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  • Can rural collective land use certificate loans be loaned?

    It is understood that the state expressly stipulates that individuals on collective land cannot buy, sell, transfer or mortgage. Therefore, for banks, collective land certificates cannot be used as collateral and cannot be realised, so collective land certificates cannot be loans. So if you want to apply for a mortgage loan, you can use the property or car with a clear property right in its name as the mortgage. According to the relevant provisions of the Guarantee Law: Rural collective land cannot be used as mortgage. 1. Article 37 of the "Guarantee Law" stipulates that the following property shall not be used to offset ...

  • How to use land loans? What should be paid attention to for land use certificate loans?

    Land use permits can be used to pledge loans. Go to the guarantee company to inquire about related matters; go to the bank to inquire about related matters; pledge the land use certificate to the guarantee company; sign a "guarantee and counter guarantee contract" with the guarantee company; sign a "loan contract" with the bank;

  • How do I get a land use certificate loan from a rural credit cooperative? Can I use a land use certificate to borrow money from a rural credit cooperative?

    For Anyuan County, the source of the Dongjiang River in the red land of southern Jiangxi in winter, it is normal for the bitter cold wind and wet climate to make people not want to go out. On December 8th, the crowd of onlookers gathered at the gate of Anyuan County Lianhe Banshi Credit Cooperative. It turned out that the first batch of rural house mortgage loan issuance ceremony in Anyuan County was held at Anyuan Rural Credit Co., Ltd. Stone Credit Cooperative, marking the county's rural house mortgage financing has achieved a "zero breakthrough", and the reform of the rural property rights system ...

  • Can I get a loan with a land use certificate and no real estate certificate? Only a state-owned land use certificate, can I borrow without a real estate certificate?

    Many people only pay attention to whether the house has a real estate certificate when they buy a house, but ignore the question of whether the real estate has a land certificate. In fact, the land certificate is also one of the important documents. Today, the editor will briefly introduce some issues about commercial housing that only have a real estate certificate but no land certificate. The developer does not give the "State-owned Land Use Certificate" after purchasing a commercial house, which will cause the owner to have the following troubles. 1. The "property right" of real estate is incomplete Article 59 of the "Real Estate Management Law" ...

  • I want to know if I can borrow a state-owned land use certificate?

    No, a real estate certificate is required. Mortgage loan conditions: legal status; stable economic income, ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan, no bad credit history; a valid and valid house purchase contract; and a newly purchased house as the maximum amount of mortgage must be legally valid For a house purchase contract, the house age is less than 10 years, and a down payment of not less than 30% of the total price of the house purchased is provided or paid; if the house mortgage loan has been purchased and processed, the original house mortgage loan ...

  • I think the loan is mortgaged with the relocated house, and there is a real estate certificate and a land use certificate

    If it is a commercial house, or the two certificates are combined, the company can provide a real estate mortgage loan, and the mortgage can also be a secondary mortgage. Foshan Shunde Pearl River Delta area can be connected to the user name

  • Do you need a land use certificate for the loan?

    An original real estate certificate is required. A land certificate is not required.

  • Can I get a loan without a land use certificate?

    It is not possible to apply for a real estate mortgage loan without a real estate certificate.

  • Is there a land-use certificate before the mortgage has been repaid? If the land-use certificate has not been repaid in the bank, the second-hand house can be transferred ...

    Focusing on the training of real estate finance and tax management talents for 10 years, with the purpose of “solving practical problems and improving practical skills”, focusing on the operating characteristics of the real estate industry, bringing together well-known domestic finance and tax experts, and “training + consulting”, it is the leader of the real estate finance and tax education and training industry By! [Summary of the case] In 1993, Changsha Jinxia Development and Construction Co., Ltd. signed the "State-owned Land Use Right Transfer Contract" with the Land and Resources Bureau of Changsha, Hunan Province, and obtained Changsha ...

  • Can rural land use permits be loaned? Can rural land use permits be mortgaged?

    A land certificate is a written document issued by the local people's government that proves that the certificate holder has the ownership or use right of a certain area of land. It is a legal certificate that the certificate holder enjoys the title or use right of the land. The Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that collectively-owned land and state-owned land used by units and individuals owned by the people according to law shall be registered by the county-level people's government, issued certificates, and confirmed ownership and use rights. Under what circumstances do rural land certificates need ...

  • Can the land use permit be loaned? If so, how?

    Commercial banks generally only recognize state-owned industrial land and commercial land. It also depends on the situation of land attachments. Another situation is that if there are cash crops in the land and a certain scale, they can apply for forest tenure certificates. First of all, they must go to the assessment company they appraised to evaluate the value of the land. After that, you can go to the Land Bureau to apply for a loan for other entitlements. The nature of the land you have should be circulating land. You only have the business right and no property rights. And ...

  • Is the land use certificate a loan to transfer the house? Can the house to transfer land to a bank mortgage?

