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  • How to resolve disputes over rural homesteads? How to handle disputes over rural homesteads?

    Both parties resolutely obey the government's leadership, obey the government's arrangements, and implement the government's decision.

  • How to deal with disputes over sale and purchase of rural homesteads?

    I. Legal Interpretation of the Right to Use Rural Homesteads Article 10, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China states: "Lands and suburbs of the land shall be collectively owned except for the state-owned land which is prescribed by law; homesteads and reserved land The self-retained mountain is also collectively owned. "Article 10 of the" Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China "stipulates that" the land collectively owned by farmers shall be collectively owned by village farmers in accordance with law, and shall be operated by the village collective economic organization or village committee, ...

  • How to handle disputes over rural homesteads?

    The procedure for the settlement of rural house sites disputes is as follows: (1) Article 16 (1) of the Land Management Law is negotiated to resolve: "Land disputes over land ownership and use rights shall be settled by the parties through consultations." Base disputes should first be resolved through negotiation. (2) The administrative settlement of Article 16 (2) of the "Land Management Law" provides that: "Disputes between individuals, between individuals and units shall be handled by the people's government at the township level or by the people's government at or above the county level ...

  • What conditions need to be met for the inheritance of children in rural homesteads?

    Article 62 of the Land Law A rural villager can only own one house site, and the area of the house site must not exceed the standard stipulated by the province, autonomous region, or municipality. Rural villagers should build houses in accordance with the general plans for township (town) land use, and try to use the original house sites and vacant land in the village. Rural villagers' residential land shall be examined and approved by the township (town) people's government and approved by the county-level people's government. Among them, those involving the occupation of agricultural land shall be subject to the provisions of Article 44 of this Law ...

  • How to inherit Beijing's rural homestead houses?

    Urbanites cannot inherit the rural homestead, and can only continue the real estate on the homestead. However, the inheritance of real estate in accordance with the principle of moving with the house in accordance with the land, actually inherited the right to use the homestead. House sites are used by rural peasant households or individuals as housing sites to occupy and use their collectively-owned land. Including land that has been built, built or decided to build a house, land that has been built, land that has been built but has no cover or cannot be inhabited, and is ready to be built ...

  • Who knows the problem of inheritance of land certificates for rural residential land?

  • What to do if the second-hand housing transaction does not pay a deposit? How to deal with the second-hand housing transaction deposit dispute

    In the transaction of second-hand housing, in order to ensure that the transaction can be carried out normally, the buyer and seller usually use a deposit as a guarantee. However, in the process of second-hand housing transactions, disputes caused by deposits are common. How to prevent and deal with them? How to prevent second-hand housing deposit disputes? 1. Buyers should consider carefully before the house transaction, and do not sign a deposit contract such as a deposit payment letter, a letter of intent to buy a house, etc., but instead deal with the related matters of house sales ...

  • Are there any procedures for expanding my own homestead in the countryside?

    Reconstruction of houses on their homestead requires approval. You need to go to the housing management department to go through the examination and approval procedures. After approval, you can renovate. Even if you build a house on your own homestead, you must go to the planning department to go through the construction procedures and obtain a construction permit before you can build the house. Article 62 of China's Land Management Law clearly stipulates that a rural villager can only have one homestead, and the area of his homestead must not exceed the national regulations ...

  • How to deal with house disputes

    House sites are used by rural peasant households or individuals as housing sites to occupy and use their collectively-owned land. There are three types of land: houses that have been built, houses that have been built or decided to build houses, land that has been built houses, land that has been built but has no cover or cannot be inhabited, and planning land for building. The ownership of the house site belongs to the rural collective economic organization. What should I do if there is a dispute over the homestead? * The editor of Yoshiya will tell you about the settlement method of the homestead.

  • How to deal with disputes over rural homesteads

    The purpose of villagers vying for collective vacant land other than homesteads is to occupy more land, expand walls, and pile up sundries. For such disputes, the people's court should notify the local people's government to apply for settlement, and those who are not satisfied with the government's decision to proceed can sue to the court, and the court should accept the case as an administrative case.

  • How to properly handle house sublet disputes

    The housing rental market is increasingly prosperous, more and more leasing behaviors, and more and more disputes. There are many disputes in renting sublet, how should we properly handle these disputes.

  • Elderly people frequently handle improper property disputes

    [Summary] In recent years, more and more elderly people have begun to deal with property before they die because they fear that their families will have conflicts in the distribution of their inheritance after the death. However, according to the judge of Fuxing Road Tribunal of Haidian Court, due to the lack of relevant legal knowledge, the old people's improper handling of property during their lifetime caused frequent civil disputes.