them to check the name of the house. There is no charge for querying the information under the name.

  • At present, the real estate transaction center handles the property right in the marriage, which is unique to one of the couples. Does the other party have a divorce ...

    Treat each situation. The spouse's common property is only divided at the time of divorce. There are several sources for obtaining property rights: gifts from parents before or after marriage, personal property from second marriage before the third marriage, real estate purchased from the third marriage after personal marriage, real estate purchased from the fourth marriage after the marriage, and fifth bequest obtained Property. Depending on the source, the outcome of whether the property can be determined as the property of the couple is different. First, the marriage law explains that the property purchased by the parents before marriage, unless specifically stated ...

  • Where to check the marital status of the real estate trading center

    If the parties or the real estate bureau want to retrieve the marriage registration file, they should go to the marriage registration authority. According to Article 15 of the Marriage Registration Regulations, the marriage registration authority shall establish a marriage registration file. The marriage registration file shall be kept for a long time. Specific management measures shall be prescribed by the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council in conjunction with the State Archives Management Department. At the same time, according to Article 15 of the Measures for the Administration of Marriage Registration Archives, the use of marriage registration archives shall comply with the following provisions: ...

  • Where is the Shenzhen Real Estate Trading Center and what is the contact information?

    22382417 2238244722383477 22382414 Office results inquiry telephone: 83878111

  • After the divorce, apply for a real estate certificate, and the real estate transaction center will check the divorce certificate with the civil affairs department in a different place.The truth of the divorce agreement ...

    Will verify, the purpose of the verification is to check those who are in order to 'restrict purchases' (the family has been the unit, there are already two suites in the name, and I want to buy again), 'go the first set' (the family is the unit, there are already suites in the name (I also want to pay the deed tax according to the first suite).

  • I'm interested in a second-hand house. Can I check the landlord's real estate certificate at the real estate trading center?

    Go to the local real estate transaction center to check the files. Or the Housing Management Bureau will bring the original owner ’s ID card or real estate certificate to check it at a glance. A copy is also possible. Whether the property is available. Whether there is a mortgage. Whether it will be sealed. When the trading center will open you a written proof. It is all visible. However, there is a certain fee for checking the file. On our side is the specific address of 50 yuan and telephone 114 to inquire.

  • Can anyone tell me that the Real Estate Trading Center works on weekends?

    Hello, the normal Saturday and Sunday real estate transaction center is at work, because most customers usually do not have time, and more people handle transfers and taxation on weekends! If you encounter national holidays, you will not go to work! It is recommended to consult by phone first, do not run short. Hope my answer is helpful to you!

  • How many days does the real estate transaction center get a real estate certificate? Please help me think about it, thank you!

    If all the materials are handed over to the Real Estate Bureau, there will be a receipt note. Be sure to pay the tax on the date stated above, which usually takes about 15 working days.

  • The homeowner has a loan that requires me to invest in staking and then conduct a sale transaction. How can I avoid this risk, real estate transactions ...

    In the process of second-hand housing transactions, if the housing price is not monitored, once the owner fails, the customer will cause the risk of losing the money. However, in the actual transaction process, some owners will have a demand for the housing payment in the previous period. On this basis, In order to avoid the loss of such risks to customers, the chain house will control the self-payment of the house payment. If the chain house's self-payment process is met, problems will occur later, and the chain house will advance the transaction funds to pay the house payment in advance. The two parties have prepared in the early stage ...

  • When I buy a house in Shenzhen, do I pay the personal income tax and business tax at the District Tax Bureau or the Jinhu Real Estate Trading Center? Or something else ...

    Real estate transaction costs Second-hand housing transaction taxes and fees are the taxes and fees that need to be paid when conducting second-hand housing transactions. They mainly include business taxes, personal income taxes and other taxes. Second-hand housing transaction costs include not only taxes but also agency commissions and mortgage fees. Recommended reading: A list of the latest second-hand housing transaction taxes and fees in 2011 Affordable housing application conditions Real estate transaction taxes and fees have always been one of the most concerned issues for the majority of netizens who buy a house.

  • Does anyone know? Is the Real Estate Trading Center the Housing Authority?

    Subordinate relationship. The Real Estate Trading Office is a public institution and branch under the Housing Management Bureau.

  • Does the sale and purchase contract of second-hand housing need to be reviewed and approved by the Real Estate Trading Center to take effect?

    When going through the transfer formalities, the second-hand house sales contract signed must be reviewed and approved by the real estate transaction center before the transfer formalities can be completed. For any contract, the prerequisite for the establishment of the contract is that it does not violate the compulsory provisions of laws and regulations, and the two parties express their true intention that the signature or actual performance of one party will become effective. The house sale contract is effective.

  • After buying a house through an intermediary, after the two parties have signed the house purchase contract, the first step is to go to the real estate transaction center to record the contract? Contract filing ...

    This must be registered with the Housing Authority for the record to take effect, otherwise this house really does not belong to you legally. The filing of a house purchase contract has the following advantages: First, you can know whether the formalities of the house purchase are legal. Before filing the purchase contract, the registration department will check the relevant materials of the house, such as whether the developer has obtained the "commercial house pre-sale permit" and so on. The pre-sale contract can only be registered for the record if the house sold meets certain conditions. The second is to prevent ...

  • Where is the Rizhao Real Estate Trading Center, and how much is the consultation phone number?

    The Real Estate Trading Center is located at the intersection of Jinan Road and Yantai Road, and builds the trading floor on the first floor of the east side of the building. Consulting Tel: 0633-8899222

  • What kind of documents do you need for deed tax? What information do you need to submit to the real estate transaction center and what kind of documents do you need to pay for deed tax?

    The top floor garden house is sold upstairs from the existing construction bank of Kunshan Iron and Steel Construction Street (originally opposite the three small houses). 30 buildings, 3 units and 7 floors without roof garden houses are sold, covering an area of about 80 square meters. Single guard, fine decoration! There is no need to renovate and clean. The tax credit for affordable housing transactions is now sold for 240,000. Kindergartens, elementary schools, shopping malls, farmers' markets, and hospitals. The bus station is downstairs, and transportation is convenient and convenient! contact number;...

  • After buying a house through an intermediary, after the two parties have signed the house purchase contract, the first step is to go to the real estate transaction center to record the contract? Contract filing ...

    Mortgage purchase procedures: 1. The commercial house purchased by the home buyer must be a commercial house of a real estate development company that has signed a mortgage agreement with the bank; 2. Signed a housing contract with a real estate development company and paid the first installment at 20% of the total purchase price ; 3. Submit a housing mortgage application to the bank and submit relevant information; 4. The bank investigates the borrower and the information provided, and informs the borrower to go to the bank to go through the loan formalities when the bank meets the requirements; 5 ....

  • Can Minhang Real Estate Trading Center deed tax and personal tax be swiped?

    can. However, if the tax is a credit card, it cannot be considered as a deposit payment. In other words, you cannot retire in accordance with the policy in the future.

  • We are the previous generation and the next generation of house sales (that is, their own families).

    Pick up the form at the trading center and fill it out as required

  • State Council Supervision Team Unannounced Visit: People at the Real Estate Trading Center Lined Up at 4 AM

    How difficult is it for the masses to apply for a permit? In order to rank on the "green channel", some people come to line up at 4 o'clock, and some of the ordinary people's reservation business will be queued up one week later. Not only that, but also the agency's 500 yuan on-site sale of reserved seats on specified dates ... This is the phenomenon that the Eighth Inspection Group of the State Council saw at the Longnan Trading Center of the Housing Property Market in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province on August 30.