    For the sake of a home, there are too many home buyers on the road to buying a house on loan. For most people, even if they are not house slaves, they are already on their way to becoming house slaves. If you want a loan to buy a house, and want to be a member of the army of slaves, you must first understand what is going on with the mortgage! Home loan A home loan is any form of home loan support provided by banks and other financial institutions to home buyers, usually with the home purchased as collateral. By loan source ...

  • Who knows how to use the land to confirm the right to use the loan

    With rural land confirmation, you can apply for a mortgage loan from a rural commercial bank (that is, a credit union in the past) and an agricultural bank.

  • Can a collective land use certificate provide a provident fund loan?

    No. 1 The collective land certificate is a certificate of the right of use shared by the villagers and cannot be bought or sold. 2. Collective land belongs to the state. Individuals cannot buy or sell in any form of mortgage. Villagers only have the right to use the land but not the right to buy and sell. The authority has the right to requisition and use the land and auction it again to the developer for construction but the villagers cannot

  • Can I get a loan for a rural land use permit? Can I get a loan for a rural land use permit?

    Mortgage loans can be provided for rural residential houses with real estate and land use certificates. 1. Self-built houses in rural areas can generally be used as mortgage loans when the formalities are complete. The most important procedure here is the property ownership certificate. At present, there are some rural self-built houses in China that only have a land use certificate and no house property right certificate. In this case, it is impossible to make a loan. 2. Whether a rural self-built house can be used as a mortgage loan depends on the actual situation. As the house's ...

  • Can a house land use permit loan? Can a building with a collective land use permit be loaned?

    Readers with a phone number of 2882: I am from Gusong Town, Xingwen County, and because of the urgent need for a loan, the bank stated that the Collective Land Use Certificate cannot be used as a mortgage. Can the "Collective Land Use Certificate" be converted into a "State-owned Land Use Certificate"? Yibin 580: The "Collective Land Use Certificate" states that you have the right to use the collective land of the village group to which you belong. The collective land cannot be transferred or sold to other village group personnel or units. After collective land is used as a homestead, the nature of collective land is ...

  • Can a commercial and residential land use permit be loaned?

    No, the general bank requirements are residence, and state-owned land is not a large property right.

  • Do I need a land use certificate for a loan?

    Issues that should be paid attention to when land use rights are mortgaged China's current laws provide that land use rights can be mortgaged. With the development of China's real estate market and the increase in real estate financial business, land use right mortgage activities have become increasingly frequent. Because the land use right mortgage involves more legal issues and the procedures are more complicated, many problems often occur in the process of land use right mortgage activities, thus causing real estate financial business and land use right mortgage activities ...

  • Can the land use certificate be loaned? If yes, what should I do?

    Land use permits can be used to pledge loans. Go to the guarantee company to inquire about related matters; go to the bank to inquire about related matters; pledge the land use certificate to the guarantee company; sign a "guarantee and counter guarantee contract" with the guarantee company; sign a "loan contract" with the bank;

  • Does a mortgage house have a land use permit? Can only a house with a land use permit apply for a loan?

    The land use certificate is a very important thing for us, because the issuance of the certificate is a right conferred on us by national laws. As long as we are involved in the use of land, we must apply for a land use certificate. What if the house does not have a land use right certificate? 1. About the land use certificate The land use certificate is a legal certificate to confirm the land use right. According to the "Implementation Regulations of the Land Management Law of the People's Republic of China", the state implements a land registration and certification system in accordance with the law. Land registered according to law ...

  • Tengchong, a place where I want to settle, do you know Tengchong?

    Here is the “Little Suzhou and Hang” written by the elder Li Genyuan of the Republic of China ---- Heshun Ancient Town, there is a plateau big rolling pot --- Atami, there is a natural city waterfall-Dieshui River, there are natural lake floating felt- -North Sea Wetlands.

  • Guancheng Shangdu New District Reviews-How about the real estate facilities in Guancheng New District?

    Shangdu New District can boldly say: Looking at Zhengzhou, whether it is the hot Beilong Lake, Binhe International New City, Baisha Lubo, Changxi Lake, Erqi New City, etc., it is not as close as I am to the main city. !!

  • Dry goods! Four reasons to invest in a double-storey apartment

    In recent years, with the increase of people's investment awareness, real estate investment has been a popular choice. However, high property prices in the real estate market and government regulation have made many investors more and more cautious. How to choose the real estate that suits you has become a doubt for many home buyers.

  • Announcement on the Continuation of the Fourth Shanxi (Yuncheng) International Fruit Exchange Expo

    At the request of the general public and fruit merchants, with the consent of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the announcement of the organizing committee of the Fourth Shanxi (Yuncheng) International Fruit Exchange Expo, the conference was postponed for two days, on October 27 (Sunday) Closing. Welcome everyone to visit and purchase. The notice is hereby that the organizing committee of the Shanxi (Yuncheng) International Fruit Exchange Expo October 22, 2019