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  • Does anyone know the demolition policy for public rental housing

    The house should be sold to the renter in accordance with the housing reform policy.

  • Chongqing Housing Demolition Policy

    It ’s really an answer to your question. Your previous house should be a fund-raised house on the unit. At that time, there was no property rights, only the right to use. Now that you have purchased property rights, when the house is relocated, you can go through the demolition office and the government Negotiations, the government now implements benevolence and cannot be demolished, let alone you have excellent property rights! , You have nothing to worry about, I do n’t know your house address, nor can I jump to conclusions. I estimate that your request should not be very problematic ...

  • Demolition is underway here, and my husband said that I did not receive any treatment. The demolition policy says that my spouse belongs to the resettlement object. I don't ...

    Hello, can claim compensation for demolition

  • Xi'an Demolition Policy!

    Demolition policies vary by location. The situation you said does not exist. At least I haven't met. That's what I did. Houses outside the third ring road are generally compensated at the appraisal price. Generally, the first and second floors can be compensated for about 340, and then they will rise by 60%. In addition, each person gave a 65-square-meter commercial house and a 25-square-meter commercial facade. Plus 9000 transition fee and 500 ...

  • Housing Demolition Policy of Hohhot (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)

    The compensation varies from place to place. In some places, the compensation is 1: 1. You should keep the demolition compensation agreement signed with you. You can choose whether you want money or a house. To the house is suitable. Asking for money will give very little.

  • What are the new rules for Beijing's housing demolition policy?

    Beijing Housing Demolition Policy: On June 15, 2009, the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee issued the Beijing Construction Demolition No. "Several Opinions on Further Improving Resettlement and Compensation Work for Urban Houses in the City" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") in the form of a document A new policy on demolition of state-owned houses in Beijing was released. Prior to this, on April 1st of this year, the road widening of West Changan Street and the removal of land for special projects for the first time were compensated with reference to the market evaluation price.

  • Inquiry about housing demolition policy

    The private housing of the owner is not leased or the owner is leased according to the market (market unit price subsidy) × 100% × the construction area of the demolished house Renter of the construction area of the demolished house (market unit price × 80% price subsidy) × owner of the demolished house's construction area

  • After enjoying the Lishui Rural Demolition Policy, can I still enjoy the local demolition policy if I move my household registration to rural Xiaoshan after getting married?

    Why? You can go to Baidu to check it.

  • Does the relocation policy depend on the hukou or the real estate certificate? What's the difference?

    Half of the demolition is to look at the hukou, in addition to compensation for the area of the house, there is also compensation for the head of the hukou.

  • What is the factory demolition policy?

    In life, due to the needs of urban planning, construction and development, many factories in old industrial areas need to be relocated to new locations. At the same time, compensation for demolition of factory buildings has become a hot issue that everyone has paid close attention to. So, what is the compensation policy for factory demolition? Today, let's take a closer look with Lawyer Yongqiang. I. The legal provisions for the demolition of factory buildings Articles 31 and 33 of the "Regulations on the Administration of the Demolition of Urban Houses" stipulate the demolishers ...

  • The latest demolition policy in the rural areas of Wuhou District

    As long as you have the title certificate of the house, you can.

  • Demolition is underway here, and my husband said that I did not receive any treatment. The demolition policy says that my spouse belongs to the resettlement object. I don't ...

    You can check the demolition policy and see if you are resettled

  • Where can I find the 93-year demolition policy? ? ? ?

    You search on the Internet, it's easy to find% 7E! % 7E For a long time, there have been two completely different views around the settlement of relocation disputes: settlement of relocation disputes in civil litigation and settlement of relocation disputes in administrative litigation. The debate between these two viewpoints has even led to confusion in judicial practice for some time. The Supreme People's Court on November 24, 1993 in the "Reply on the Relevant Issues concerning the Application of Article 14 of the" Regulations on the Management of House Demolition "" (the 1993 Law ...

  • What is the latest rural house demolition policy?

    1. If the requisitioned village or villager group's organizational system is revoked, and although the organizational system is not revoked, but does not have the conditions for exchanging houses, the demolished people can choose monetary compensation, or they can choose the property rights house with the value equivalent to the amount of monetary compensation Swap. 2. If the requisitioned villages or villagers' group system is not revoked, and those who have the conditions for ex-situ construction of houses, the demolished people can apply for new house construction within the central village or residential area determined by the township (town) land use overall planning. ...

  • About Beijing Demolition Policy

    There can be compensation, as long as the account does not move, you can choose to compensate according to the number of people in the account

  • Recently Beijing's rural demolition policy will be based on land certification

    [Abstract] According to the news of January 17, 2012, the recent Beijing demolition regulations stipulate that compensation for rural land requisition will be based on the land confirmation certificate, and the General Office of the Municipal Government has recently issued the "Notice of Beijing's Opinions on Accelerating the Registration and Issuance of Rural Collective Land Confirmation". From 2013, all rural collectively-owned land acquired in this city must have a collective land ownership certificate, which will be used as the basis for compensation for land acquisition and house demolition.

  • What are the policies for demolition of rural land and housing in Shenyang?

    [Abstract] Shenyang's rural land and housing relocation compensation is unreasonable and can be refused. What is the specific rural house land relocation price stipulated by the province? Answer: The specific standard is set by the relevant local authorities.

  • Nanjing's demolition policy issues regarding the recent national demolition compensation measures

    Nanjing's demolition policy refers to the recent national demolition compensation measures: The recent demolition compensation regulations stipulate that the land compensation fees and resettlement subsidy standards for expropriated other land shall be set by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities with reference to the standard standards for land compensation fees and resettlement subsidies for cultivated land .

  • What is the policy for the demolition of small property houses? Is there any compensation for the demolition of small property houses in Chongqing?

    [Summary] The following is the information collected by the website about the “small property rights demolition policy”. * Many exclusive offers * Full property information * Fire owners forum * Multiple home buyers choices-buy a home and go online.

  • State-owned land demolition policies and related implementation standards

    In order to further regulate the compensation standards for the demolition and resettlement of state-owned land in our district and ensure the smooth implementation of the demolition work in our district, the following standards have been formulated in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of Urban House Demolition in Zhejiang Province” and “The Regulations on the Management of Urban House Demolition in Hangzhou”.